Điệp ngữ là gì? Điệp ngữ có tác dụng gì? Có mấy dạng?

What is the syllable? Alliteration is an important lesson in the 7th grade language arts curriculum and is designed to help students recognize the artistry of this rhetorical modality in philology. Unlike other word forms such as homonyms and antonyms, alliteration is a type of word that is rarely used and appears in poetry. But it is an important concept that helps to emphasize the meaning of an action or event. Here, let’s take a closer look at the allegory.

What is the syllable?

Alliteration is an artistic method in which the author repeats a word, a phrase or an entire sentence with a specific intention in order to increase the expressiveness of a passage or poem.

The repetition of words, phrases or sentences is called alliteration. There is also a way for people to repeat a sentence pattern (interrogative sentence, interrogative sentence, imperative sentence, etc.) many times in the same paragraph, this sentence is called syntactic structure.

What is the effect of the spell?

The effect of evoking images

Alliteration is a very common rhetorical device, often used in literature, to express the images and emotions that the author sends into the work.

The use of figurative rhetoric helps the reader visualize the images being talked about.

For example: “Uphill, steep slope”, the word “slope” evokes the image of rolling hills and mountains, very dangerous.

Affirmative effect

For example:

In the above example, the method of alliting a phrase “green leaves, white flowers, yellow stamens” has affirmed the pure beauty of the lotus, which is the national soul of the Vietnamese people.

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allusion creates emphasis

The effect of creating emphasis

Repeating a word or phrase will help the author emphasize the intention to mention.

For example:

The word “remember the stars” is repeated many times, to emphasize the author’s nostalgia for old memories.

The effect of creating lists

For example:

“Still sky, still water, still young

And the woman who sold alcohol, he was still drunk.”

=> This phrase “still” is repeated many times to list things that are related to each other for the purpose of emphasizing, the author’s strong feelings for the wine seller.

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There are many forms of syllables

There are 3 types of alliteration: spaced alliteration, sequential alliteration, and transitional alliteration (ring). The difference of alliteration forms will be illustrated shortly:

What is the follow-up message?

This is the type of alliteration of words that are repeated one after another to create emotional accents or important meanings.

For example:

“Long live Ho Chi Minh!

Long live Ho Chi Minh!

Long live Ho Chi Minh!

Sacred moment I called Uncle three times.”

(To Huu)

=> In the verse, the phrase “Long live Ho Chi Minh” is the next allusion.

Transition message

This is also known as round chorus, will often be used in poetry in six bowls, seven languages ​​in six bowls, four in four… The effect is to help the lyrics express more coherently, with seamless semantics.


transitional allegory

What is a spaced syllable?

A spaced alliteration is the opposite of a sequential alliteration, as this is usually spaced by a few words or a sentence to add meaning. This is the type of alliteration often used in poetry.

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For example:

To listen midday sunshine

To listen tired feet

To listen call back to childhood

Refer to the literature of bangtuanhoan.edu.vn

Distinguish between alliteration and repetition

Example 1: The Ming Dynasty has a brother, a sister, a father, and a mother. The house has a TV, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, and a washing machine.

Example 2: Co Tu is harvesting rice. She wiped the sweat from her forehead. Miss Tu called me. Tu told me about my mother.

=> The above 2 examples are not allusions, but repetition errors due to lack of vocabulary


What is the allegory?

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What should be noted in the use of alliteration?

Besides remembering what alliteration is and what alliteration does, readers need to know the notes when using this rhetoric.

When using alliteration, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of use, only use it when necessary, explain clearly and coherently, and avoid overusing it.

In an essay or poem, we can combine different rhetorical devices such as metonymy, alliteration, comparison, metaphor, etc. We need to selectively use rhetorical devices when necessary. When you use too much rhetoric in a paragraph it is not enough to create emphasis.

What is the syllable? It is a rhetorical device in literature that only repeats a word, a phrase or an entire sentence one or more times in a stanza, a paragraph; more than repetition in a poem, an essay. The purpose of alliteration is to promote and emphasize the nature of things – phenomena.

What is the syllable?? As a rhetorical device that can penetrate deeply into literature, poetry revives the sentiments of lyrical subjects. We understand the artistic intent of each rhetoric, then we can fully understand the interesting things, especially the meaning that the author conveys. Through this article, I hope you will know more about alliteration, know how to master the use of rhetoric.

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