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What is a personal review? When is it necessary to write a review? How to write a personal review of disciplinary violations? Sample personal review?

The term everyone must have heard is “review”, more specifically, a review. The review is not a strange concept for each individual. Currently, in many areas of social life, the review is a form used for people to reflect on their mistakes and mistakes. The popularity of the review is increasing day by day. Therefore, this article will help you better understand the review form and related issues.

A personal review is a self-criticism used by individuals to present the mistakes and shortcomings that they have made and from there to learn from and not to make the same mistakes again. The subjects who write personal reviews are usually students, students, employees, civil servants, officials, party members… And these subjects must write reviews when there is a violation of rules and regulations. regulations of schools, working units, internal regulations….

The individual’s shortcomings and mistakes will be presented by the violator through the review when performing the violations, this is for that person to self-assess the extent of his/her fault and on that basis. will be able to self-assess discipline. And the review is also a basis for sanctioning if, in the future, the violator has written a review to repeat the old mistakes and has made a commitment not to make the same mistakes again.

2. In which case it is necessary to write a review:

The personal self-criticism is used for the purpose of helping individuals improve their sense of responsibility, self-recognition of their own shortcomings, thereby learning from experience and not making old mistakes in the past. next time. A personal self-review is usually done at the end of the year before a year-end summary or employee evaluation.

Employers may apply one of the forms of disciplinary action prescribed by law such as reprimand, prolongation of the time limit for salary increase, disciplining employees when working at companies and enterprises. if there are violations of labor regulations. Thus, when an employee commits a labor violation, he/she will also have to write a personal review of the disciplinary violation to present information about the incident to the department or agency competent to consider and resolve the issue. decide.

For Party members, when there are acts of violating the party’s charter, party resolutions, etc., they must also write a personal self-criticism for violating discipline. Any subject can become the subject of a personal review of disciplinary violations. Thereby, it can be seen that the personal review also plays a very important role for each individual. Through writing a review, individuals will be able to realize whether their behavior or work is right or wrong, and with the consequences of that wrongdoing, they themselves must write a personal review of the violation. discipline violation.

From there, you can draw lessons, come up with solutions and improve yourself, avoid making mistakes again. Based on the personal review, the competent departments, agencies and organizations will consider settling and issue disciplinary sanctions against individuals who commit violations depending on the seriousness of the violation. that the person has. The personal review not only plays an important role for the individual, but has direct implications for the competent authority in reviewing and handling disciplinary action.

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3. How to write a personal review of disciplinary violations:

To write a review, the first thing to do is that the person committing the violation needs to determine that the purpose of writing the review is to review the level of his violation after the self-awareness process. vi and present a summary of the event. Individuals must admit their own fault in having caused and the consequences that occurred, causing themselves to be disciplined. Details on how to write a review are as follows:

– The personal review of disciplinary violations is similar to other documents, with the national title, motto and date of writing the review.

– The name of the review will be written in capital letters: PERSONAL SUBJECTS.

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– Information of the reviewer: full name, date of birth, currently working at…., the assigned task is….

– The content of the self-criticism should be specific, clear and detailed about the incident that happened; clearly determine in that incident whether he is at fault or not; the cause of the mistake or explain why it is not his fault in the incident; specifying the consequences caused by the violation; self-recognition form of discipline; promise not to let violations happen.

– After writing the self-criticism, the writer will sign it and send it to the competent department for consideration and settlement.

In addition, when composing a personal review of disciplinary violations, it is important to note:

– Having full national title, motto and date of writing the review.

The content presented in the self-criticism needs to be clear, accurate, and specific about what happened.

– In the personal review, it is necessary to clearly state whether or not you are at fault for the incident, clearly explaining the cause of the incident.

– From the content of the personal review, the individual accepts the form of discipline for himself and gives a solution, handles it and commits not to let that violation happen in the future.

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4. Sample personal review:

The personal review of disciplinary violations will be written in the following format:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness



My name is:………



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Assigned duties: ……

At the request of the leader of the unit, I would like to review myself as follows:

Describe what happened: ………….

Identify the error: ……

Cause of error: ……

Consequences of wrongdoing occur: ……

Self-discipline: ……………….

…….Day month Year……

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(Sign and write full name)

In addition, the review form for Party members will be separately prescribed as follows:


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….,day month Year…..


First and last name:……

Party position: Party member (in case of a person with a position, specify the position)

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Work unit:……

Branch: ………….

1/ On political ideology:

Having a steadfast political opinion, always loyal to the Party’s line, the goal of national independence and socialism; loyal, believe in Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh thought.

