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The personnel project of the Party cell/Party Congress for the new term is one of the important forms in the document of the Party Congress. The following article is a sample of the personnel project of the Party Party Congress, the next term. Let’s refer.

1. What is the personnel scheme of the Party cell’s congress, what is the term of the Party committee?

Personnel of the Party cell and the Party congress for the term are the cadres elected to hold the leadership positions of the Party cell and Party committee during the term. The Party Cell Congress is a broad meeting of all Party members in the Party cell, held to elect leaders of the Party cell in the coming time. The leading positions in the cell can be the Secretary of the branch, member of the executive committee of the branch and other positions depending on the regulations of each organization. Similarly, the Party Committee will also hold a congress to elect Party leaders in the coming time. The leadership positions in the Party Committee may include the Secretary of the Party Committee, member of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee and other titles. The personnel of the Party cell and the Party congress for the term are usually elected through voting, meetings and various formal processes specified in the conditions of each organization. The elected leaders must meet the prescribed criteria and conditions, have the capacity, experience and sense of responsibility to hold positions in the cell or party committee.

The template of the Human Resources Project of the Party cell and Party Congress for the term is a standard template used to help Party cells and organizations plan the election of leaders for the next term. This is a useful tool for the Organizing Committee of that organization to ensure an effective, transparent and fair leadership election schedule.

The sample personnel project of the branch/party congress is a document guiding agencies and organizations on human resource work in the coming term. The content in the title of the personnel project should state the general standards; the number of members, standing committee (if any), deputy secretary; about age; about structure….

2. Sample of personnel project of the Party cell’s congress and Party Committee for the next term:

2.1. Sample of personnel project of the Party cell congress and Party Committee for the next term – sample 1:


TERM 2022-2025



……, date of 2022


Party Committee……..term 2022-2025

Pursuant to the Charter of the Communist Party of Vietnam;

Implementation of Instruction No. …….-HD/TU, date ……. of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee; Plan No. ……., dated ………….. of the Standing Committee of ………….. on the congress of the cell branch under the grassroots Party Committee for the term 2022-2025.

Party Committee ….. for the 2020-2022 term, develops a project on personnel to elect the Party Committee ……, term 2022-2025 as follows:

1- Standard:

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– Absolutely loyal to the Party’s revolutionary goals and ideals, deeply patriotic, devoted to serving the people, steadfast in the goal of national independence and socialism; strive to effectively implement the Party’s line, the State’s policies and laws.

– Need, thrift, integrity, righteousness, justice, impartiality. Non-corruption and resolutely fight against corruption; consciously organized, disciplined, honest, not opportunistic; closely associated with the people, trusted by party officials and people.

– Firmly grasp the views and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State; have professional qualifications, political theory, capacity and experience in leadership and management to meet the requirements of assigned tasks.

– Failing to structure into the Party committee cadres and party members who themselves (or their spouses, children) violate the Party’s regulations, the State’s policies and laws, affecting the reputation of the agency, unit position and the officer himself; cadres violate regulations on political standards and what party members and civil servants are not allowed to do.

– Key leaders of the Party Committee must truly represent intelligence, morality, prestige, practical capacity and dedication, and be trusted by officials and party members.

Comrades elected to the party committee must be healthy enough to fulfill their assigned responsibilities and tasks.

2- Quantity:

The number of branch members is …… comrades.

3- Structure (this part is specified by the unit):

– Head of agency (department): ….. comrade;

– Officer, party member……………..: ……comrade.

Above is the Human Resources Project for the election of the Party Committee …….term 2022-2025.

T/M Branch


(Signature and full name)

2.2. Sample of personnel project of the Party Party Congress and Party Committee for the next term – sample 2:




No. …… DA/……

…date…month…year 20….


Personnel …… term 20….-20…. (20….- 20….)

Pursuant to Directive No. 35-CT/TW, dated May 30, 2019 of the Politburo, and Instruction No. 116-HD/DU dated November 26, 2019 of the Standing Board of the Party Committee …………. on personnel work of the Party cell congresses of the Ministry’s Party Committee towards the 13th National Congress of the Party.

Committee level …….. to develop a project on personnel for the 20th term…. – 20…. (20….-20….) as follows:

1. Standard:

a. General standard

– Absolutely loyal to the interests of the Party, the country, the nation and the people; steadfastly adhere to Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, goals and theories on national independence, socialism and the Party’s renewal line. Having a golden stance, opinion and political bravery, unwavering in all situations, resolutely fighting to protect the Party’s Platform and lines, the Constitution and the laws of the State. Having a passionate patriotic spirit, putting the interests of the Party, the country, the country, the people and the collective above personal interests; willing to sacrifice for the cause of the Party, for the independence and freedom of the Fatherland, for the happiness of the people. Work safely, strictly abide by the organization’s assignment and successfully complete all assigned tasks.

