Điểm danh các công dụng của quả cam đào với sức khỏe & cách chọn cam đào đúng chuẩn

Referring to delicious oranges, you will immediately think of orange soup, crock pot, Vinh orange or Cao Phong orange. However, on the market, there are many other types of oranges with delicious flavors not only at home but also abroad. Such as peach orange with very attractive colored intestines. Just taste it, you will hardly forget the taste of this orange. Join thcstienhoa.edu.vn to learn the uses of peaches as well as how to choose juicy, succulent, nutritious oranges!

1. Distinguish between peach and regular oranges

Peach orange (red flesh orange) is a fairly popular orange variety in the world, widely grown in the US, Australia, Brazil, North Africa, the Mediterranean region and some provinces in Vietnam.

Compare peach oranges and regular oranges:

  • Common types of oranges: Most have yellow flesh, depending on the thin or thick shell.
  • Peach orange:
    • Has a red-pink intestine. This characteristic color comes from the high anthocyanin content. This is a pigment commonly found in flowers and fruits but rarely in citrus fruits. Dark or light red will depend on the variety, time of harvest and season.
    • The peel is not too thick, the taste is sweet and the aroma is cool. Peach oranges have many times more Vitamin C content than other yellow oranges.
    • Acid content is also much lower than domestic oranges.

Peach oranges are loved by adults and children

You can buy them at WinMart / WinMart + supermarkets, imported fruit stores, wholesale markets, people’s markets or buy online on the thcstienhoa.edu.vn app through the thcstienhoa.edu.vn program at a shocking price.

The price of peach oranges on the market updated in April 2022 is about 100,000 – 180,000 VND/kg (depending on the type). Imported peach oranges will cost more than domestically grown peach oranges.

Peach orange

Buy premium peach oranges – Access thcstienhoa.edu.vn at shocking prices now!

2. Great benefits of peaches for the body

Orange peaches are high in nutrients, so they have many great benefits for the body. Here are some common uses when drinking / eating oranges and peaches every day.

2.1. Antioxidant

Peach oranges contain a lot of antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins and ascorbic acid. According to a study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, these active ingredients help reduce oxidative stress in the body. Consuming peaches also increases the levels of vitamin C and zeaxanthin, which fight infections and help improve overall health.

Peach orange

The amazing antioxidant effects of peaches on health

2.2. Anti-inflammatory

Scientists also say that peaches have anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from arthritis, orange juice can help relieve the pain.

2.3. Rich in Flavonoids

The ingredients in oranges contain high levels of flavonoids. Flavonoids are known to have effective anti-cancer properties. In addition, it helps fight tumors of the colon, mouth, breast and lungs.

2.4. Contains high levels of Carotenoids

Another good nutrient found in peaches are carotenoids. This substance has antimicrobial effects, protects the heart and aids in cancer prevention.

2.5. Keep your heart healthy

One of the great benefits of peaches is that they help lower blood pressure. Oranges are rich in potassium, which can reduce tension in the blood vessels, limit the effects of sodium, and help lower blood pressure naturally. In addition, the potassium in peaches can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, protect the heart and fight strokes.

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Peach orange

Drinking orange juice helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

2.6. Good for skin and hair

Do you want to have beautiful skin and smooth hair? Eat 1 peach every day. Orange peach is rich in vitamin C and beta carotene to help prevent skin aging effectively. This fruit is also rich in antioxidants, which help protect the skin from damaging free radicals, giving the skin a natural healthy glow. In addition, vitamin C in peaches also synthesizes collagen to help strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and premature graying of hair.

2.7. Support weight loss

Orange peach is rich in fiber, low in calories, so many women use it in their weight loss regimen. In particular, peaches also contain pectin, which suppresses appetite and hunger for several hours. Not only that, this fruit contains countless vitamins and minerals. Thereby contributing to effective and healthy weight loss, the body is full of energy.

2.8. Prevent cancer

In oranges, peaches contain a large amount of D-limonene compound that protects the body from the risk of developing cancers such as lung cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, colon, breast cancer. … In addition, the antioxidants and vitamin C abundant in this fruit help increase the body’s immunity to fight cancer cells.

Peach orange

The ability to prevent cancer of oranges has been scientifically proven

2.9. Increases resistance

Peach orange juice contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which is very helpful in boosting the immune system. As a result, if you use it regularly, you will be less likely to get many common diseases such as colds or flu.

2.10. Increase power

In peach oranges, there is a amount of fructose and more than 80% of the water has the effect of refreshment and fortifying physical strength. Therefore, after exercising or exercising with a lot of sweat, you should drink orange juice with added salt to quickly recover.

When the body is tired and after exercise, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of peach orange juice.

2.12. Prevent kidney disease

One of the health benefits of oranges is to prevent kidney disease. Drinking orange juice regularly helps to prevent and reduce the risk of kidney stones.

2.13. Good for eyesight

Oranges are rich in vitamin A and carotenoids. These substances help enhance vision, especially those who have problems with macular degeneration.

Peach orange

Nutrients in rich oranges and peaches help prevent eye diseases

2.14. Good for the digestive system

Oranges are rich in fiber, which aids in the digestive process. Therefore, add a peach to your daily diet, especially if you are suffering from chronic constipation problems.

3. How to choose juicy, juicy peaches

You should apply the tips below to choose fresh, sweet and cool peaches.

