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In our work in all fields, we cannot avoid making mistakes. The year-end review for teachers is also a way for teachers to recognize their own mistakes and shortcomings in one year of work so that they can overcome and improve themselves.

1. What is a teacher’s year-end review form?

As we all know, in the work, it is inevitable that there will be times when mistakes will be made and accordingly, each profession will have different forms of review. However, the review is the form that most units use to review and for the individual teacher, it is a template designed to be responsible, helping each teacher to recognize their own mistakes. their own shortcomings to draw experience for themselves so that teaching becomes more and more successful.

A personal review is a self-criticism used by individuals to present their mistakes and shortcomings so that they can learn from experience in the coming time. When an individual commits a disciplinary violation, he/she will need to have a personal review to self-reflect and submit to the competent authority.

The Party member review is a document template reserved for Party members, through which they can self-assess the extent of their own mistakes when they make them, and at the same time be aware of their own responsibilities and learn from them. commitment not to repeat the offence.

2. Teacher’s year-end review form:




……day…. November 2021


Year 2021

First and last name:….. ; Date of birth: …….

Party position: ……

Government positions and organizations:

Working unit: School …..

Branch: School ……

I. Advantages and results achieved

1. Regarding political qualities; ethics, lifestyle; sense of organization and discipline; working style and manners:

– Having a firm political stance, always steadfast in the innovation line of The Party, with the goal of national independence and socialism, is loyal to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought;

– To strictly abide by the Party’s guidelines and resolutions; to observe and well implement the State’s policies and laws;

– Resolutely fight against the deterioration of political ideology, fading of ideals, ready to fight to protect the right, to protect the good people;

– Propagating and mobilizing families and people to well implement the Party’s guidelines and policies, the State’s laws and policies, participate in social work, and fulfill their civic obligations in the place of residence;

– Always have a sense of learning to improve the level of political theory, fully participate in political courses organized by the Party Committee of Hoa Thinh Commune. Constantly self-study and learn from colleagues to improve professional qualifications;

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– Uphold the spirit of thrift practice. Well perform the duties of thrift, integrity, justice, impartiality, following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh. Always listen, learn to cooperate with colleagues, ready to help colleagues;

– Resolutely fight against corruption, wasteful bureaucracy and other negative manifestations, resolutely against individualism, conservatism, pragmatic lifestyle, saying no to doing;

– Strictly implementing Directive No. 23-CT/TU dated June 3, 2013 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee on strengthening discipline and administrative discipline in the activities of agencies and units in the province;

– Preserve the moral qualities of revolution and teacher ethics, promote the exemplary vanguard character of party members, abide by the Central Committee’s regulations on what party members are not allowed to do;

– Honesty and frankness in work and lifestyle. To maintain unity and solidarity in cell branches, agencies and units on the basis of the political program and the Party’s charter. Closely attached to the people, respect and promote the people’s right to mastery;

– Raise the spirit of self-criticism and criticism, respect and listen to the opinions of others, be ready to fight with expressions of division, faction, and internal disunity.

Self-assessment, relationship 82 manifestations of the degradation of political ideology, morality, “self-evolving” and “self-transforming” lifestyles of individuals

Self-assessment of performance level

Excellent Good Average Poor

2. Regarding the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities:

Assigned tasks:

– Always uphold the sense of responsibility at work, new to the assigned work;

– Focus on research and innovation of teaching methods, innovation of student assessment. Actively apply information technology in teaching to improve the learning quality of students;

– Well perform the task of fostering good students, tutoring weak students, well perform the task of education universalization. Actively participate in the socialization of education in the locality;

– Performing well the task of educating students’ morals, paying attention to students. Develop a plan of measures to promote the learning movement of students in the class, the quality of student learning has improved;

– Willing to accept tasks and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the school and the branch;

– Maintain a good relationship with the Party Committee, grassroots Party Committee, perform well the civic duty of the place of residence.

– Well perform the task of building the Party and building the government in the agency.

Always have a sense of responsibility at work, uphold the spirit of service to the people, participate well in solving the legitimate recommendations of the brothers in the unit and the people, ready to fight with the manifestations insensitive, bossy bureaucracy, harassment, trouble for the people.