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– Have pure moral qualities; live naked, honest, funny, sincere, simple; need, thrift, integrity, righteousness, impartiality. Enthusiastic and responsible for work; no ambition for power, no arrogance; have the spirit of solidarity, construction, exemplary, love for comrades and colleagues. Not embezzlement, bureaucracy, opportunity, self-interest and actively fighting to prevent and repel the manifestations of degradation in political thought, morality, lifestyle, “self-evolution”, “self-transformation” . homemade; resolutely fight against bureaucracy, power, wasteful embezzlement, negativity, individualism, opportunistic lifestyle, pragmatism, factions, group interests, say no; fairness, integrity, respect for talented people, do not let relatives and acquaintances abuse their positions and powers for personal gain. Party, especially the principle of democratic centralism, self-criticism and criticism.

– Having innovative thinking, foresight and scientific working methods; Ability to synthesize, analyze and forecast. Capable of detecting things, skills, opportunities, advantages, new problems, difficulties and limitations, inadequacies in practice; Propose appropriate, feasible and effective tasks and solutions to promote, promote or eliminate. Having practical capacity, grasping and basic understanding of the actual situation in order to concretize and organize the effective implementation of the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State; have outstanding achievements and results in the fields and fields of work assigned to them; industrious, hardworking, dynamic, creative, dedicated to work, responsibility and service to the people. Ability to lead and direct; have practical experience; To model, gather and promote the synergy of collectives and individuals; trusted and trusted by cadres, party members and the masses.

– Having professional qualifications, political theory and state management to meet the requirements and assigned tasks and according to regulations of the Party and State; learn the necessary and appropriate levels and foreign languages.

– Be healthy enough to perform the task (according to the assessment conclusion of the competent health agency within a period of no more than 06 months up to the time of personnel introduction).

b. Specific standards

– Regarding the professional qualification …………. above

– On political theory level …………. above

– Other standards (according to the requirements of each specific industry or field)


2. Number of members, standing committee (if any), deputy secretary.

Based on the guiding documents of the superior party committee, the party committee will estimate the number of:

– Member level is ………… comrade.

The committee level to prepare a list to introduce to the congress is …………. Comrades.

The maximum nominating and nominating congress (if any) is …………. Comrades.

– Standing Committee of Party Committee (if any) is ………… comrade.

The committee that prepared the list is …………. Comrades.

The 1st Party Committee meeting to nominate and nominate additional candidates (if any) is at most …….comrades.

– The deputy secretary of the Party Committee is ………… comrade.

The committee that prepared the list is …………. Comrades.

3. About age:

Comrades joining the Party Committee for the first time must generally be of working age for 2 or more terms, at least 1 full term; Comrades who are nominated for re-election to the Party Committee must generally be of working age for a full term, and at least must be of working age for ½ term or more.

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Strive for a structured age: under 40 years old is ……. comrade, from 40 to 50 years old is ….. comrade, over 50 years old is …………. Comrades.

4. About the structure.

– On the basis of the standards of the member level, the Party Committee should have a reasonable structure to ensure the comprehensive leadership of the Party cell; specifically:

+ Unit leader …………. Comrades.

+ Leaders of unions …… comrades.

+ Organizational structure of the affiliated party (if any)

+ The female structure is …… comrade.

– The new level of committee is renewed not less than 1/3 compared to the beginning of the old course.

– Regarding personnel, Party-level secretaries: Consistently implementing the policy that Party-level secretaries are heads of agencies and units; In case the head does not meet the conditions and criteria for holding the position of secretary, the structure of the deputy level of the agency or unit shall be.

– Personnel of Deputy Secretary of Party Committee: …………

(Attached to the list of quotes prepared by the old committees)

FURTHER LEVEL 20….-20…. (20….-20….)

Note: with the Party Committee level that has established a Standing Committee, there are 03 projects:

(1) personnel project of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee;

(2) personnel project of the Standing Board;

(3) Personnel project of the Secretary and Deputy Secretary.

3. Steps to implement the Human Resources Project of the Party cell and Party Congress for the new term:

Step 1: Determine staffing requirements

Before proceeding to develop the project, it is necessary to clearly define the personnel requirements for the new term of the Party cell and Party congress. Personnel requirements may include: Number of cadres and party members who need to elect a new title Requirements on the quality of cadres and party members who are sure to receive new titles Requirements on experience, capacity, Professional knowledge of cadres and party members will definitely receive new titles

Step 2: Evaluate and recommend suitable personnel

After determining the personnel requirements, it is necessary to conduct an assessment and recommend suitable personnel for election to new positions. The evaluation and recommendation of suitable personnel can be done through the following activities: Assessment of the capacity and work experience of the cadres and party members currently in the organization. cadres, party members if needed

Step 3: Develop a training and retraining plan

After evaluating and introducing suitable personnel, a plan for training, retraining and capacity building of cadres and party members must be developed to be sure to accept new titles. A training and retraining plan may include: Training and professional development programs Leadership training and retraining programs Training and education programs for leaders and party members

Step 4: Deploy the project

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