Trả nợ Tào Quan là gì? Ai phải làm và có nên làm lễ này không?

Paying off Cao Quan debt is a ritual in the spiritual beliefs of Vietnamese people. However, today, when the economy – society develops, not many young people know and understand this culture. So what is Cao Quan debt repayment? Who should and should do this ceremony? Through the following article, Duong Gia Law will answer this issue:

1. What is Caoguan debt repayment?

According to folklore, Cao Quan is money in the underworld and debt repayment Cao Quan is a ritual of paying money to the underworld or the underworld bank. All the things people do every day are recorded by Tao Quan, and every year on the 23rd day of the lunar calendar, when he ascends to the sky, he will notify Nam Cao to deduct that person’s yang life. At the same time, send these sins to the Underworld to King Yama to add aggravating circumstances when he will be sentenced to hell in the future.

The payment of Cao Quan debt is to pay for the previous life’s karma, to atone for the mistakes made in this life, so that the mind can be at peace and life expectancy is longer, can meet good luck or go to the dead. government does not have to bear the heavy burden. However, this money is not a bribe, because if you make serious mistakes such as harming people, etc., no matter how much you pay, it will not be enough.

It can be understood, paying Cao Quan debt is to use merit to remove karma in previous lives, neutralize the evil that is being suffered.

The ceremony to pay the coffin debt is also included in the belief of worshiping the Three Palaces. It is believed that because we have made mistakes in our past lives, debt in previous lives is inevitable. Those debts of the past life will be recorded by the mandarins (in the underworld). Therefore, when encountering bad luck and business failure, people will think that it is due to the debt of the previous life being too heavy to be paid. Therefore, people will perform a ceremony to pay the coffin debt to hope that after that they will have a lot of luck, a better future of fame, and a better career.

2. Who should and should do the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony?

Based on the above concept, it can be understood that the person who needs to perform a debt repayment ceremony is Cao Quan is a person who finds his life encounters too many unlucky things, difficulties, obstacles, and sorrows. And when they asked the magicians for advice and advice, they chose to do the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony.

ThAccording to the concept, there are some cases where the ceremony must be performed and not required to pay the Cao Quan debt as follows:

First, Being a child of the Four Palaces (Teaching Dong) and a spiritual practitioner (following Buddhism or other religions), because of some predestined chance to continue to practice in the physical world, they do not have to pay Cao Quan debt.

Monday People who owe the code of the Four Palaces, the people of Tien Can and other cases, all have to pay their debts because of unsuccessful practice. For these people, if they don’t pay Cao Quan’s debt, they will often lose their wealth, fail to succeed, do anything related to money, they will also lose money, deficit …

Also according to this concept, people in this life (currently) who owe Cao Quan but do not pay will happen in two cases as follows:

– In the first case, after death, the deceased will continue to study and practice and receive books and money from the Bank of Hell. Cao Quan debt is cleared.

– In the second case, after death, you can go to school, practice and receive scriptures and money from the Bank of Hell. people, due to too much debt to Cao Quan, plus that karma, they will have to go bankrupt, the house will be dissolved, and the karma will fall.

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Regarding the issue of whether to perform the ceremony to return Cao Quan or not, because this ritual is a concept arising from thoughts and spirituality, the ceremony or not will completely depend on the subjective will of each person. People. However, in our opinion, this issue should not be overused, because it can make you superstitious and superstitious.

3. On what date is the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony?

Currently, there are a number of following days that are often chosen to perform the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony, including:

– January 8th: The Day of the Five Faces, Yama La Vuong;

– February 1st: The day of Nhat Dien frequency Quang Vuong;

– February 8th: Day of the Three Palaces Tong Emperor;

– February 18: Day of the Four Palaces of Ngu Quan Vuong;

– March 1st: Day of the Second Palace So Giang Vuong;

– March 8th: Day of the Luc Dien Bien Thanh Vuong;

– March 27: The Day of the Seven Kingdoms of Thai Son Vuong;

– April 1st: The Day of the King of the Eight Palaces of Equal Vuong;

– April 8th: The day of the Nine Palaces of Urban Vuong;

– April 17: The Day of the Ten Powers Turning the Wheel of the King;

– April 18: The Day of the Emperor Horoscope;

– June 4th: The day of the Buddha’s birth;

– July 30: The Day of the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha;

– October 8th: The day of Hai Hoi Buddha.

In addition, according to folk beliefs, it is also possible to do this ritual on the occasion of the great peace ceremony or on the 1st and full moon day at pagodas.

