Đóng vai Trương Sinh kể lại Chuyện người con gái Nam Xương

The story of Nam Xuong’s daughter is a work that reflects the sufferings caused by war, let’s learn more about that tragedy than the article retelling the story of Nam Xuong’s daughter through Truong Sinh’s story. .

1. Outline playing the role of Truong Sinh recounting the story of the Nam Xuong daughter:


Lead into your own story twenty years ago. Tragedy broke the family.

Post body:

The process of getting married and living with his wife:

– I was born into a rich, pampered family. Personality is somewhat jealous.

– Vu Nuong is the child of a villager next door, knowing she is beautiful and dignified, she finds a way to bring her back to be his wife.

– She is always clever, although I don’t really trust her, she has never done anything to cause discord between husband and wife.

– Staying together for a while, the court heard about the recruitment of Chiem soldiers. I was illiterate so I was called away.

– When she left, her mother cried to pay filial piety, Vu Nuong poured wine to pay filial piety so that she could return safely.

Time I’m away from home and back:

– Three years in the army, experiencing life and death, defeating the enemy, returning to his homeland.

– At that time, Vu Nuong gave birth to a son named Dan.

– However, the joy is not complete when the old mother dies waiting for the news of her son.

– Everything at Vu Nuong’s house is perfect, actually I still consider it her duty.

Suspect Vu Nuong

– I took my son to visit his mother’s grave but he refused to follow me and asked if I was his father.

– I doubted and asked my son, he innocently said that every night his father came, his mother went and returned, his mother held him while sitting, but his father never carried him.

– Hearing that, in my heart I thought that my wife had lost discipline, so with my nature, I did not regret harsh scolding even though she explained, neighbors came to help, I still chased her out.

Vu Nuong’s death, my belated regret:

– My scolding made Vu Nuong extremely miserable, she only said one sentence to me, then washed clean, ran to Hoang Giang wharf and threw herself there.

Although I still doubted her in my heart, I also had some regrets in my heart, so I went to look for her body but couldn’t find it.

– Then one night I couldn’t sleep, was sitting with my child by the lamp, suddenly he pointed at my shadow printed on the wall and said: “Daddy is back”. Now I understand Vu Nuong, understand her injustice when she is unjustly suspected. But the past is no longer salvageable.

– Day after day, a person claiming to be Phan Lang came to see me.

– He told me that he was rescued from a shipwreck by Linh Phi of Nam Hai Long Vuong and met my wife down there. My aunt asked her to ask me to make a piano for her.

– According to Vu Nuong’s instructions, I set up a lute to sing for three days by the Hoang Giang wharf, and on the third day she also returned.

– She stood in the middle of the flower palanquin, the bright hammock in the middle of the river, said goodbye to me and disappeared.

– I regret, tormented by my jealousy that I have lost a gentle and courageous wife like Vu Nuong.

– Regret torments me, for the past twenty years I have lived alone to raise Dan.

-Now that she’s grown up, about to get married, I hope Vu Nuong from afar can also see through and forgive people like me.


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2. Songs playing the role of Truong Sinh recounting the story of the best Nam Xuong daughter:

2.1. Sample lesson 1 – playing the role of Truong Sinh recounting the story of the best Nam Xuong girl:

My name is Truong Sinh, today I would like to tell you the story of my family so that you can take my story as an example and know how to maintain family happiness, don’t wait until the door is broken and then regret. hate like me.

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When I turned 20 years old, my mother asked a matchmaker and asked to marry a girl from the same village named Vu Thi Thiet. She was just nine years old at that time, with a dignified, gentle figure, a good-looking face, a decent personality… When my mother asked to marry me, I was very happy because I got a wife who was both beautiful and responsible. After a short time of living happily, my wife Vu Nuong became pregnant with our first child, and it was also the time when I had to follow the king’s orders to go to war. On the day of parting, my mother could only cry and encourage me to stay healthy and return safely so that my family could be reunited. The father is close to the children, the wife is close to the husband.

