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Brief introduction about the author Nguyen Quang Sang? Brief introduction to the short story “Ivory comb”? Outline analysis of Thu’s character – Model 1? Outline analysis of the character Thu – Model 2? Analysis of the character of Thu in the Ivory comb?

The short story “Ivory comb” by Nguyen Quang Sang is a typical work of Vietnamese literature and is also one of the works about family affection and fatherly love that leaves deep emotions in the heart. reader. The work Shines by the image of the character Thu – a girl who is extremely personality, strong and loves her father dearly. Below is an analysis of Thu in the short story “Ivory comb”. Invite readers to follow along.

1. Brief introduction of the author Nguyen Quang Sang:

Writer Nguyen Quang Sang was born in 1932 and died in 2014, under the pen name Nguyen Sang. He was born in My Luong commune (now My Luong town), Cho Moi district, An Giang province. He participated in the resistance war and held many important positions. The author’s life spanned the resistance years of both the anti-French and anti-American wars.

Nguyen Quang Sang is an elite member of the Communist Party and a bright member of the Vietnam Writers’ Association. He left a prolific writing career with short stories and novels such as “Children’s River”, “Sister Nhung”, “Paris”, “The Son Goes Away” and a number of films such as “The Field”. wild”, “Statue”, “Until ever”… With his talent, Nguyen Quang Sang continuously won many prestigious awards.

2. Brief introduction of the short story “Ivory comb”:


“Ivory comb” is a good title expressing the content, ideas, and themes of the work. Not only that, it is also an artistic image containing deep and sacred father-son feelings. For Thu, the ivory comb is a memory of her father, a soldier in a war zone, and the father’s love and affection for her.


Mr. Sau went to the resistance war. It was not until his daughter was eight years old that he had the opportunity to visit home. Baby Thu does not recognize her father because the scar on her face no longer resembles the person she knows in the picture. Thu treats her father like a stranger. When Thu recognized her father, the father-son relationship rose strongly in her heart, and that was when Mr. Sau had to go to war. At the base, the father poured all his love into making an ivory comb for his little daughter. However, he died in a raid. Before closing his eyes, he even handed the comb to his friend to give to his daughter.

Circumstances composing: The article is okay was born in 1966 (when the author was active in the Southern battlefield) and later included in the story collection of the same name.

The layout consists of 3 parts:

– Part 1: From the beginning to “I don’t want to take him back either”: Mr. Sau was given three days off to visit his family, but Thu did not recognize him as his father.

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– Part 2: Next comes “slowly saying while sliding down”: Baby Thu then realizes her father and the separation between father and son.

– Part 3: The rest: Mr. Sau later died on the battlefield and the story of the ivory comb.

Content value: The expression is touching, even in the difficult situation of the war, the father-son relationship is still bright and deep and beautiful.

Artistic value:

– Unexpected situations that are natural and reasonable

– The art of depicting psychology and character development, especially children’s characters.

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3. Outline analysis of Thu’s character – Model 1:

3.1. Opening:

– Introduction to the work of author Nguyen Quang Sang and the story “Ivory comb”.

– Talking about the composing situation: 1966, during the fierce anti-American period.

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– General feelings about the character Thu: intense, deep feelings. Personality stubborn to the point of stubbornness, but still an innocent, pure child.

3.2. Post body:

Overview of Thu’s situation:

The country was at war, her father had been on a business trip since Thu was less than a year old, growing up she had never been cared for and loved by her father. Thu’s love for her father is only expressed in a photo taken with her mother.

Analysis of the character’s psychological development:

Initial mood: surprise, fear and run away; did not recognize Mr. Sau as his father because Mr. Sau’s face had scars, so he did not want the man in the photo; always be cold and distant to Mr. Sau; reacts violently and then runs to her grandmother to express her anger (the reaction of a very innocent child).

Thu’s mood later: sad thinking regret after the grandmother’s explanation; received his father at the right time when father and son had to part; express strong emotions and regret.

The art of building Thu’s character:

– Story situation (awkward)

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– Describe the character’s psychology (children’s stubbornness, when father and son are about to break up)

– Typical Southern language (sincere, rustic, emotional).

3.3. End:

The work is a touching story about father and son love; to express the author’s love and sensitivity to people. Draw your own lessons and thoughts.

4. Outline analysis of Thu’s character – Model 2:

4.1. Opening:

– Briefly introduce the author Nguyen Quang Sang and the short story “Ivory comb”.

– Introduction of analytical content: Baby Thu is the main character of the work, a girl with a personality and lovely personality, a symbol of the deep, sacred father-son relationship.

4.2. Post body:

Artwork overview:

Story situation:

– The meeting of father and son Sau after 8 years of separation: knowing each other only through pictures, when the father wants to hear his son call his father, the son does not recognize him, it is time to recognize and express his love Dad has to go.

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– After returning to the unit, the father poured all his love into making an ivory comb for his son, but before he could give it to his son, he died in the battle between the US and Wei.

Thu’s plight:

– Her father went to war when she was very young, so in Thu’s mind, she does not have many memories of the image of her father. The family only let the child see pictures of his father.

– This is the cause leading to the tragedy that torn Thu’s heart when the three girls returned home a few days apart after eight years.

Analysis of Thu’s character in Ivory comb:

Analysis of Thu’s character when meeting her father for the first time:

– The first time we met, Mr. Sau reached out his hand to Thu: Thu was startled, her eyes widened, confused, strange, then panicked, her face pale.