Always abide by the Party’s viewpoints, guidelines and resolutions, strictly comply with the provisions of the law;

– Always have a high sense of self-discipline in studying and working, constantly learning to improve the level of professional political theory, as well as working capacity.

2/ Regarding moral qualities, lifestyle:

– Always have a sense of propagating and mobilizing families and people to implement the Party’s guidelines and policies; propagate the law, strictly comply with the provisions of the law;

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– As a Party member, I am always honest, gentle with everyone, straightforward, conscious of building and preserving the unity and unity of the Party;

– Always listen to the people’s comments and suggestions, have a close and close relationship with the people, always respect and maximize the people’s right to mastery;

– Resolutely, actively fight against wrong expressions, division, disunity, no respect or hostility towards commenters, always respectful attitude and listen to opinions and suggestions people’s will to adjust their own words and deeds;

Having a clean, exemplary, healthy lifestyle, without superstition; no drinking, gambling, no illicit male-female relationships; declare truthfully and correctly the amount of assets and personal income every year; no embezzlement, no waste, no aid or cover for embezzlement and wasteful acts; do not accept bribes, give bribes, do not run/accept running for office, running for power.

3/ Regarding the performance of assigned responsibilities and tasks:

Having a high sense of responsibility, achieving high results in the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities, specifically:

* About professional work: ……

* About the branch work: ……. (If there are specific achievements, please specify such as: Certificate of merit awarded by the District Union, Certificate of merit by the Provincial Youth Union, …)

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– Well fulfill the civic duty of the place of residence; perform well the tasks assigned by the Branch.

4/ Regarding the sense of discipline:

– Strictly implementing the principles of democratic centralism in the organization, operation and activities of the Party, strictly observing the assignment, as well as the maneuvers of the Party cell and the unit it is working on;

– Always follow the Party’s rules and regimes and pay Party fees according to regulations;

– Participating fully in Party activities and political activities according to local regulations and the Party’s Charter;

– Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the locality, working unit, and Party cell;

– Have a demanding attitude in receiving repairs and overcoming defects.

5/ The results of promoting the previous advantages, overcoming and correcting the shortcomings and weaknesses:

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– Always maintain a firm stance in political ideology education. Absolutely abide by the regulations and regulations on Party members, actively cultivate knowledge, study and fully participate in training courses on Party members as prescribed;

– Building the Party Committee, Party cell, Fatherland Front and people’s organizations, units, agencies and organizations that are clean, strong and increasingly progressive;

– Well implement all the principles set forth by the Party Committee and Branch;

– Solve problems effectively, know how to be flexible, flexible in solving work.

6/ Limitations, shortcomings, causes:

– The professional knowledge is still limited, has not spent much time to research and learn deeply about the guidelines, policies and resolutions and regulations of the Party; limited legal knowledge;

– Have not boldly given suggestions and advice to have appropriate solutions to better promote the activities of the Party cell and Party Committee as well as in their own professional work;

– Not yet boldly and confidently giving new ideas and proposals in the activities of the cell because of lack of confidence, anxiety and emotional respect in the work of criticism and self-criticism.

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7/ Directions and measures to overcome and repair weaknesses and shortcomings in the coming time:

– In the coming time, we will try to promote the advantages, overcome the criticism and self-criticism for colleagues, boldly and actively participate in contributing more ideas in the activities of the cell. In the process of dealing with work, it is necessary to be flexible, proactive but cautious, show a resolute and tough attitude in the fight to minimize the acts of embezzlement, corruption and wrongdoing of comrades and colleagues. thereby contributing to building a strong Party and government;

– Self-study, actively research to update knowledge, update new contents and new legal documents to constantly improve qualifications and work capacity, creating a basis for propagating legal knowledge. laws and policies of the Party Committee and the State to all citizens;

– Self-consciousness about training the nature of impartiality, objectivity, honesty, boldness and straightforward speaking, truthfulness, sincerity;

Regularly, actively cultivate and practice ethics and lifestyle to improve the level of political theory and professional expertise.

8/ Self-recognize the quality rating of Party members, cadres, civil servants and public employees:

+ Classification of party members: Qualified, completing tasks well.

+ Classification of cadres and civil servants: Completing their responsibilities and tasks well.

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(Sign and write full name)


Comments and evaluations of the branch:


Sub-department of quality classification:……

Hanoi, date ……month……year 20…

T/M Branch

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Party committees, grassroots committees classify quality:……

Hanoi, date ……month……year 20…


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