Quân đội là gì? Chức năng nhiệm vụ của quân đội nhân dân Việt Nam?

What is the Army? Vietnam People’s Army? Functions and tasks of the Vietnam People’s Army? Organizational structure of the Vietnam People’s Army?

The People’s Army plays a key role in the struggle and defense of the country’s safety and security, ensuring the safety of the people, and upholding national sovereignty and territorial integrity. This article will learn about the position, function and mission of the Vietnam People’s Army.

Legal grounds:

– Law on National Defense 2018

1. What is the Army?

The army is The concentrated armed forces have the task of being ready to fight to protect the independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the Fatherland; protect the regime and the achievements of the revolution.

2. What is the Vietnam People’s Army?

Vietnam People’s Army is the main force of the Vietnam People’s Armed Forces. The Vietnamese state says the army’s mission is “for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, for socialism, for the people’s happiness.”

3. Functions and tasks of the Vietnam People’s Army:

According to Article 25 of the 2018 National Defense Law, the functions and tasks of the People’s Army are specified as follows:

– The People’s Army is the core force of the people’s armed forces in performing national defense tasks, including the standing force and the reserve force. The standing force of the People’s Army consists of the regular army and the local army.

December 22 every year is the traditional day of the People’s Army, the national defense festival of the whole people.

– The People’s Army has functions and tasks to be ready to fight and fight for the defense of the Fatherland; carry out the work of mobilizing and propagating the guidelines and guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State; productive labor, combine national defense with socio-economic, participate in civil defense, and build the country together with the whole people; performance of international obligations.

– The State builds a revolutionary, regular, elite, gradually modernized People’s Army with a reasonable standing force and a powerful reserve force; some forces advance toward modernity.

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– Organization, tasks, service regimes and regimes and policies of the People’s Army according to the provisions of this Law Law on Officers of the Vietnam People’s ArmyLaw on Professional Soldiers, National Defense Workers and Officials, Law on Military Service and other relevant laws.

3.1. Basic functions of the People’s Army:

In peacetime, the Vietnam People’s Army performs three basic functions, namely: a combat army, a working army and a production army. In there:

Battle Army is the key task of the Vietnam People’s Army. To accomplish this task, the Army is organized into two components: the standing army as the core and the armed masses. Three types of troops: the Main Force, the Local Army, and the Militia and Self-Defense Force.

The People’s Army is organized in a lean direction, equipped with appropriate weapons and equipment, regularly practices training, improves combat readiness and combat, firmly maintains its political nature. firmly grasp the national, regional and international situation in order to take appropriate combat measures and promote international cooperation; properly analyze and forecast situations and risks that may lead to political upheavals; advise the Party and State to have timely guidelines and countermeasures, so that there are no strategic surprises.

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Working Army (Working to serve the people): The People’s Army has always been closely linked with the people, has a blood relationship with the people, is a solid and reliable bridge between the government and the people.

Being one of the core forces in rescue and relief work, helping people to prevent, combat and overcome consequences of natural disasters, fires, natural disaster mitigation, sacrifice themselves in danger to save lives and properties. of the people.

The army also has the task of mobilizing the masses, building the grassroots political system, propagating the lines, guidelines and policies of the government, countering distorted, libelous and untrue arguments. .

Tackling the consequences of war includes: Checking, clearing landmines, decontaminating the environment and post-war policies. In difficult, remote and remote areas, the army is also responsible for carrying out mass mobilization work, taking the lead in socio-economic construction and development in these regions, universalizing education and taking care of people. medical care to the people.

Production team: Military units always take advantage of all potentials, labor resources, land, technology… to increase production, create additional food sources on the spot, contribute to keeping stability and improving significantly. material life for the army.

The production function of the army is also reflected in factories, defense industrial enterprises, economic units of the army… Economic production activities of the military force are also aimed at helping people exploit fallow, renovate fields, build wet rice fields, plant grass for cattle raising; support capital to build houses and seedlings, help with production techniques, fight against migration and welcome people from the backline to settle down, helping people to stabilize their long-term lives.

3.2. Basic tasks of the Vietnam People’s Army:

– The whole army needs to continue to thoroughly grasp the Party’s viewpoints, guidelines and lines on the task of defending the Fatherland in the new situation. Thoroughly grasp and firmly grasp the contents, principles and solutions of the Strategies, closely follow the actual situation, advise the Party and State on strategies and tactics, ensure timely and successful handling in all military and defense situations.

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The strategic agencies of the Ministry of National Defense ensure that there is always a reasonable structure and organization; building and training a contingent of strategic advisors with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge.

Continue to improve the quality of training and combat capabilities in the entire army. Step up the construction of the defense area, ensuring that you can win from the first day, the first match.

– Continue to build the military Party Committee and Party organizations that are clean and strong, both politically, ideologically, ethically and organizationally. Constantly cultivate and improve the comprehensive leadership capacity and combat strength of party organizations and members.

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– Do well the mass mobilization work in the whole army, mobilize the masses, contribute to building a solid position of the people’s hearts, and maintain the relationship of flesh and blood with the people.

– Promote international integration and improve the effectiveness of defense diplomacy both at multilateral and bilateral levels.

4. Organizational structure of the Vietnam People’s Army:

The political system in the Vietnam People’s Army has the following levels and names:

– General Political Department at the highest level.

– Political Department at the General Staff, at the level of the Military Region, the Armed Forces, the General Department, the Army Corps, the Army and the equivalent.

