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What is a sample of a mass deposit monitoring record? Sample minutes to monitor the mass depositing? Instructions for making records? Related issues?

Currently, with the development of urban areas, the demand for construction is also higher, and requires ensuring high quality and durability of the work, when building on the foundation of a work, it is required to pick up the piles. sure and mass piling is also receiving great attention, in order to ensure the construction, it is necessary to monitor the mass piling work in different areas. construction, during that monitoring process, a record is required to record the monitoring process and content. So what is the Minutes for monitoring mass pile driving? Here are the details.

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1. What is a sample of a mass deposit monitoring record?

Sample minutes of monitoring the mass piling work is a form of minutes with the contents of monitoring the mass piling work.

Minutes of mass piling monitoring is a form of minutes made to record the monitoring of mass piling work.

2. Sample minutes of mass pile driving monitoring:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness




Construction: ………..

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Categories: ………..

I. Direct tracking components:

● Representative of the Project Management Board (or the Supervision Consultant contractor).

– He: ……………. Position: …………………….

● Representative of Design Consultant Contractor: ………….

– He: ……………. Position: ……………………….

● Representative of Construction Contractor: …………

– Mr.: …………….. Position: …………

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II. Tracking time:

Start: ……hour……date……month………………

End: ……hour……..month……..……

At the construction site: ……………

III. Tracking content:

1. Piling machine system: ………….

2. Hammer type: ……………………

3. Weight of hammer strike part: …………

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4. Type and weight of pile cap: …………

5. Number of piles: (write the number of piles, enclosed with the floor plan of piles) ……..

6. Deposit history:

– Nose segment: Number: ……. Length: L = …….m, casting date: …………..

– Middle paragraph: Number: ……. Length: L = …….m, casting date: …………

– The above paragraph: Number: ……. Length: L = …….m, casting date: …………

7. Type of connection of pile segments: …………………….

8. Number of piles (recorded according to the position of the pile layout diagram): ……..

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9. Elevation of the ground at the pile position: ……..

10. Pile tip height according to design: …………………….

11. Actual inclination of piles after driving: ………….

12. Pitch of pile tip after driving: ………….

13. Height of pile head after driving: …………………….

Deposit tracking results

Order Measurement times Drop hammer height
(cm) Number of hits in the measurement Pile lowering depth
in measurement (cm) Rejection of 1 blow Note first Put the stake in the correct position 2 Place hammer on top of pile (unpacked) 3 …


(Sign, write full name)

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(Sign, write full name)


(Sign, write full name)

3. Instructions for writing minutes:

– Fill in the following information:

+ works

+ Category

+ Information

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+Tracking time

+ Components live tracking

+ Monitoring content (specify items)

– results (write tracked results)

– sign

4. Relevant information:

The process of manufacturing and transporting piles is as follows:

The piles are cast at the factories of the units supplying the works. The manufacturing of piles is according to the pile design drawings in terms of size, type of material, and concrete grade.

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– Site preparation: The contractor leveled the pile casting area. After being leveled, the pile casting ground will be poured with a layer of concrete 10cm thick to make the foundation, the pile cast formwork is a shaped steel formwork with the width equal to the width of the pile, the length equal to the length of 01 pile segment. The flat formwork does not warp to the allowable limit and is coated with anti-adhesive before each pile casting. The processing of pile reinforcement, erection of formwork, pre-acceptance test before pouring concrete piles is similar to that of prefabricated components.

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– Concrete for piles is concrete mixed at the company’s concrete station with a capacity of 40m3/h. The design of concrete mixing, mixing and casting of test samples is similar to the work of concreting other components of the project. The concrete pouring of piles is carried out after acceptance of reinforcement, formwork, and piles after curved casting will be accepted for size and surface according to regulations before putting the piles into use.

The deviation in pile size according to the norm:

+ The pile length must not deviate by more than 30mm, The horizontal dimension must not deviate by more than 5mm and the inclination of the pile head is not more than 0.5% compared to the perpendicular axis passing through the center of the pile. All documents related to piles are archived according to regulations.

After about 7 days of casting, it will be craned and stacked, each stack is no more than 5 rows high at locations convenient for pile pressing and does not affect the operation of other construction machines. The position of the pile anchor point to the crane hook position. Piles before being put into pressure must have all the test certificates, test records proof of the quality required by the design. Any piles that are cracked, broken during transportation, hoisting or not meeting the technical requirements will be disqualified

The layout of the power supply system for the pile press is as follows:

Construction electrical system for pile pressing is fully arranged, supplied from the general electrical cabinet of the construction site, including: Rubber-coated 3-phase power cable and circuit breaker for pile press, if used. Atomat must install Atomat 200A or more to provide enough power for the press and light to serve construction.

The construction segment layout is as follows:

– Depending on the pile volume, we use the corresponding number of pile presses. When putting the press into the construction site, it is necessary to have a certificate of metering and testing of the press and as shown in the drawing, the method shown in the diagram is actually located to each position of the pile head. The sequence of pile pressing we choose ensures the technical process, shortens the process of moving the machine and does not cause the soil to be inserted into very unfavorable positions.

