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What are humanitarian values? About the author Nguyen Du? Summary of the story of the Nanchang girl? Outline analysis of humanitarian values ​​The story of Nam Xuong’s daughter? Humanitarian value analysis The story of Nanchang’s daughter?

Writers are the ones who bring the dark lives of unfortunate fates to light, because their pages are always imbued with profound humanitarian values. Coming to the work The Nam Xuong Daughter, readers will better understand this issue through the analysis of humanitarian values ​​The story of the Nam Xuong daughter.

1. What are humanitarian values?

Humanitarian values ​​are one of the core values ​​that make up a genuine literary work. A genuine literary work which shows the hard life of destitute people, their good qualities, resigned to life without a word of complaint but they did not give up on life. beaten up but stood up to fight, reclaiming the free life that they should have learned to enjoy. Then through that, the writer condemns and exalts an unjust society, full of outdated customs.

Humanitarian values ​​in literary works are often expressed through four main features:

Social complaint: a society reproduced through barbaric, autocratic, and overbearing forms of exploitation by autocratic feudalists. Since then, the author has denounced and criticized those evil actions to protect the weaker people.

Praise: can praise a certain fine tradition or praise the good qualities of a person or a class of people in society. These are the beauties buried by domination and oppression.

Sympathize, defend: Stemming from the discovery and discovery of the hidden beauty of the character, or being aware of the circumstances that have pushed the good and honest people into the dead end, the writers express their sympathy. with them, create situations, or build supporting characters to support, defend, protect them, help them overcome difficulties, affirm their beliefs, dreams and aspirations in life. .

Show the way, the way out for the character: This feature is not present in all works. It depends on the writer’s perception and ability to predict reality, so that the writer can show the way to solve the deadlocks of the character’s fate, or create fantasy and fantasy details such as: an escape for the character when all paths in reality or in the human world are incapable of changing the situation.

2. About the author Nguyen Du:

– Nguyen Du – has a transliteration book as Nguyen Tu (year of birth – year of death is unknown).

– People from Truong Tan district, now Thanh Mien district, Hai Duong province.

– He was a student of Tuyet Giang Phu Tu – Nguyen Binh Khiem.

see more: Play the role of Vu Nuong recounting the story of the Nanchang girl

– He lived in the 16th century when the Le dynasty began to crisis, the feudal groups of Le and Mac Trinh competed for power, causing prolonged civil wars.

Nguyen Du is a highly educated and talented person, but he only worked as a mandarin for a year and then asked to go back to his hometown to raise his elderly mother and write books, living a reclusive life like many other contemporary intellectuals.

3. Summary of the work The story of the Nam Xuong daughter:

The story is about a girl named Nam Xuong named Vu Thi Thiet. She is a person of integrity, her husband Truong Sinh is jealous, Vu Nuong is about to give birth when her husband is called to the army.

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Although only a daughter-in-law is pregnant, but Vu Nuong always fulfills all her duties as a daughter-in-law, and is dedicated to taking care of her mother-in-law like her own parents. Loving her son, she often jokes with her son by pointing her shadow on the wall and telling her that it is Father Dan.

However, fate must not be ironic, thinking that happiness will come to her when her husband returns from the war, but not only because of the child’s words, but Vu Nuong has suffered from being beaten because of her husband’s jealousy. Since she was born without seeing her father, Vu Nuong comforted her son by taking his shadow and calling him baby Dan’s father. When he returned, little Dan decided not to call Truong Sinh his father, but thought that the shadow was his father. Truong Sinh went home to blindly beat Vu Nuong so that she had to throw herself down to live to whitewash.

One evening, when a shadow appeared and Dan pointed his finger at it and assumed it was his father, then Truong Sinh understood the problem and deeply regretted it.

Under the Aquarium, Vu Nuong met Phan Lang, a fellow villager, with a message asking Truong Sinh to set up a forum to exonerate himself. When Truong Sinh finished setting up the forum, Vu Nuong also appeared to say the last words and disappeared. She said goodbye and could not return to earth again.

4. Outline analysis of humanitarian values ​​The story of the Nam Xuong daughter:


– Introduction of the work

– “The story of the Nanchang daughter” has a profound humanitarian value.


About the author and work

Humanitarian values:

Overview of humanitarian values: The author’s sympathy for the suffering fates, through this image the author indirectly denounces the deformed, unhumanized images of the ancient feudal society as well as the lack of humanity. Find a way to free your character’s fate.

In the story of the Nanchang daughter:

The author appreciates the beauty of contemporary women through the image of Vu Nuong “good thinking, filial, …”

“In kindness, you will meet good” is the author’s belief that good things will come to people with kind hearts, living well (Vu Nuong was saved after death and had a good life in Vietnam). under the Aquarium,…)

Raise your voice to claim the right to happiness for a woman who has suffered many injustices (Vu Nuong did not return but stayed in the palace of Linh consort).

Speak out against society, unjust war robs people of happiness, causes family separation, and causes suffering.

Show sympathy for the unjust fate.


Reaffirming the deep meaning of the work

5. Humanitarian value analysis The story of the Nam Xuong daughter:

For generations, the spirit of humanity has always been the theme throughout the stories of writers and poets, especially when it comes to those who suffer from extreme poverty, unhappiness, and gloom. Indeed, thanks to these talents, the younger generation can feel how our people have had to go through a miserable and miserable life, especially women. Coming to the story of Nam Xuong’s daughter, readers will see the profound humanitarian value that Nguyen Du has conveyed through his writings.

