Những câu ca dao tục ngữ về đạo đức, đạo lý làm người hay

From time immemorial, with the form of word of mouth, our life still handed down good proverbs and proverbs that are full of teaching people. Please refer to the article below to understand more about the teachings that fathers left behind.

1. What is ethics? What is morality?

Morality can be understood as the opinions and conceptions that people have about the right and wrong behavioral norms. The next generation follows and listens to the teachings of the previous generation, adheres to moral values ​​and brings stability and goodness between human relationships. In addition, it also helps to ensure fair relationships.

Ethics or moral principles, moral ethics, and human morality are all-encompassing views about lifestyle, morality, right or truth in human life. Human morality always takes the following moral standards as a golden mold with the 15 virtues of Humanity, Righteousness, Ceremony, Tri, Faith (the Five Common), Trung, Hieu, To, Liem, Si, Trinh, and Cong. , Dung, Ngon, Hanh (Four virtues).

2. Proverbs about morality, good morals

1. Rivers have sections, people have times.​

2. Love children, children come home; love old, old to be happy.

3. Drink water, remember the source.​

3. If you want to eat the whole fish, you must cast a long line.

4. When you eat fruit, remember who planted the tree

5. In kindness, you will meet good.​

6. Torn paper must keep margins.

7. To speak better than to speak.

8. One of the most famous gentleman – The Four Horses of the Dead.

9. For a long time, the ants are also full of nests.

10. It is better to die with honor than to live with shame.

11. Buy a list of three thousand, sell a list of three.

12. Hands do the jaws to chew the hands behind the mouth.

13. Gentleman hairy legs, petty hairy belly.

14. A drop of blood digs more than a pond of water.

15. The shop of love is also a house. Thatched hut is more meaningful than a tall tiled building.

16. Thuan husband and wife, slapping the East basin also dried up.

17. There are times of honor and humiliation.

18. Money goes first, the scale goes after.

19. A good name is better than a good shirt.

20. Brothers in the house, close the door to teach each other.

21. Peaceful brothers and sisters are blessed houses.

22. Fake death to know you guys.

23. Stay up long to know the night is long, stay long to know that people have humanity.

24. Out of money, out of petty people

25. Riverbeds and pools are easy to detect, who has broken a ruler to measure the heart of a person.

26. The hero of many tribulations, the red man of many tribulations.

27. Seeing that there is a new rice loan.

28. Who knows, open your mouth to wait for a cough.

29. For stabbing, change the pestle, and for grinding, change the mortar.

30. Anger loses wisdom, worries about losing taste.

31. Fighting to divide rice, greeting each other to eat rice.

32. Salvation of things, objects of gratitude, saviors of people, revenge of revenge.

33. Good leaves cover torn leaves.

34. Righteous people stranded, crooks laugh.

35. Loving people is like loving yourself.

36. I fell I lifted.

37. Dear old-timer.

38. Illegal work, evil comes right away.

39. Conspiracy to destroy deep evil.

40. Murder, fake death.

41. The fool enjoys peace.

42. Human venom is equal to ten snake venoms.

43. In the back meets the rear, in the silver meets silver.

44. The previous life covered mushrooms, the next life warmed the grave.

45. Saints treat fools.

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46. ​​Wise to live, the rainbow to die.

47. More beautiful than beautiful people.

48. One piece when hungry is equal to one when full.

49. A sick horse, the whole prison abandoned the grass.

50. Happy for a while, miserable for a lifetime.

51. Blame yourself first, blame others later.

52. Good reputation is better than good clothes.

53. Laughing for three months, laughing for three years.

54. The heavens take off, compared to the shrinking heavens.

55. A clean house is cool, a clean bowl is delicious.

56. One fasting sentence is nine good sentences.

57. Eat see the pot sitting watch the direction.

58. The habit of killing beauty.

59. A day should be meaningful, the boat should be familiar.

3. The best moral and ethical proverbs:

1. The highest has a moon,
Until it fell down with a bamboo top.
What is the management of praise and criticism,
If it’s hard, it’s clean, if it’s torn, it’s fragrant.