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Selection of construction machinery and equipment includes:

– Pile press machine: The selection of the number and type of jacks used to press the pile must satisfy the condition that the pile pressure must be >100 tons, so our contractor chooses 2 cylinders with a diameter of D= 25 for 1 machine. squeeze.

– Welding machine: Welding machines for pile pressing are 2 welding machines with EMC parameters: Voltage 380 V, capacity P = 200 A for 1 pile press.

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– Crane: Specialized crane: KC 4562 crane (20 tons from Russia) 1 crane truck.

Position the pile ground as follows: Before carrying out the pile pressing the Contractor will accurately locate the pile net. The piles are numbered on the drawings and are located specifically on the site. The positioning of the piles is done by leading from the shaft systems that were built at the beginning of the work. Mark the position of the pile to be pressed by biting the wooden stake down to the position to be pressed, this wooden stake is painted red at the top

The order and direction of pile pressing is the pile pressing diagram shown in the attached drawing of methods of pile pressing. Specifically, Using 01 hydraulic pile press with a maximum pressure of 150 tons. The sequence of pile pressing in a station depends on the pile grid in each station and is indicated in the Construction Method drawing.

The construction process is as follows:

– The technical process of constructing a complete reinforced concrete pile is to put the nose pile into the press rack, then align the pile to the correct position and verticality and press. When the top end of the pile has been fastened to the pressed steel frame, the controller for the frame will slowly push the pile down into one stroke (no-load stroke) and then press down again until the pile is pressed deep into the ground. to the design position.

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– After pressing the first pile segment about 1m from the ground, put the second pile segment into position to press and lower the pile close to the nose pile, conduct welding to connect the 2 pile segments according to the design. Pile connection work will perform the following tasks: Prepare sheet steel to connect piles according to the design and Use E42 welding rod (or Viet Duc welding rod with similar features) to weld, Insert the pile above. the top of the lower pile with the length according to the design, Clean rust at the position of the welds, Weld the temporary fixture to position the code plates and After checking the exact details of the shaft center, the verticality will proceed to welding official. Requirements during the welding process: the welding seam must be continuous, without slag, foam.. The height of the weld is not less than 8mm, followed by the joint inspection and acceptance test before proceeding with the construction. After the welding is complete, continue to put the next pile in and continue pressing, and so on until all the piles are pressed according to the design.

– The pile pressing diary must fully record the technical parameters of each pile during pressing and after pressing such as:

+ The position after pressing compared to the design position.

+ Actual number of meters of pile length.

+ The height of the pile head.

+ Value of pressure for each stroke of the press according to regulations and the final pressure of the pile head.

Piling construction work can be described:

– Pile stacking area must be located outside the pressing area. Piles are stacked no more than 5 rows high. The position of the piling point is the position of the crane hook.

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– Use mia paper (paper with the size to each cm) pasted in about 1/3 of the pile from the top of the pile to monitor the settlement of the pile, the remaining piles record the size in meters long.

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– Before pressing, it is necessary to check the orientation of the device holding the pile to not move during pressing.

– In the process of pressing piles, special attention must be paid to the situation of the pile down. If you see that the pile does not go down or goes down too quickly, you must stop immediately to find the cause and remedy.

– If you see the pile down, correct it immediately. If it cannot be adjusted, it must be pulled up and pressed again.

– Make sure to fully record all parameters such as: date, month, pressing position, pile head pressure, pressed pile depth for each pile, pressing stop height, natural ground elevation at each pile station. .

– The depth of pile pressing must not exceed 15% of the design depth.

– Ensuring the vertical direction of the pile is done by a system of 02 theodolites placed at right angles.

– The pressing of negative piles will be carried out through steel conductors.

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Welding of pile segments as follows: By design, pile segments are welded together by angle steel plates in contact with 4 corners. In order to perform this welding job well, when pressing each pile segment, the Supervisory Engineer will stop pressing at a height of about 0.3m from the ground so that the lower horizontal welding line is at the right level of the welding worker, avoiding the upside down welding. Then all weld joints will be cleaned of welding slag and the pile welder is a 3/7 . level welder

Obstacles when pressing piles and measures to overcome are as follows:

– If you are pressing the pile normally, suddenly you see the pile descending slowly or the pressure on the pile head increases suddenly, this phenomenon shows that the pile has encountered an obstacle in the ground. Should not continue pressing because if forced can damage the pile. The best solution is to pull the pile up to get the steel pile to press down to break the obstacle, then drop the pile down to press it normally.

– When the pile pressure does not continue or is far from the design level and has reached the rejection, that is the case of artificial rejection. In this case, the Contractor will take a break from pressing for a while and wait for the soil around the pile to re-arrange the position and structure before pressing again.

Pile acceptance: Before pressing, all piles are checked and accepted for technical criteria. If any pile is cracked or broken during transportation, the crane must be removed immediately. All material certificates, minutes of acceptance of coffa, reinforcement, test results of concrete samples must be submitted to the Investor before pressing. and After pressing all piles, the Contractor will work with the Investor and the Consultant to take over the piles

Accordingly, it can be seen the importance of mass piling and the need to monitor the piling to ensure the quality of construction works. Above we have provided a sample of the mass deposit monitoring minutes and the most detailed instructions.

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