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What is the student card delivery receipt form, the purpose of the minutes template? What are the regulations regarding students? Sample record of student card delivery? Guidelines for drafting minutes?

When the parties carry out the delivery of student cards between the card maker and the school or between the school and the class groups, this will be done under the record of the student card handover and delivery minutes. So what is the form and content of the student card delivery and receipt?

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1. What is the student card delivery and receipt form, the purpose of the minutes?

According to Clause 2 of Decree No. 10/2016/TT-BGDDT promulgating regulations on student work for regular university training programs:

“first. Students specified in this regulation are currently studyingehfull-time university-level training programs at universities higher education institution.

2. Students are the center of educational and training activities in the institutionlive higher education, are guaranteed conditions for the full performance of tasks and rights in the course of study and training at education and training institutions.”

Student card is a document to prove a student’s identity, as a measure of student identification of the school, student card is also an exam card, library card, allowing students to participate in activities, exams, use of the school’s library, in some cases the presentation of a student card is required to prove which school the student belongs to, and is entitled to the related rights and obligations.

Student card delivery receipt form is a document form made by student card issuer and student card recipient. Representatives of the parties will make a minutes when both parties deliver student cards to the parties. Minutes with content recording the process of student card delivery and receipt.

Purpose of the student card delivery receipt template: When the school has completed making student cards for its students, the parties will deliver the student cards. The record of student card delivery is intended as evidence of the correct and sufficient handover of student cards, the record records the working process of the parties, the two parties confirm the content of the minutes and Signing the receipt means confirming the accuracy of the minutes.

2. Regulations related to students:

Student work

Student work is one of the key tasks of higher education institutions, including overall education and propaganda activities; manage; support and services for students to ensure the The goal of higher education.

see more: Conditions for students to be considered for admission to the Party and conditions for admission to the Party

Student work must comply with the guidelines and lines of the Party, policies and laws of the State and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Student work must ensure democracy, objectivity, equalpublicity and transparency in student-related matters.

Decree No. 10/2016/TT-BGDĐT promulgating regulations on student work for regular university training programs, duties and interests of students are specified as follows:

“Article 4. Duties of students

1. To abide by the guidelines and lines of the Party, the policies and laws of the State, the university’s charter and the regulations and rules of the higher education institution.

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2. Studying, Training according to the program, plan houreducation and training clothes of higher education institutions; Actively, actively self-study and research, creativity and moral training, lifestyleg.

3. Respect teachers, administrators, officials and employees of higher education institutions; unite and help each other in the process of learning and training; well implement the cultural life in the school.

4. Preserve and protect property; actions that contribute to protection, building and promoting the tradition of higher education institutions.

see more: Minutes of delivery and receipt of goods, confirmation of the volume of materials and goods

5. Fully comply with regulations on medical examination at the beginning of the course and periodical medical examination during the study period as prescribed by the higher education institution.

6. Pay tuition fees, full health insurance, correctg duration.

7. Participating in community labor, voluntary activities, and social activities for the community in accordance with their capacity and health at the request of the institution.live University education.

8. To fulfill the obligation to work for a definite time under the Dispatchg of the State when receiving scholarships, training expenses granted by the State or funded by foreign countries under the Agreements signed by the Stateidea If they do not comply with the State, they must reimburse scholarships and training costs according to the Government’s regulations.

9. Participating in the prevention and combat of negativity and fraud in studying, taking exams and other activities of students; promptly report to departments and functional departments, Heads of higher education institutions or competent authorities when detecting negative acts, cheating in learning, exams or acts that violate the law, violate the rules, other regulations of students, officials and teachers in higher education institutions.

10. Participating in the work of ensuring security and order, traffic safety, crime prevention, social evils in theg schoolsgfamily and community.

11. Perform other related tasks as prescribed by law and by the higher education institution.

Article 5. Rights of students

see more: Regulations on disciplinary action against regular university students

1. To be admitted to study in the right field or profession for which he/she has applied for admission if he/she meets all the conditions for admission as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training and the higher education institution.

2. To be respected and treated equally; be provided with full personal information about studying and training in accordance with the regulations of the institution department University education; alloweddrive change the rules and regulations on training and training and the regimes and policies of the State related to students.