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– Political Department at division level, provincial military agency, central citiesBorder Guard agencies of provinces and centrally run cities and the equivalent.

– Political Department at regimental level, local military agencies of districts, towns and the equivalent.

4.1. General Department of Technology:

As the leading technical management agency of the Ministry of National Defense, which has the function of organizing, managing, researching and ensuring weapons and means, and equipping combat techniques for the troops and branches of the armed forces.

Affiliated agencies include:

Office of the General Department

Engineering and Equipment Magazine

General Department Inspector


Party Inspection Committee

Political Bureau

Finance Department

Logistics Department

Department of Military Science

Department of Armaments

Military Science Information Department

Department of Motorcycles

Criminal Investigation Division

Department of Technology-Army

Economic room

Affiliated base units include:

Military Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Factory Z133

Tran Dai Nghia University

Factory Z151

College of Automotive Technology and Engineering

Factory Z153

Military Technical College Central Technical Intermediate School

Factory Z45

Vocational School No. 17 Joint Enterprise Z751

Project Management Board 45

4.2. General Intelligence Department:

As a specialized strategic intelligence agency of the Party and State of Vietnam; military intelligence agency of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense. The General Department of Defense Intelligence is the force directly performing intelligence work at the strategic level; is the advisory body for the Minister of National Defense, the Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army on force organization and intelligence activities, and at the same time is the leading agency directly directing the intelligence operations for Vietnam. military intelligence – reconnaissance system of the whole army.

Affiliated agencies include:

Office of the General Department


Inspector General

Political Bureau

Finance Department

Logistics Department

Department of Military Science

Technical Department

Department of Economic Information

Department 11

Criminal Investigation Division

Department 12

Economic room

Department 16 (Strategic Intelligence Department on military, economic, political, social)

Room 72

Department 25

Room 73

Department 71 (Department of Technical Reconnaissance)


Department 72

OLD room

Department 80

Room E

Affiliated base units include:

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Military science Academy

K3 Squadron (Reconnaissance – Special Forces)

Institute of Strategic Structure

74 Brigade

Institute for Strategic Research in Information and Telecommunications Engineering (V34)

94 Brigade

Institute 26

Modern Defense Knowledge Magazine

Institute 70 (Institute for Strategic Studies)

Reconnaissance Middle School

Institute 78

Hi-tech Technology Application Company (HITABA-COM)

501 Institute

Hatuco Corporation – Ngoc Vinh

Center 72

SECOTEX-PAdes Corporation1.1.8

Center 75

Power Consortium Ministry of Defense

Center 701

General Department Museum II

4.3. General Department of Logistics:

As the leading logistics agency of the Vietnam People’s Army; has the function of advising, directing, and organizing material security, daily life, military medical care, transportation, etc. for the army.

Affiliated agencies include:

Office of the General Department

Political Bureau

Inspector General

Logistics Department

Finance Department

Department of Barracks

Department of Military Science

Department of Military Supply

Department of Economic Information

Department of Petroleum

Criminal Investigation Division

Department of Transportation

Department of Economics

Health Division


Affiliated base units include:

354 . Hospital

Joint Stock Company 20

Hospital 105

Joint Stock Company 26

Hospital 87

22 . Joint Stock Company

Army Cheo Theater

32 Joint Stock Company

Doan An nursing 296

Military Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Company

Vocational College No. 13

Project Management Board 186

28 . Corporation

4.4. General Department of Defense Industry:

Responsible for the production of weapons and military equipment for the army and self-defense militia. The General Department of Defense Industry has a Chairman and Deputy Directors, Political Commissars and Deputy Political Commissars, functional departments, factories producing weapons and weapons, vocational schools, and affiliated units.

Affiliated agencies include:

Office of the General Department

Economic room

Inspector General


Finance Department

Political Bureau

Office supplies

Logistics Department

Investment Project Management Department

Technical Department

Department of Military Science

Technology Administration

Department of Economic Information

Journal of Defense Industry and Economy

Criminal Investigation Division

Affiliated base units include:

Military Ship Design Institute

Z123 . Mechanical-Optical-Electrical Factory

Weapon Institute

Precision Engineering Company 25 (Factory Z125)

Institute of Projectiles – Explosives

Precision Engineering Company 27 (Factory Z127)

Institute of Technology

Precision Mechanical Company 29 (Factory Z129)

National Defense Industry College

Electromechanical and Explosives Company 31 (Factory Z131)

Ba Son Corporation

Power Tools Company 43 (Factory Z143)

Song Thu Corporation

Rubber Company 75 (Factory Z175)

Military Insurance Corporation (MIC)

Company 76 (Factory Z176)

Center T504

Sao Mai Electronics Company (Factory Z181)

Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company (Factory Z173)

Precision Engineering Company 83 (Factory Z183)

Shipbuilding Company 189 (Factory Z189)

Chemical Company 95 (Factory Z195)

Precision Engineering Company 11 (Factory Z111)

99 Photovoltaic-Electronics Company (Factory Z199)

Chemical Engineering Company 13 (Factory Z113)

X18 Cement Joint Stock Company

Chemical Engineering Company 14 (Factory Z114)

Nursing team 298

Electromechanical Chemical Company 15 (Factory Z115)

X51 Factory, Ba Son Corporation

Mechanical One Member Co., Ltd. 17 (Factory Z117)

Printing Enterprise, Political Bureau

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