4. What does the preparation for the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony include?

When doing the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony, you can refer to and prepare the offering tray as well as the necessary offerings as follows:

– Incense, flowers, lights, candles, sticky rice, wine, meat…

– Debt payment tray: The Yin and Yang scriptures, the money of the heavens… The Life Sutra, the Longevity Sutra, annihilates sins to protect the Dharani, the Cause and Effect Sutra, the Vajra Sutra for longevity, the Buddha’s Sutra for victory.

– Bird cage, Fish pot, rice tray, money tray, Salt sugar.

– Sou Van tray, donation trayhot (keep separate).

– The suitable direction for setting up the flock is North direction.

– People will pay with a currency called “Cao Quan money” when performing the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony. This is a completely different kind of money than the money we usually burn for the ancestors. Cao Quan money has an image representing the underworld. This money will be loaded into the underworld, and the spirit will not be able to use it.

– It is necessary to prepare a full paper for each member to perform the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony. The set of sou papers includes the following: message yang gong do, alliteration, pass yin, buddha coffin, temple, pray for peace. In each department must clearly write the address, name, practice (age), submit to the vault.

Usually, people will combine the Cao Quan debt repayment ceremony with the ceremony of exchanging numbers and praying for fortune, peace and relief.n stars.
And depending on the region and local customs, we can adjust the offerings to pay the Cao Quan debt accordingly.

5. Vows to pay Cao Quan debt:

Namo Amitabha Buddha.

Homage: Maitreya Buddha King.

Namo Buddha – Namo Dharma – Namo Sangha.

Namo Huyen of the high frame of God – Ngoc Hoang has accumulated good fortune Dai Thien Ton.

Namo Dieu Tri Kim Mau infinity Dai Tu Ton. Namo Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha.

Lord U Minh, Master of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Dai Thanh Nam Cao, Luc self-destined life Tinh Quan.

The Great Saint of the North, the Nine-Tails of the Nine-Tails, has completely resolved the yoke of the army.

Namo Huong Van the Bodhisattva Mahasattva.

Namo Ten directions three worlds. It is necessary to always abide in the Three Jewels, and the Bodhisattvas of Thien Long and the Eight Bodhisattvas are equal.

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Namo respectfully bows to the Judges on duty.

Hoang Thien Hau Tho You respect God.

The Five Directions, the Five Emperors, the Five Musics of the Holy Emperor, the Twenty-fourth Divine Spirit Quan, the Earth Vein Than Quan, the Thanh Long, the White Tiger, the Earth Gods and their relatives.

The Kim Nien reigning Thai Tue Chi Duc Ton, Ban Canh Thanh Hoang worshiping God and other gods rule in this area.

Today is the day…month…year…

Our trustee is: ……………………..

Residing at:…………………………………………………….

On the occasion of Spring, our faithful Lord bought gifts, lit incense, and offered tea and fruit to the Court. Please set up a bridge to pray for peace, pray for peace, pray for happiness, pray for Loc, and pray for wealth.

Agarwood from Lam’s boat, incense of happiness.

On the forum of wisdom and former talent.

It’s time to spend money on painting pictures

The radial heat of the field is in the form of

* Namo Huong Van Cai Bodhisattva ma ha slap (3 times).

Established mass.

It is necessary to pay homage to the Three Jewels.

Tathagata wonderful body.

The World Without Remnant

Immortal billions.

The ancient town of Kim pays respects.

The Tathagata has endless colors

Heron’s wisdom is restored

It is necessary to always stay in the Dharma, try and take refuge

*Definitely revealed the red suspicion, the understanding of the legal world, by the water justice. Tien Sai Dan Trang, pure devotees Chan Ngan carefully recites:

Bach Ngoc is the center of the Moon element

Luc dong triang high Tan pearl pearl

The most precious metal in the world

The impurity of Tinh Dan is pure,

The Northern Emperor’s judgment of the angel la na earth tra sa ha (7 times).

Namo lu slams bodhisattva mahasattvas (3 times)

* Of course, the altar is pure, France is expected to be praised. Revealing the upper reaches of ordinary people, all the treasures are equal to the treasure seals, the incense reaches the truth Mantras that are carefully recited:

The Five Parts of the Dharma Body, Fragrance, and Happiness

The scent of profound wisdom

Sincerely dedicate to the Spirit Quan

Ego sentient beings co-use

Namo Tam Mani has a momentum of punishing a Japanese fine, Nhi sa ha (7 times).

* Namo incense offering sacrifices to Bodhisattva maha slaps * The set of flowers and dandelions are pure and safe

Duc Nghinh sage detective, the future of the forest, the secret blessing staff. The Self of Buddhism, the Middle Right, the Universal Millionaire, the Mantra that is carefully reciting:

Let’s try the Mantra of the body, summoning

Slow down, all the saints

One variable blessing million ten directions

The practice of Taoism is popular and easy.