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Vietnamese women are forever praised for their gentle, discreet beauty and kind and tolerant soul. The woman who appears in “The story of the Nanchang girl” is the same. That is the beautiful, beautiful and self-respecting Vu Nuong.

She has a “good mind” that is known far and wide. Not so that Truong Sinh – a “rich son” had to ask his mother for a hundred taels of gold to be able to take her home as his wife. Not only that, she is also a gentle and kind woman, a gentle wife, a good daughter-in-law, a mother who loves her children.

In the daily relationship between husband and wife, knowing that the husband “is suspicious, for his wife to prevent too much”. Vu Nuong has always “maintained discipline, never had a husband and wife to fall into discord”. The couple separated, Vu Nuong single-mindedly thought of her husband’s safety and always encouraged and comforted her to express her feelings to her husband, giving her husband peace of mind: “You go on this trip, I don’t dare to expect to wear the seal. Phong Marquis, wearing brocade robes to return to their old hometown, just ask for the day to come back and bring two words of peace, that’s enough. […] Looking at the moon shining on the old city, getting ready for a cold coat, sending people far away, watching willows in the wasteland, sobbing again, loving the people of the land and animals! Even if there are thousands of letters, I am afraid that there will be no flying rose petals.” That woman always thinks about her husband who does not expect or ask for a life of luxury and brocade. Away from her husband, Vu Nuong is faithful, her heart is always earnestly directed to her husband: “Day after month, half a year has passed, every time I see butterflies hovering in the garden, clouds cover the mountains, sadness can’t break the horizon. can’t stop it”.

Truong Sinh returned, branded Vu Nuong a cruel injustice and used cruel words to insult her. But even then, Vu Nuong still spoke properly, earnestly expressing her feelings and wishes for a happy family life.

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has seemed to be discord for many generations, but Vu Nuong has cultivated and considered her mother-in-law as her biological parents. She wholeheartedly took care of her mother-in-law when she was sick: “She tried her best to worship Buddha and use sweet and wise words to advise her”. When her mother-in-law died, she loved and cared for her: “She was full of mercy, and took care of everything like her own parents.” With that deep, filial heart, Vu Nuong also received the love of her mother-in-law, before she died, she left her last words for Vu Nuong, hoping that she would have a good and full life. than.

With her son, she always took on the role of a father, taking care of him to the fullest, fearing that he would lack his father’s love, but acted carefreely pointing at his shadow and saying that it was his father who had Unknowingly the cause of her death.

Not only that, as an individual in society, Vu Nuong also stands out with a touching self-esteem. Misunderstood by her husband, unjustly blamed, although still yearning for worldly happiness, Vu Nuong chose death to prove her pure dignity. This action shows the self-respect, sense of honor and chastity in this respectable woman.

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In that unjust society, beauty is often crushed and trampled mercilessly. Loyalty, beauty, filial piety, love for children is like that, but Nguyen Du’s Nun Vu Nuong also suffered many misfortunes.

First of all, an unchosen marriage started Vu Nuong’s later tragedies. Obviously with the beauty and inherent good qualities of a woman, she should have had a perfect marriage with a man of his age. But no, fate forced her to meet Truong Sinh, an illiterate man, asking her mother for money to ask for a wife. Her marriage was decided by exchange of money, not based on love.

Moreover, Truong Sinh is suspicious or jealous, she always has to be quiet, humble and show her utmost loyalty to her husband. This makes her life always tormented living under the scrutiny of her husband.

When her husband went to the army, at night to help her children feel less sad and to remember her, Vu Nuong pointed her shadow on the wall and told her that the child was her father. But that carelessness was inadvertently the cause of her death. Listening to her son talk about her father who still came at night, Truong Sinh with suspicion and jealousy had vented to beat, trample and smear her honor. He did not care about her complaints, but quickly concluded that she had an affair. Then it was the absolute love to change her out of the house, to blame her for no reason, that made her fall into despair.

Vu Nuong seems to have fallen and stuck and was cornered, because in that society a person’s honor is extremely precious, once it is trampled, it is no different from taking their life. . Although she still loves her husband, loves her children, and wishes to have a better life, the truth has pushed her to the edge, throwing herself into the Yellow River to clear her mind, using death to prove her innocence.

The miserable fate of the woman who suffered all the remnants of the feudal society “respecting men and despised women” in medieval literary works not only stopped on the writing page of Nguyen Du but also Thuy Kieu of Nguyen. Du…

But if we just stop there, Nguyen Du’s work doesn’t go much further than folk tales. Nguyen Du was extremely concerned with the fate of the polymath girl in his work. Trusting and loving the character, the writer let her send herself to Linh Phi’s underwater cloud palace. That place, although not reunited with children and relatives, is still a place to respect beautiful souls. Vu Nuong returned to the world in the magical shimmer of candlelight and the magical water surface.

The work “The story of the Nam Xuong girl” has survived with time, according to the ups and downs of history, and is still valid until now. It is clear that the humanitarian values ​​have been praised and portrayed by the writer through the character Vu Nuong to give readers pity and sympathy for the fate of women in general.

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