Phân tích chinh phụ ngâm khúc của Đặng Trần Côn hay nhất

Join us to find out the substantive analysis to better understand the value of content and art that Dang Tran Con conveys through the article below.

1. Outline the analysis of Chinh’s recitation:

1.1. Outline analysis of Chinh sub-general recitation:

Opening the article: introduce the author of the work

Post body:

Loneliness and coldness surround the conqueror.

The desire to share with the nostalgia of her husband far away.

Nostalgia, longing for the couple’s happiness of the conqueror.

The struggle to escape the tormenting loneliness of the conqueror.


Summarize the realistic and humane value of the work of Chinh Phu soaked and the excerpt The loneliness of Chinh Phu soaked.

The deep meaning of the work and the learned excerpt.

Present your thoughts when researching and analyzing Chinh Phu.

1.2. Outline the detailed analysis of Chinh sub-chorus:

Introduction: introduce the author and work

Post body:

The actions are repetitive and boring.

– “Walk quietly”: Walk quietly on the empty porch.

– “Trust in a moment”: Enter the room to roll the curtain, let go of the curtain

→ Repetitive actions in the unconscious, showing the helplessness and precariousness of the conqueror

– The word “absent”: Not only evokes the silence of space but also shows the emptiness in the conqueror’s heart.

Actively waiting for news

– Daytime:

The conqueror put his hope in the sound of the ruler – the bird that brings good news.

But the truth “can’t see the ruler”: The news of her husband is still silent.

– Night:

The conqueror stayed awake with the lamp hoping for the lamp to know her husband’s news and share her feelings.

Reality: “The lamp does not show” “My heart is sad” The verse has a special form of affirmation and negation, whether the lamp knows it or not because it is just an inanimate object that cannot be shared with each other.

– The image compares “flower lights” and “human silhouettes”.

The “lamp” as a wick is actually charcoal. Like a lamp that burns out only the flowers die, a woman patiently waits for her husband, but in the end feels lonely and empty.

Think of Thuy Kieu’s loneliness after saying goodbye to Thuc Sinh and returning to the pentagram:

The conqueror’s unusual feelings about the outside world.

“Chicken crowing”, “dew”, “flower”: These are images associated with peaceful and idyllic rural life.

The message from “waist brain, fluttering”: The extreme left the wilderness, chilling to the horror of the scene.

→ Under the lonely and empty eyes of the conqueror, the scenes that were associated with a peaceful and quiet life now become wild and strangely cold. That’s the way to describe the scene to imply love.

The sub-conqueror’s unusual sense of time.

“long hours”, “melancholy fighting the enemy”: Expressing the spread of endless nostalgia.

The comparative measure combined with the evocative word “long, long” shows an unusual perception of time, each passing minute and hour is as heavy as a long year, the longer the time, the more sadness. heavier.

→ The poem describes the extreme loneliness in the conqueror’s heart

Activities that try to sustain daily life.

– The word “forced”: emphasizing the compulsion of the conqueror

Conflict between reason and emotion:

Burning incense to find peace but confused by thoughts, worries, bad premonitions

I looked in the mirror, but only saw a sad face full of tears.

Content: Describes the lonely, lonely, and empty mood of a woman, behind which is the author’s sympathetic and sharing attitude towards human suffering.

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The Conqueror’s Wish.

“East wind”: Spring wind brings warmth and life

“Non Yen”: refers to a remote border place

“Thousand Gold”: Metaphor for the conqueror’s heart (sad, lonely, worried, empty, hopeful and then disappointed)

→ With metaphors and stories expressing the wish of the conqueror to send hope and nostalgia into the spring wind that takes him to a distant battlefield so that the conqueror can understand and return to her.

Memories of the Conqueror

– The method of continuous alliteration “peaceful young, heavenly”: Emphasizing the long distance, the obstacles that cannot be filled, and at the same time, the longing and painful nostalgia in the heart of the conqueror. .

