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What is a Wiring Test Record? Minutes of electrical wire acceptance? Instructions for drafting a sample of an electrical wire acceptance test report? Regulations of the law on electrical equipment?

Wires are a basic and common type of equipment for all constructions and projects. Any activity in today’s life requires electricity. The electrical wiring system helps to transmit electricity, leading the power source to the living place of each family. However, in the process of installing electrical wiring, investors, facility owners need to pay special attention to its safety. Minutes of acceptance of electrical wiring is an important record, ensuring the accuracy and operation of the electrical wiring. So, how is the sample of the minutes of acceptance of the electric wire specified? The following article will help readers learn about this template and the most detailed drafting instructions.

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1. What is the acceptance record of electric wire?

Currently, with the development of science and technology as well as the development of the domestic economy, there have been great advances when more and more electrical equipment is available to serve the increasing demand for electricity. nationwide network. Wherever you go out of the house, you will immediately see the works on the grid power. Electrical wires are considered as the intermediary between the place of power supply and the places of use. Minutes of acceptance of electrical wires play an important role in re-checking the electrical wiring in works and items.

Wherever you are, city or country, rural or urban, mountain or island, the power grid is always the most essential. Today, it is very difficult to find a field without the interference of electricity that can work.

Sample minutes of acceptance of electric wires is a form of minutes made to record the acceptance of electric wires. The form clearly states the content of the acceptance test, the participants in the acceptance test, the time and place for making the acceptance record, etc.

2. Sample minutes of electric wire acceptance test:

Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Independence – Freedom – Happiness


……. , day month Year …


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first. Test object: Wiring system…….

2. Participants in the acceptance test:

a. Representative of the Project Management Board:


Position :

b. Construction contractor side:

Legal representative :


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Position :

Person in charge of direct construction:


Position :

3. Time to conduct acceptance test:

Begin : ……. Day month Year ……

End: ……date ……. May …….

In : ………….

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4. Evaluation of construction items:

Documents as a basis for acceptance test:

Request form for acceptance of construction contractors

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Construction drawing design documents and approved changes

Drawing No.: …..

Applicable construction standards and regulations:

The results of testing and testing the quality of materials and equipment are put into use:

Construction log, supervision and other relevant documents

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acceptance content

Check the installation of power distribution equipment

General requirements for installation:

Instructions for installing electrical connections:

Parts cut out for repair Electrical connection location Electrical distribution equipment cabinets …………. Transformers …………. Electric machines over 1000V At the outputs

Check how to assemble electrical equipment:




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Check requirements when connecting:




Compare and contrast the above test results with the approved design, construction regulations and standards, and technical instructions of the manufacturer.

Other comments if any

5. Conclusion :

Accept acceptance test to complete the project to put into use

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Request corrections, additions and other comments (if any)

The parties directly taking over the test take responsibility before law for this record of acceptance.


(Signature, seal)


(Signature, seal)

3. Guidelines for drafting minutes of electric wire acceptance test:

– Heading:

+ Fill in all information including National title, motto.

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+ Time and place to make a record of electric wire acceptance test.

+ The specific name of the minutes is the minutes of acceptance of electric wires.

– Main body of the minutes:

+ Information of test subjects.

+ Information about the participants in the acceptance test.

+ Time to start and end the acceptance test.

+ Evaluation of construction items.

+ Conclusion.

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– The last part of the minutes:

+ Sign and seal the construction supervision contractor.

+ Sign and seal of direct construction techniques.

4. Legal provisions on electrical equipment:

– According to Article 3 of Decree 14/2014/ND-CP detailing the implementation of the electricity law on electrical safety: General safety regulations for electrical equipment and electricity works have the following contents:

“first. The design, manufacture of equipment, and construction of electricity works must comply with standards, technical regulations or foreign and international standards permitted by competent state agencies to be applied in Vietnam and must meet the following requirements:

a) Electrical safety;

b) Construction safety;

c) Safety in technology for using primary energy sources (hydropower, coal, petroleum, natural gas and other forms of energy);

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d) Safety in fire prevention and fighting;

d) Regulations on environmental protection.

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2. New domestically produced or imported electrical equipment and power tools must have quality certificates or trademarks, quality registration in accordance with standards, technical regulations and other regulations. relevant laws; There must be a user manual attached to the specifications, features, effects as well as other things to keep in mind to guide users to avoid electrical breakdowns and accidents.”