War and enemies continued for many years and then ended. I’m back home so I’m very happy. But as soon as I got home, I heard the bad news that my mother had passed away a few years ago because she missed me due to illness. I was very sad to take my son to visit my grandmother’s grave but he refused to follow me. He tells me that I am not his father, his father is me every night. When my son said that, I was very angry, the blood of jealousy in my body boiled. My wife was famously beautiful so it wasn’t hard to get noticed, so I immediately believed my son and kicked her out of the house. I even heavily insulted her, kicked her out of the house and went where I don’t know.

Until I heard someone in the village ran to tell me: “I saw your wife Vu Nuong jump into the river to commit suicide”. That neighbor also said what my wife did for my mother when she was sick and I was not at home, that person said that I am a very lucky person to have Vu Nuong, but I do not know how to appreciate her. Hearing those words, I was extremely regretful and shocked at my wife’s drastic actions, did not expect her to react so drastically, while angry I chased her away, she only knew how to return home. mother and wait. Let me calmly find out the matter and bring her home, but she chose death to prove her injustice, I am very sorry.

Many nights I could not sleep, the child kept asking to breastfeed, the image of the wife kept coming to haunt my mind. I sat in front of the lamp reflecting my shadow on the wall, then my son woke up and he happily told me “that’s his dad”. I cried but it was too late, my wife was dead and no can come back to life.

In the village where I live, there is a fisherman named Phan Lang, he fell into the river and did not die, after regaining consciousness, he came to my house and told me that he had met my wife at the aquarium. My wife Vu Nuong wants me to set up a piano for her. I listened to my wife set up the piano to justify my mistakes, in the fog of reality, I saw my wife Vu Nuong sitting on a flower palanquin, raising the hammock to the sky, not returning to me and the children.

2.2. Sample lesson 2 – playing the role of Truong Sinh recounting the story of the best Nam Xuong girl:

I am Truong Sinh, the only son of a famous rich man in the area. From a young age, I was not interested in studying history, so when I grew up, I could only live on the house. Many people say that I am flirtatious, but I don’t think so, because from childhood to adulthood, I only liked one person, that is Vu Thi Thiet, a girl from Nam Xuong, poor but famous for her good manners and good thinking. I told my mother. Calculating auspicious days, my mother prepared a hundred taels of gold, went to Vu Nuong’s house and asked to marry her for me.

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Although she comes from a poor family, she is very “compassionate and kind”, so our married life is extremely happy. But “the happy days are short and short”, soon after the country was at war, I was forced to join the army. At that time, Vu Nuong – my wife was pregnant with her first child. The day of farewell was bittersweet, full of tears. I bowed my head to the old mother’s words. I painfully listened to Vu Nuong’s farewell and then went to the border. In my heart I miss my wife and children and take care of my elderly mother.

When I entered the battlefield, I couldn’t help but remember the simple house with my old mother and young wife. After the war ended, I was able to return to my hometown. As soon as I got home, when I heard that my old mother had passed away, I was deeply saddened and saddened. The son – whose name was Dan – was already able to talk. The house scene sucks, sad. I carried my son to visit my mother’s grave. The son still suffered, and the father kept crying. I tried to coax him:

– Hold on baby, don’t cry. Father returned, grandmother passed away, father’s heart was very sad.

Dan naively asked me again:

I was surprised to hear him say that, so I asked the boy, and he said:

– There was a man before, who came every night, Dan’s mother went, and Dan’s mother sat, but he never held Dan.

Listening to my children say that I am both heartbroken and angry. So my wife is a spoiled woman, while her husband is on the battlefield, he is at home flirting with other men. However, in the place where the bombs fell, I forgot myself constantly thinking about her, day and night looking forward to reunite with her.

When I got home, I shouted to vent my anger. My wife used all sorts of excuses, the neighbors all gave advice, but I ignored it and chased Vu Nuong away. Knowing that she did not believe in the truth, she painfully hugged her son one last time and left the house.