2. Being a person must be measured,

Must weigh light, must probe deep.

3. A tree should not be young,

Three trees clustered together to form a high mountain.

4. Can draw tiger skin, hard to draw tiger bones

Knowing the face of the person, not knowing the heart of the person.

5. The other side of the river is landslide

The landslide side is opaque and the accretion side is clear.

6. That river has two streams of water

Know which side is chiseled inside which side.

7. The river bank on the landslide side,

The side avalanche forever, the side accretion more.

8. Several generations of castors with bones

For several generations, step-aunt loved her husband’s son.

9. Gambling is a poor uncle,

The door of the house is sold out, put your feet in the shackles.

10. My wife and I are caked with rice cakes

Her husband and wife a piece of shrimp paste.

11. My sisters and I are like rice cakes

My sister is chiseling her forearm

My sister and I share the same gift, the cake

Human sisters, blows to the heel!

12. I come back and bathe in my pond

Whether in the opaque umbrella, the house pond is still more.

13. Parents leave the property with a young degree

Not equal to virtue for your children in life.

14. Lead shows that lead is heavier than copper

Why is lead not cast so gongs should gongs.

15. The ragged hungry people,

Because God’s wife does not eat.

16. Being a person who doesn’t know how to worry,

How young is so old.

17. Being a money teller,

Food and clothing are scarce.

18. Being a person who does not eat or play,

Why don’t you keep holding on to heaven?

19. Being a man with a mouth and lips,

Why are you plugged in like a pot without swinging.

4. The proverb about the morality of being a person is profound:

1. Water in the stream flows out

I hate turbid water, am I still in?

2. Money used to measure with baskets,

Silver in the mountain time did not expect this girl.

3. As a person who eats dinner tomorrow,

The fact that I am easy for anyone to measure.

4. Strangely the halibut,

Lying on the sand, waiting for the shower.

5. If the water is cloudy, then you will be fat.

In the price of pearl stork where to find?

6. Life has a span,

Who usually sleeps only half a day.

7. Human life spans a few seconds,

Somewhat hard work day and night.

8. Father’s life was to pick human flowers,

I have to pay my life’s debt on behalf of my father.

9. The old life revenge is still long,

This life will pay back any time.

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10. Father’s life for son’s life,

If you want to compare round, you have to compare square.

11. Son, my family is poor

Ham chi beautiful wife rich wife it despises.

12. If you are hungry, your knees must crawl,

The leg is good to run, the leg is good to walk.

13. People who are mean don’t play

Of which is not senseless for decades.

14. The river is deep and short, unfathomable

A wise man speaks little, a wise man measures his heart.

15. Wild cats meet feral cats again

He went to steal and met her to find potatoes.

16. Long rivers have many horizontal boats,

If you have a lot of people, you will hold a grudge.

17. If anyone beats the drums of the temple, the drums,

Whose property is cleverly waving in the private city?

18. You spend a bunch of green bananas,

Five seven people for sticky latex hands.

19. Pepper it’s small it’s spicy,

It’s small money, it’s good.

20. Hoai words of ignorant people,

A year carrying lead, casting should not be bells.

5. The proverb about morality as a person is meaningful:

1. Refusing to receive guests from a distance,

Also equal to my husband’s deposit to eat sugar.

2. Ai, don’t help the bamboo shoots,

The bamboo shoots are as small as bamboo.

3. Alluvial soil with landslide

Good and bad people,

Follow the times,

Choose according to the size you use,

No matter who relies on talent

I keep the heart of a woman who sharpens the mirror inside.

4. Don’t worry about laughing here,

After the storm, the tree is hard and soft.

5. Windy day, wear windy day

Please let the tree be hard and thick leaves.

6. Get the season to criticize the steamed rice,

Losing the season to eat, thank God, oh my god.

7. Tired of changing and fixing melon garden slippers,

No matter how much you also suspect that time.

8. Gourd soup cooked with catfish,

Eat in to cool but love the old wife.

9. As a boy going to the sea to go to the river,

Come here to meet the shallow but sad sandy beach.

10. Being a boy is worthy of being a boy,

Down East, East static, up Doai, Doai tan.