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– Participating in Party building, building government, fronts and mass organizations in the locality.

Self-assessment of performance level

Excellent Good Average Poor

II. Limit, kblood point, cause

1. Limitations, disadvantages

Not boldly, frankly struggling to build the collective.

2. Cause

– Due to still respect, not boldly contribute to building the team

3. Results of overcoming and correcting limitations and shortcomings that have been concluded by competent authorities or pointed out in previous review periods

Focus on overcoming the limitations and shortcomings of the collective and individuals through self-criticism and criticism in 2018 such as the state of respect, not bravely fighting for collective construction.

Self-assessment of performance level

Excellent Good Average Poor

4. Explanation of suggested issues for review (if any)

Not available

5. Clarifying individual responsibilities for the collective’s limitations and shortcomings (if any)

Not available

BECAUSE. Directions and measures to overcome and repair weaknesses and shortcomings in the coming time

– Strictly implement the principle of self-criticism and criticism in party activities and in party activities. Be frank when giving suggestions and building the collective. Do not respect, avoid;

1. Self-recognition of quality rating

a. Officer class: ………….

Self-assessment of performance level

Successfully completing the task

Good job done

Complete mission

Did not complete the mission

b. Party member classification: …………………….

Self-assessment of performance level

Successfully completing the task

Good job done

Complete mission

Did not complete the mission


IV. Evaluation and classification of the quality of civil servants

– Comments and evaluations of managers, employers, and employees


– Level of quality classification of civil servants: …

……., day month Year …..


V. Evaluation and ranking of party members’ quality

– Comments and evaluations of the branch committee


– The branch proposes the quality rating level

…., day month Year ….

T/M branch:

Party committees, grassroots branch committees rank the quality level

……., day…. May…

TM Party Committee:

3. Instructions for making a teacher’s year-end review:

In general, completing the review is not too difficult, but in order for the Review to be appreciated, the content of the review needs to show honesty, objectivity, about the contents it provides. To do so, teachers must personally evaluate themselves and dare to look at the truth that they have done and must know what they have not done.

In addition, when implementing, teachers need to specify personal information such as full name, date of birth, date of joining the Party, Party position, working unit and branch of activity. Below we will guide teachers to do some things in the process of completing the Teacher’s Personal Review:

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With the content On political ideology, teachers can make some points such as:

Always be absolutely loyal to the Party’s renewal line, loyal to Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought, always firmly realize the goal of national independence and socialism.

– Always be conscious and aware in the observance of the views, policies, guidelines, and resolutions of the Party and the State’s policies and laws.

– Have a high sense of self-discipline in studying, cultivating and training to improve the level of political theory, professional expertise and working capacity.

– Strictly implement the campaign of two zeros in education along with implementing and propagating the campaign “Study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example”.

Regarding Cons, limitations and causes can be stated:

– Have not spent much time to research and learn deeply about the Party’s Platform, Charter, Resolutions and regulations; laws and policies of the State.

– Not yet boldly proposing and expressing their views to contribute ideas in the activities of the cell, the spirit of self-criticism is not high, still respecting, letting emotions and work lead to criticism criticism and self-criticism are not effective.

– Personal responsibility in coordination and cooperation with other organizations in the school is sometimes not high, sometimes it is reluctant to do it because of work, not because of responsibility and enthusiasm.

– Relationships with agency colleagues are not skillful, delicate and delicate in how to handle situations, leading to many misunderstandings and conflicts…

In terms of directions, remedial measures teachers can suggest:

– Strictly abide by the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State, at work will strictly and strictly comply with the democratic regulations in the Party and agencies.

– Continue to promote more about the advantages, with the shortcomings that will have to be overcome, especially in giving suggestions to comrades and colleagues, boldly contributing more ideas in the activities of the cell.

– Focus on coordinating with professional staff of sectors and organizations to solve tasks with high efficiency

Self-study, spend more time researching and updating knowledge to constantly improve working qualifications and capacity.

Regularly cultivate and practice ethics and lifestyle, cultivate morality, self-study to improve political theory, professional expertise, and be bolder in advising and proposing solutions to better management, political tasks assigned.

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