– The word “deep, painful”: The extreme opposite level of nostalgia, profound is nostalgia, persistent, persistent, the most painful is the nostalgia associated with pain and grief.

→ The lyrics subtly and touchingly capture the nuances of nostalgia, nostalgia is increasing day by day, repressed into excruciating pain.

→ The author’s subtlety, sensitivity, and harmony.

Relationship between environment and mood.

– “Sad scene”, “heartfelt person”: Scene and person meeting in sorrow

Scenes are inherently inanimate objects, but people’s moods have been tinged with scenes.

→ The pen describes the love scene, the protagonist directs the sadness away from the scene, making the scene sad as well.

⇒ Sub-conclusion.

Content: Describing the sadness, pain, and nostalgia of the conqueror, hidden behind the author’s sympathy and respect for the fate and dignity of women.

End: re-evaluate content value and artistic value.

2. The best sub-division analysis:

After parting, the concubine returned, imagining a battlefield full of danger and death, mourning and worrying about her husband. Once again she wondered why lovers had to part? Why am I in a lonely situation? Lots of questions unanswered. That lonely, sadder mood has been honestly and vividly portrayed by the author. In the first sixteen verses, the author focuses on describing the actions and moods of the conqueror:

Walking on the quiet porch sowing step by step
Sitting on the thin curtain beckoned to ask for phen.
Outside the curtain does not tell,
Is there any light in the curtain?
Does the lamp know as if it does not know?
The heart is only pitiful.
Sadness speechless,
That lamp flower with the shadow of a person is quite lovely!

The woman quietly walked around the house just hoping to receive a response from the outside scenery. But all she got in return was silence filling the space.

In such a painfully quiet space, it tore the heart of the conqueror. It seems that the more the conqueror tries to find the soul’s fulcrum, the more he falls into nothingness. The sadness increased more and more, causing the conqueror to despair and return to his room. But in the room with the flickering lights is no different from outside. Only a thin curtain for her to pull up and down, waiting for news of her husband in a faraway place. She hopes that after every time she pulls the curtains, she can see her husband’s silhouette from afar so that she can have more faith in life. But all in return for disappointment, she was even more heartbroken.

The surrounding scenery could not be shared with her, the sadness was more than the sadness:

Rooster crows with dew in the year of the rooster,
Flickering shadows on the four sides.
The hours are as long as years,
Sorrow is like a distant sea.

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In the space, the rooster crowed sounded like a late-night watch, but the conqueror still couldn’t sleep because the anxiety was always hidden in the conqueror’s soul:

Perfume burns passionate souls,
The mirror forced tears back to Chau chan.
Iron grasped and plucked the lute,
Thick and broken, the keys are afraid to slack

The conqueror wants to find a job to relieve the sadness in his heart. But whatever she did, she only saw hidden fear. Burning a mirror makes the soul restless, looking in the mirror remembers the beauty that has faded over the years as she sits and waits for her husband to go to war. The more you think, the more you suffer. Therefore, she decided to play the lute to relieve herself, but the string was fragile, causing the conqueror’s heart to live in fear:

Is it convenient to send this east wind?
Thousand gold please send to non Yen.
Even though Non Yen has not been to the region,
Remember him deep down the road to heaven.

Even though Non Yen has not been to the region,
Remember him deep down the road to heaven.

Will the feelings of people at home be sent to people far away?

The sky is so deep and unfathomable,
What a painful memory of him.

With only verses, the author has successfully portrayed the heart of a conqueror whose husband is fighting in a far away place. That’s the pain that reaches to the sky, when the wife is at home waiting for her husband, the mother misses the child, the child misses the father. Families are not reunited. The work of Chinh Phu soaked has exuded the main ideas in the literature of this period; Sometimes it’s the right to life, the right to enjoy happiness, which is very justifiable.