11. To make a living pole to stay durable,

Don’t be late for your wife, don’t worry about your children.

12. People are mortal, they are born,

Live with dignity, the waterfall spends the fragrance.

13. Teach your children how to behave,
Even though the water is still circulating.
Live for virtue, have benevolence,
New yearning to worship, to eat heaven’s blessings.

14. Being poor means having benefactors

More than that, the heart is rich.

15. Pupils are studious in high school,

Learn until the level of a new hero.

16. How like cinnamon on the mountain

Hundred years of dryness is still fragrant.

17. Learning is learning to be human,

Knowing what is better than knowing the truth.

18. Learning is learning to keep the truss,

Know the righteous, know the filial piety.

19. Lotus grows on the wrong sandy beach,

Although slick still sprouted lotus flowers.

20. Hunger for rice than those who are full of vegetables,

It is difficult for a gentleman to be richer than for a petty person.

21. Duong Tran must try to be gentle,

Don’t value money to give up on humanity.

22. Helping each other when hungry is good,

Talk to make up for the warm days.

23. Father’s life for son’s life,

If you want to compare round, you have to compare square.

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24. Don’t laugh at your torn shirt,

The chicken breed, its feathers are dull.

25. Greedy for gold, my dear,

The golden era is over, I still have it.

26. The word that luck is not subject,

Finding wealth is easy to find, wisdom is hard to find.

27. Even the azalea that fell to the ground,

An unlucky hero is also a hero.

28. Hunger for rice than those who are full of vegetables,

It is difficult for a gentleman to be richer than for a petty person.

29. Loving each other, cloudy water is also clear,

Hate each other, the water flowing in the heart is also dirty.

30. Have more children than mine

It’s like a market meeting and then disappearing.

31. Wisdom is in the mind out,

Stupid people learn from the outside.

32. Love the hoe in the sky,

Even if someone cries out blood.

33. Fragrant flowers who do not cherish,

A wise person does not respect all sides.

34. The world is still foolish and not wise,

Live wearing torn clothes, die bury good clothes.

35. Fragrant flowers who are easy to abandon,

A wise person dares to speak harshly to anyone.

36. Who does not wash their feet in water.

Fragrant flowers who do not approach the tree.

37. Stay in a way that pleases people,

In wide people laugh, in narrow people criticize.

38. It is difficult to know the truth of heaven,

Know how to eat and live more than the rich.

39. First, practice at home

Monday, the market, the third, the temple.

40. Those who are fat and round,

Eat clumsy like lightning, beat you all day.

41. Just in the moral sense,
As a person, you must keep the new color discipline.
Do not rely on health, do not boast of wealth,
Heaven is still above the head.

42. Rhododendrons come to the ground to eat worms,
The hero accidentally went up to the coal-fired source.
If you burn coal, you must sieve it,
How not to smear the hero’s liver.

43. Three years a gentleman planted bamboo,
Ten years of bending sticks and crippling small people.

44. Hey, don’t think you’re a coward,
The other water, though turbid, is also clear.

45. Who eats well,
Cultivate virtue for later.

6. Moral proverbs and proverbs:

1. The path is good, the path is good, the lie is good

Lie a lot, lie to the first sentence will lie to the next sentence, the more crooked it is, the easier it will be revealed.

2. It’s better to say it right away than a vegetarian and lie

An ordinary person whose mind is clean and well-behaved is better than those who pretend to be a vegetarian, but have a mind of a snake.

3. Abdomen straight mouth

Condemning false experts, the mouth is honest, but the inside is full of deceitful schemes.

4. Cheating it out

When you are doing a deceitful and evil job, it is difficult to control the emotions in your facial muscles, your eyes betray yourself, and you cannot hide the people around you.

5. Imitation mallow-faced fish rice

Lies will be revealed even more to those with sharp, clear eyes

6. Buddha Mind Snake

On the outside, he is gentle, on the outside he is kind, but on the inside he has a sinister and cruel stomach.

7. Lie to your father, come home to lie to your uncle

Humans live always deceiving above and below, dishonest, honest.

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