Thus, the design, manufacture of equipment or construction of electricity works must be carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations of the State or foreign countries but permitted in Vietnam, must ensure safety. electrical; build; technology using primary energy sources such as hydroelectricity, coal,…; surface safety against fire and explosion and other regulations on environmental protection.

– According to Article 4 of Decree 14/2014/ND-CP detailing the implementation of the electricity law on electrical safety: Prohibited acts include the following:

“first. Stealing or dismantling the mooring lines, grounding wires and equipment of the power grid; Climbing on electricity poles, entering power stations or electrical work safety protection areas when not on duty.

2. Using high-voltage grid works for other purposes without reaching agreement with the high-voltage grid construction management unit.

3. Flying kites and flying objects near high-voltage grid works may cause grid problems.

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4. Installing antennas for transceivers; clothesline; scraffold; billboards, advertising light boxes and other items at locations where falling or falling may collide with high-voltage grid works.

5. Planting trees or allowing trees to violate the safe distance from overhead power lines and power stations.

6. Shoot birds perched on power lines, power stations or toss, throw any object on power lines, power stations.

7. Digging soil causing subsidence of high-voltage power grids and power stations.

8. Landfilling, stacking materials, equipment or dumping waste violates the safe distance.

9. Using electric poles, power stations to build houses, tents, shops, tie cattle or use for other purposes.

10. Exploding mines, opening mines; stacking, containing flammable and explosive substances, chemicals capable of causing corrosion or damage to parts of the power grid.

11. Burning swidden fields, using construction vehicles that cause shocks or are likely to cause damage or breakdowns of power grids, power stations, and power plants.

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12. Operating aircraft with a distance of less than 100 m from the nearest part of a high-voltage grid project, unless the aircraft is in charge of management, maintenance and repair of authorized power lines. according to the law.

13. Letting trees fall onto power lines when pruning trees or taking advantage of the protection and repair of high-voltage grid works to cut trees.

14. Other acts of violating regulations on safety protection of high-voltage grid works.

– According to Article 5 of Decree 14/2014/ND-CP detailing the implementation of the electricity law on electrical safety: General safety requirements in electricity generation, transmission, distribution and use of electricity for production have the following contents:

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“first. For power plants, power stations, and transmission lines preparing for operation

a) The investor must have all technical design documents, construction drawing designs, construction completion documents and other technical documents according to the provisions of law on construction and hand over to the investor. operation management unit;

b) Investors of projects of power plants, power stations and power lines must carry out testing and adjustment of part and the entire system of equipment in the technological line of power generation and transmission. and power distribution to ensure compliance with standards, technical regulations and parameters specified in the approved design. Records of testing and adjustment must be included in the minutes of acceptance of each part and the whole project.

2. While operating overhead power lines passing through residential areas, places where large numbers of people are often gathered, the line must not carry loads exceeding the prescribed standards and norms.

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3. Having adequate documents on electrical safety standards and regulations; instructions such as: Process, rules and measures to organize the implementation of regulations on electrical safety at agencies and enterprises on the basis of current standards and technical regulations on electrical safety. Set up records, resumes, technical documents related to electrical equipment and organize management according to regulations.

4. At the operating positions, there must be full procedures: Operating equipment, handling electrical breakdowns; electrical grid diagram, fire prevention and fighting rules, operation log book, tools, equipment for personal protective equipment, prohibition signs, signs and other tools and means as prescribed.

5. Assigning employees to operate, test, construct and repair electric lines or electrical equipment must fully satisfy the following conditions:

a) Receive professional and technical training in accordance with industry requirements;

b) Being trained and issued with an electrical safety card.

6. Use electrical equipment with quality certificates or quality registration labels in accordance with standards, technical regulations and other relevant legal regulations.

7. Formulating and promulgating plans to prevent and stop incidents and accidents. In case of an electrical incident or accident, it is necessary to quickly apply necessary measures to give first aid to the victim and mitigate damage to people and property; must organize an investigation to determine and analyze the causes; review and determine responsibility.

8. Organize or participate in propaganda and widespread dissemination of electrical safety work.

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9. Make statistics and reports on electrical incidents and accidents according to regulations.”

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