3. The most impressive analysis of Chinh Phu Dipping:

Born around the first half of the 18th century with the original Chinese characters of Dang Tran Con, Chinh’s dipping quickly entered the hearts of all classes of people. After more than two and a half centuries, until now, Chinh Phu soaked still retains the value of a shining literary gem, a proud product of the country’s “famous poetry”. In which, the excerpt The lonely situation of the conqueror clearly shows the lonely mood of the wife who misses her husband during the war and the art of depicting the ingenious mood of the two authors Dang – Doan, by Nom performance. excellent performance by female artist Doan Thi Diem. An excerpt from the Conqueror’s Loneliness describes the situation and mood of the conqueror who has to live alone and sad for a long time when her husband goes to war without knowing the news:

“Standing on the quiet porch sowing step by step

But perhaps only those who are destined not to be close to each other know fear when they are not with the destined person “in heaven and on earth”. Make the heart of the conqueror worry endlessly:

Outside the curtain, the size doesn’t tell
There seems to be a light in the curtain
Does the lamp know the bed as good as it doesn’t know
My heart is only pitiful
Sad to say no words
That flower lamp with the shadow of a person is quite loving.
Rooster crows with dew in the year of the rooster
Hoe fluttering the shadow on the four sides.

In the midst of chaos, one family member went to the army, “my body is ten thousand horses”, how many times who declared war? Not hearing the news that her husband could only wait in fear, she seemed to die slowly because of the sadness in her heart, the sadness that comes from loneliness and endless nostalgia. Even a bird with wings that can spread its wings around the world doesn’t know, how could a brave person like her know? But in the morning of the rooster crowing, her shadow still could not sleep. Who said the sun is hope, who said light is the source of life? She only knows that another day has passed, the number of days apart has increased by one, nostalgia rushes, fear rushes back.

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The bronze mirror is still bright, she still looks in the mirror, puts on makeup every day, but it’s just “struggling”. Her husband was on the battlefield and she no longer thought about herself. When I miss my husband, I don’t know when tears fall. Memories always hurt in her heart. Chau’s tears welled up, she cried for many days. She plays the piano but the sound is interrupted, afraid of breaking the strings, slacking the keys, suggesting bad luck for couples in love:

“Times are as long as years
Sorrow is like a distant sea
Fragrance burns passionate souls
The mirror is forced to look back at Chau chan
Iron holds and plucks the guitar
The nerves are broken, the keys are hesitant. “

The first sixteen lines are a slow chorus, tormented by continuity and by infinity – the harp goes on and on, like the suppressed cry of a concubine in the night. It wasn’t just a dark night – it was also a night of anxiety and fear. It was a lonely night, alone hidden in the light of day.

If the first sixteen lines are the chorus when nostalgia, painful moods are pushed to the extreme, the last eight lines are like a climactic prelude. The longing for separation from her husband, who is struggling, gradually turns loneliness into pain, incomparable pain. Like a word ‘desperation’, it grinds, it cuts the reader’s heart like a conqueror’s. First of all, a burning desire day and night:

“Is it convenient for this heart to send the east wind?
Thousand gold please send to Non Yen”

“This heart” is an inconsolable nostalgia, because it has been through so much waiting. The east wind is the spring wind. In loneliness, the conqueror only knows thanks to the wind, thanks to the wind to send and send messages to her loving husband in a dangerous distant battlefield, where thousands of thousands of yen are collected. Non yen, a place more than two thousand miles north of Shaanxi, China. Asking if the wind is “favorable” thanks to the wind is like shrugging and asking for the wind. But it was just a dream, a glimmer of hope that was quickly extinguished. Only nostalgia is real.

Through the poetic form of song septum, the use of words and conventional images, the author has subtly expressed different emotional nuances about the loneliness and sorrow of the conqueror in love and happy. The excerpt also shows the author’s love and deep sympathy with the rightful desire for happiness of the conqueror. Speak up for the sake of humanity, oppose the unjust feudal war.

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