Upper Lai worshiped the mantra to honor the honor. Faithful faithful, high incense welcome.

Perfume flowers, single-minded worship. The three directions of the three worlds. It is necessary to always abide in the Three Jewels, and the Bodhisattvas of Thien Long and the Eight Bodhisattvas are equal.

Only vows do not violate both the oath and the property. Tinh sometimes descends to demonstrate merit.

One-pointedly serving the Buddha’s teachings, flourishing according to predestined conditions.

Cung Duy: Underworld Temple Complete left, Phan Quan access the prisoners.

Duy vows to support Van Ky, children to face the mirror, to protect the price of the ox to bring down the Dharma predestined to prove merit

One-pointedly worshiping Thai Tue Chu, the destiny of Than Quan Giap Ty Doai Tu Quan. Nham Ty was in the fourth army, Ky Ox Dinh was in the army, Tan Suu was in the army, and Quy Suu was in the army.

Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

* One-pointedly worshiping Thai Tue Chu live, the destiny of Than Quan, Binh Dan Tu Ma Quan, Mau Dan La Tu Quan, Canh Dan Trach Tu Quan, Nham Dan Trach Tu Quan, Giap Dan Trach Tu Quan At Mao Willow Tu Quan, Dinh Mao promised the private army, Ky Mao sent the fourth army, Tan Mao before the private army, and Quy Mao sage the private army.

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Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

With one heart, I pray to Thai tue to be on duty, the destiny of Than Quan Giap Thin is to donate to the army of Binh Thin, to donate to the army of Mau Thin, to the army of the army, to the army of the morning, to the army of Nham Thin to summon the army of the army, and to the army of At Ty Viet. Dinh Ty yang tu quan, Ky Ty tao tu army, Tan Ty high tu army, Quy Ty luong tu army.

Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

One-heartedly worshiping Thai Tue Chu, the destiny of God Quan Giap Ngo Ngo Tu Quan, Mau Ngo Hoang Tu Quan, Canh Ngo Ly Tu Quan, Nham Ngo Khong Tu Quan, At Mui Hoang Tu Quan, Dinh Mui Chau Tu Quan, Ky Mui studied private army, Tan Mui often ordered private army, Quy Mui sent fourth army.

Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

One-heartedly worshiping Thai Tue Chu, the destiny of Than Quan Giap Than female Tu Quan, Binh Than Deputy Tu Quan, Mau Than Tung Tu Quan, Canh Than Tong Tu Quan, Nham Than Yin Tu Quan, At Dau Am Tu Quan, Dinh Rooster Thuong Tu Quan, Ky Rooster Emperor Tu Quan, Tan Dau Diep Tu Quan, Quy Rooster became Tu Quan.

Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

One-heartedly worships Thai Tuat Tue, the destiny of Than Quan, Giap Tuat Quyen Tu Than Quan, Binh Tuat Co Tu Than Quan, Mau Tuat Tuat Tu Than Quan, Canh Tuat Tu Tu Tu Than Quan, Nham Tuat Co Tu Than Quan. At Hoi became the fourth Than Quan, Dinh Hoi was the deputy of the Than Quan, Tan Hai Thach was the fourth Than Quan, and Quy Hoi was the fourth Than Quan.

Only vows with the three treasures of power to bring down the law of merit and virtue.

Praying single-mindedly. Tu Menh guardian lieutenant of the Divine Remembrance of the Moon, Nhat, Tu Duc Cao emissary, Duong Canh Thanh Hoang, Sa command, Tho Dai My miracle, Tho access to the same class.

Only vows to inherit the Three Jewels of Power, to bring down the law of merit and virtue. The scent of flowers.

Thuong Lai Nghinh is a guest of Quang Lam, the faithful are sitting in a mantra. Careful recitation.

The Holy Buddha is not born again

Khat Nhat wishes to listen to the momentum.

Depending on the lighting effect

Praying for peace and prosperity.

Sentencing ma la sa ha (7 times).

Namo incense offering to bodhisattva mahasattva.

(Press time).

Blessing the real man of thought

Turn real eight cam road kings

The ultimate in boundless food

It is necessary that the sage of the Holy Family is affluent.

Realistic nature (Ty).

Boundless heron (Horse).

Dependent on wealth (Moon)

Lying down the spectrum of the Spirit spectrum is easy to worship.

(Reciting the mantra to turn the nectar into an offering is easy).

Thuong Lai transforms the truth of the truth, praises them for being faithful, and worships them.

Punishment of Buddha ma ha (The scent of tea flowers is really dedicated)

Penalty penalty for many offenses (3 times). Tiger lily times, atriums (5 times) three la (7 times) and unicorns (8 times).

Sometimes, all of the old people have to read the literature carefully

All ceremony.

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