3. Conditioned ing study, scientific research and training, including:

a) Using the library system, equipment and facilities in service of learning activities, scientific research, culture, art, physical training and sports;

b) Participating in scientific research, excellent student contests, Olympic competitions in subjects, scientific and technical creativity contests;

c) To take care of and protect health according to the State’s current regulations;

d) Register for admission to school, participate in student exchange and exchange activities in water outside; transfer learning live higher training levels according to current regulations;

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e) Participate in activities in the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the Vietnam Student Association; participate in student self-governing organizations and related social activities inside and outside the school as prescribed by law; cultural, artistic and sports activities that are healthy, consistent with the training objectives of the higher education institution;

see more: Assessment of the current state of social evils of students

f) Use the existing social work services of the higher education institution (including career guidance, employment counseling, health counseling, psychology services, etc.), support students with special circumstances,…)

g) Temporarily absent from school, suspend studying, study according to slow progress, fast progress, study two programs at the same time, transfer schools according to the regulations on training of the Ministry of Education and Training; are entitled to summer vacation, Tet holiday, and public holidays according to regulations.

4. To enjoy regimes and policies, to be considered for scholarships to encourage study, scholarships sponsored by domestic and foreign organizations and individuals according to current regulations; to be exempted and reduced fees when using public services in terms of traffic, entertainment, visiting museums, historical sites, and cultural works according to the State’s regulations.

5. Get feedback kiTo participate in the management and supervision of educational activities and the conditions for education quality assurance; directly or through a representativebelchits legislation proposes solutions to contribute to the construction and development ofeh?n higher education institutions; raise aspirations and complaints to the Head of the higher education institution to settle issues related to the legitimate rights and interests of students.

6. To be considered for admission to the dormitory and given priority when leavingyeahp to be placed in the dormitory according to regulations.

7. Students eligible for graduation recognition are awarded a diploma, certificateg only, copyg Learning and training points, certificatesuh related and handle other administrative procedures.

Article 6. Behaviors students are not allowed to do

1. Infringing on dignity, honor, infringing upon the bodyeh? teachers, administrators, officials, employees, learners of higher education institutions and others.

see more: Students’ responsibilities in national construction and defense

2. Cheating in studying and testing, exams such as: copying, bringing documents into the exam room, asking for Scores; study, test, practice, to be on duty for others or to ask others to study, take exams, practice, or work for them; copy, ask for or do for you essays, projects,ooh good essaygunion; organize or participate in organizing contests or other fraudulent acts.

3. Smoking, drinking alcohol, beer in school; Drunk, beer when coming to class.

4. Organizing or participating in illegal mass gatherings, demonstrations or lawsuits; participate in social evils, causing disturbance to security, order and safety in higher education institutions or in society.

5. Organize or participate in racing, promote illegal racing.

6. Organize or participate gia gambling in any form.

7. Producing, trading, transporting, disseminating, possessing childrenUsing, using or enticing others to use weapons or explosives, narcotic substanceslieutenantpharmaceuticals, hooh banned substances; materials, publications, reactionary, depraved information and other prohibited materials as prescribed by the State; organize, attend gia, spreading superstitious activities, activitiesg religion in the base ghigher education and other ethical violations.

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8. Establishment, participate in illegal political activities; organize and participate in collective activities in the name of a higher education institution without the permission of the head of the higher education institution.

9. Posting, bìComment, share articles, images with obscene and violent content, depraved, infringing upon national security,g breaking the birthdayg and the State, distorting, slandering, insulting the reputation of organizations, honor and dignity of individuals online.g Internet.

see more: Internal and external factors that affect their own learning

10. Organizing or participating in other illegal activities.”

3. Sample record of student card delivery and receipt:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness



Today, ………..month…year 20….. at the Department of Political Science and Student Affairs, we include:



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Representative of the unit: …………





Representative of the unit: ………….


see more: Responsibilities of schools in drug prevention and control for students

The transferor has handed over to the receiver the total number of: ………….student card.

(In words: ……card )

The minutes are made in 02 copies, each party keeps 01 copy.


4. Guidelines for drafting minutes:

The writer of the minutes must ensure the accuracy of the minutes in both form and content, the content of the minutes must ensure all necessary elements.

The part of the National title Tieu Ngu is a mandatory part for the form of the minutes, right below the National title, the title language, in the middle part will be the name of the minutes, the name of the minutes shows the content of the minutes, specifically here is the content of the minutes “Minutes of student card delivery and receipt”.

The person who writes the minutes needs to clearly state the date of making the minutes, and the place where the minutes are made.

About the information of the minutes component: the minutes component includes the student card handover and student card recipient. Information about representatives of both parties is recorded completely and accurately, including name, position, unit representative, contact phone number.

The content of the minutes clearly states the time of handover and the amount of handover.

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The two parties confirm the minutes and sign the minutes, once signed, the minutes cannot be changed in terms of both content and form, so both the transferor’s and the receiver’s representatives need to confirm receive the minutes before signing.

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