That afternoon, I heard that she threw herself into the Hoang Giang River to commit suicide. Even though I was still angry, I also cast a net to retrieve her body, but all night I could not find it.

One lonely night, I sat holding my child by the newly lit lamp and thought deeply of Vu Nuong. Suddenly the boy shouted:

– Father Dan is here again!

I quickly asked where it was, and it pointed to my shadow on the wall. I suddenly understood everything. I killed my own wife. My wife died unjustly because of my own ignorance, suspicion, jealousy, selfishness. I regret deeply. But it’s too late. It was I who lost his wife, and made Dan lose his mother. I’m so sorry but it’s too late.

3. Play the role of Truong Sinh recounting the most impressive story of Nam Xuong’s daughter:

My name is Truong Sinh, I am from Nanchang. My wife is Vu Thi Thiet, a gentle and kind daughter. My wife and I live very happily, happily, in harmony, and our first child is about to be born. Unfortunately, war broke out at that time, civil war continued, and I was called up to the army. Receiving orders, I bid farewell to my mother and wife in grief, grief and regret. Before parting, my mother carefully advised:

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– Going to the desert like that, you have to know how to take good care of yourself. Don’t let yourself be hurt by a little vanity. You have to remember that, so I don’t worry.
I obeyed my mother, and Vu Nuong poured a cup of wine to say goodbye. My wife confided to me:
You go on this trip, I don’t dare to expect you to wear a seal and a brocade shirt to return to your homeland. I just hope that the day he returns, he brings two words of peace, that’s all. Only afraid of unpredictable troops, unpredictable enemy positions. The enemy was still lurking, the army was still struggling. Then I stopped cutting bamboo, but when the melon season was too ripe, I wondered and my mother-in-law worried. Looking at the moon shining on the old street, I prepared winter clothes to send to people far away. Looking at the willow trees hanging on the wasteland, he sobbed in love with the people of the four lands. Although the news seemed tiring, not a single rose petal flew away.

As soon as she finished speaking, tears welled up in my eyes. Goodbye everyone in my family, I go to fight. I was gone for a few days when my wife gave birth to a child. It was a plump, white boy, named Dan by Vu Nuong. Not long after the good news, the bad news came again. Her mother fell seriously ill because of her love and concern for her brother during the battle, and Vu Nuong devoted herself to healing and worshiping.

A year later, the war ended, I returned to my hometown. The scene hasn’t changed much. The scene is still the same as when I said goodbye to my family to go to the battlefield. When I got home, I heard that my mother had passed away. I am in a lot of pain and sadness. And it’s even sadder when I don’t understand why little Dan refuses to accept me as his father. On the occasion of visiting my mother’s grave, I took Dan with me. When I reached the grave, all my emotions were pushed to the climax, I couldn’t hold back my tears, burst into tears like a child. At that time, I turned to call baby Dan. It rolled its eyes and asked me:

“Are you also my father?” My father is usually silent, not saying a word.

It took me a long time to learn that when I was away, a man came to my house every night. Because of jealousy or suspicion, I rushed home to scold Vu Nuong. I ignored all her excuses, explanations as well as the excuses of the neighbors. And then, I kicked Vu Nuong out of the house. Vu Nuong went to Hoang Giang wharf and threw herself there. Fortunately, Linh Phi saved her to become a palace maid under the dragon palace. Then she met Phan Lang – who was from the same village as me, she sent Phan Lang to bring back a golden flower, a gift she sent to me. Meanwhile, at home, I learned the truth that the man was just a shadow of Vu Nuong. I was deeply hurt and bitter, but by then it was too late to regret. Phan Lang met me, told me a story and gave me that golden flower as a souvenir. The next morning, I set up a forum to vindicate Vu Nuong by the riverside. She appeared for a moment and then disappeared.

I sank into despair and despair. Just because of suspicion and jealousy, I lost a very good wife, and broke my happy, peaceful and harmonious married life with my own hands. I’m so sorry!

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