– Seeing my father run away to the house to ask for help from my mother. Expressing innocence, innocence mixed with a little fear.

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– Thu does not accept the truth because the father she sees in the picture is not like Mr. Sau in real life.

Analysis of Thu’s character around the time Mr. Sau was at home:

– When her father wanted to be close to him, Thu ran away to treat Mr. Sau as a stranger.

– Thu decided to refuse to call Mr. Sau as his father, calling him empty even though his mother scolded him.

– When she had to drain water from a pot that was too big and heavy for her, Thu refused Mr. Sau’s help and managed on her own.

– When Mr. Sau took a piece of fish roe into Thu’s bowl, it threw it out and spilled the rice bowl.

– Mr. Sau could not contain his anger, so he beat him, he immediately left to his grandmother’s house.

Baby Thu reacts very strongly, showing stubbornness but also personality.

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Analyzing the character of baby Thu when he recognizes his father:

– When Thu went to her grandmother’s house, her grandmother explained to Thu why her father had such a long scar, how difficult his life was, and the war that caused that scar for him.

– Baby Thu is extremely sad, regretful and apologetic, tossing and turning forever unable to sleep, “laying still, rolling, sometimes sighing like an adult…”.

– Baby Thu completely changed her attitude to the surprise of Mr. Sau and everyone: No longer stubborn, cold and scowling as before.

– Seeing the affectionate, sad look of his father, his eyes suddenly fluttered.

Analyzing Thu’s character when Mr. Sau said goodbye:

– Baby Thu suddenly called out to her father, her heart-rending call was suppressed for eight long years, that call of Thu was filled with so much love for her father.

– “It squealed and rushed forward, as fast as a squirrel, it jumped up and spread its arms around its father’s neck.”

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“He hugged his father’s neck tightly, saying in a cry to keep him from going.

– He cried, kissed her, kissed her hair, kissed her neck, kissed her shoulder, and even kissed her father’s scar.

It seems that all the distance between the father and the little girl has been erased. Baby Thu cannot hide her feelings for her father, she is afraid that his father will leave and finds ways to keep him.

Thu’s intense love for her father touched everyone around her.

5. Analysis of Thu’s character in Ivory comb:

There are works that make readers cry because of the characters’ torn emotions. There are characters that are only drawn by the author’s pen, but have an unstoppable obsession. Thu, the character in Nguyen Quang Sang’s short story “Ivory comb” is a character who always makes readers feel intense when turning each page of the book. “Ivory comb” was composed in 1966, when the resistance war was taking place fiercely and with many difficulties. Mr. Sau joined the army when Thu was less than a year old, but when he returned to visit, he was an adult but decided not to accept his father. The child’s torment, torment, tears, regrets, and inner conflict brought the plot to a climax. She stayed with her father for three days, but little Thu refused to accept it. Only when she heard her grandmother tell about the scar on her father’s face, did Thu hug tightly and hug Mr. The father-son relationship exploded, the emotions in the reader’s heart melted.

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Although Thu is only 8 years old, she is very personable, strong and stubborn. Thu’s mind only has a picture of her father and mother on their wedding day. That’s all he can keep and wait for his father’s return. When Mr. Sau called “Thu! I’m here, baby” but Thu still refused, flatly refused. Mr. Sau always loved Thu in the most sincere and profound way, but in return he only received coldness and alienation. Just because of the long scar on his face, just because of the war, because of the crimes it caused.

Nguyen Quang Sang shows the strong personality of a very sharp and brave 8-year-old girl. Thu’s stubbornness and coldness towards Mr. Sau is shown through gestures and words. When her mother asked Thu to invite her father to dinner, she simply said: “come to eat”. Especially through the detail of decanting the water in the rice cooker, although it was not possible to drain the water, Thu decided not to ask Mr. Sau for help.

The stubborn, cold, indifferent attitude of his son made Mr. Sau sad. The climax of Thu’s personality was shown in the meal, when Mr. Sau picked up a piece of caviar and put it in Thu’s bowl, but it threw away the bowl of rice. Mr. Sau could not control his hurt and anger, so he beat Thu, everyone thought Thu would get up and leave, but no, he bent his head down, picked up the fallen fish and put it in the bowl, then quietly left.

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It was Thu’s thought that prompted her to act fiercely, denying her father’s affection and love for her. Because for Thu, it’s not her father. Perhaps it was this personality and strength that made Thu become a tenacious communication girl in the later resistance war.

Nguyen Quang Sang is not only limited to describing the psychology of an eight-year-old child, but also takes this character as the starting point for his passionate and intense love. She stayed with her father for three days, but little Thu refused to accept her father, only when she heard her grandmother tell about the scar on her father’s face due to the war, did she understand. His face was sad and sad, he seemed to think of Mr. Sau but did not dare to approach. “Dad, go listen to me.” Sau’s words uttered with difficulty and pain, torment but could not convince his daughter.

Then an emotional scene unfolds. Baby Thu called “dad”, the sound of “ba” seemed to have been suppressed for many years, just waiting for this moment to erupt. This call “three” seems to make the reader suffocate with constant and deep love.

Stubbornness, defiantness and passionate love are the factors for Thu to decide her own path in the future, following in the footsteps of her father to repel the invaders.

Thus, the shaping of Thu’s character with personality and emotions makes the reader even more touched by the sacred fatherhood. Thereby the author wants to condemn the war that has caused many families to fall into suffering.

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