3.1. Buy in the right season

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The trick to choosing fresh peaches is to choose the right season. Out-of-season fruit always has the potential for toxic chemicals to preserve. Orange peach has a crop from December to May next year. You should choose this time to buy the best quality peaches!

Peach orange

Buy oranges and peaches in the right season to ensure quality and taste

3.2. Observe the shape

  • Peach orange fruit has a round shape, not distorted on the large side, on the small side or crushed.
  • The outer skin is fresh, not too rough.
  • Moderate size (300-400g), firm grip, uniform color.
  • Peach oranges with thin skin are usually succulent and very sweet.

3.3. Look at the stem

  • You should choose peaches that still have the stem knob, touching the stem knob feels tight, breaking by hand can’t fall off. Peach leaves are still fresh or if wilted, they are still attached to the stem. These are peaches freshly harvested from the garden.
  • If the stem is concave compared to the surrounding, it is a berry and has a lot of water. If the stem has fallen off, has a bright yellow color, and the ripe orange peel has a natural color, it is an old orange, not a fallen stem due to other reasons.

Peach orange

Identify delicious peaches by the stem

3.4. Peach belly button

  • Do not choose peaches with large bottom knobs. These fruits are usually ingrown by the rind.

3.5. Squeeze the cam with your hand

  • Gently press the fruit with your hand. Oranges that are hard, firm, have essential oils secreted are new oranges, many cloves, full. When enjoying, it will have a characteristic aroma and a lot of water, sweet and rich taste.
  • Do not choose the fruits that are soft when pressed, with the phenomenon of waterlogging.

Peach orange

Remember to observe these characteristics to choose the right peaches!

4. Instructions for storing peaches properly

You can store peaches for about 2 weeks at room temperature or in a refrigerator between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, you can try the following tips to keep oranges longer:

4.1. Preserving peaches with pine leaves

  • Using fresh pine needles, especially those that are not subject to frost or water, will ensure the best quality.
  • Wipe or wash the peaches, soak them in a little salt water to remove impurities. Wipe dry, sort by size.
  • Take 1 pcs of plastic, paper or wooden crates with ventilation holes. Avoid sealing, air cannot circulate.
  • Arrange a few pine needles at the bottom of the barrel, put the large peaches into the box so that the stem is facing up, continue to cover another layer of fresh pine needles on top. Gently stack 1 layer of oranges alternately with 1 layer of pine needles until the box is full.
  • Keep in a dry, ventilated place.

Pine leaves

How to preserve peach oranges with pine needles is very simple

4.2. Use baking soda/salt

  • Use a sufficient amount of baking soda/salt to dissolve in water, let the peaches soak for about 1 minute.
  • Take out the peaches, dry them gently with a clean towel, or let them dry naturally.
  • Put the oranges neatly into a plastic bag, seal and place in the refrigerator to preserve. Avoid putting together other foods such as meat, fish, food, etc. to minimize the spread of bacteria as well as maintain the natural flavor of oranges.
  • The right temperature combined with the ingredients in baking soda / salt will help preserve oranges fresh for a long time without too much effort.
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Baking soda

Preserve oranges with baking soda/salt to keep them fresh for a long time

5. Suggest delicious dishes from peaches

5.1. Peach orange juice

Peach orange juice has a sweet and sour taste, easy to drink, clears heat, has an abundant source of vitamin C, helps increase the body’s resistance. How to make orange peach juice is extremely simple. You can make pure juice or combine it with other fruits such as pineapple, guava, apple, … all delicious and full of nutrients.

Peach orange juice

1 glass of orange peach juice gives you an instant refreshing feeling

5.2. Dried orange peach jam

Peach orange jam is flexible, beautiful color. When you eat, you will feel the sweet taste and characteristic aroma. In particular, there is a bit of pungent orange peel, but when eaten, it has a very strange aftertaste. You can enjoy gummy marmalade with a cup of warm tea to round out the flavor.

Peach orange jam

Peach orange jam is a unique and strange kind of jam

5.3. Duck cooked with orange and peach

Duck cooked with oranges and peaches has a fried meat that is firm, fragrant but still soft without being tough or dry. The broth is comparable and sweet of fresh coconut water, mixed with a little sourness of orange juice. All blend together to create a dish with a special flavor that makes people enjoy and miss it so much that it is hard to explain.

Duck cooked with oranges

The extremely delicious orange-cooked duck dish will surely make the whole family satisfied

5.4. Chicken wings with orange and peach sauce

Chicken wings with orange peach sauce have a beautiful golden color and delicious taste. The meat is richly rimmed with a crispy outer shell combined with the mild sweetness of peach orange to create a very unique dish. Make sure everyone likes it.

Chicken wings with orange and peach sauce

Change your family’s taste with delicious orange peach sauce chicken wings

5.5. Orange salad

Orange salad is an extremely easy dish to make, and also adds many vitamins and minerals, good for weight loss. The dish is impressed by the combination of oranges and peaches and fruits and vegetables, creating a diverse and cool taste.

Orange salad

How to make orange salad is not too difficult

With rich nutrient content, peaches brings many benefits to human health. So, immediately add this fruit to your and your family’s daily menu!

To buy fresh, high-quality peaches at super cheap prices, you can immediately visit the Winmart / Winmart+ supermarket system or visit thcstienhoa.edu.vn with shocking prices on the thcstienhoa.edu.vn app!

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