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Father-son love is a sacred emotion, which was separated by the war, causing tragedies like the story of Mr. Sau and baby Thu. However, Mr. Sau’s love for baby Thu has not changed, let’s find out through the article below.

1. Outline of feelings of Mr. Sau’s character for his daughter:

Opening the article: introduce the author of the work

Post body:

Before the baby accepts his father:

– The love of Mr. Sau’s children:

The nostalgia, the thrill of meeting you and the pain of being rejected.

Mr. Sau tries to stay close to Thu to be called “dad”.

Mr. Sau was angry and helplessly beat the child.

– Thu’s love for her father:

Baby Thu firmly refused to recognize Sau as her father when she saw that he did not look like the person in the photo taken with her mother

The girl reacts fiercely, even insolently, defiantly to defend her love for her father.

Thu regrets and tosses when being explained by foreigners.

The scene of the son receiving his father and the tearful parting.

The rest of the story

– Mr. Sau went to the battlefield and couldn’t help but miss his son and regret having beaten Thu.

Before he died, Sau still tried to put in the last bit of strength to send the comb back, asking his teammates to give it back to his daughter.

Conclusion: re-evaluate the value of content and value of art.

2. Samples of feelings about Mr. Sau’s feelings for Thu:

2.1. Sample lesson 1 – Sample feeling about Mr. Sau’s feelings for Thu:

When it comes to family love, people often talk about motherly love, but there is a kind of love that is not inferior to that of a father and son. The short story “Ivory comb” by Nguyen Quang Sang is a good short story depicting the character’s personality and deep father-son relationship.

Mr. Sau, the noble image of a father who sacrificed his whole life to preserve the immortal fatherhood, despite the war destroying his appearance, that sentiment has never faded in this man.

Missing him, loving him so much, Eight years away from home to go to war, Thu was only eight years old, Mr. Sau went to war for a long time before he had the opportunity to visit his hometown and meet his first daughter again, something that he deeply misses. , he considered it as his motivation to try to fight. But unfortunately Thu refused, running and looking for his mother, making Mr. Sau extremely sad, disappointed and in pain.

And in the short 2 days he had a break with his son, Mr. Sau tried his best not to go anywhere, just stayed at home with his children to take care of him, but Thu did not accept his father. It was thought that when he got home, his daughter would run to hug him, share the things that he had been away from for so long, but the father-son relationship became powerless when Mr. Sau slapped Thu once, then Thu ran to him. grandmother’s house.

But then every fun has to end, even though he is not accepted and loved by his son, but with his father, that short period of time also makes him less nostalgic for his son after 8 years of separation. Until the time of parting, looking at his daughter affectionately, he was heartbroken. “The father’s eyes are rich in love, generous, somewhat disappointed, afraid that his son will not accept his love. But then there was a certain force that made Thu call him with a choked cry. Thu kissed all he could, kissed the scar on his father’s face, Mr. Sau held the baby with one hand, wiped the baby’s tears with a towel, and kissed the baby’s hair with the other hand, it can be said that the baby’s tears are tears of father and son, tears of joy and happiness of a father when he feels the love of flesh and blood from his child.

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In particular, his affection for his daughter is that in his spare time, Sau spends all his time making ivory combs for her children. Sau’s love is expressed in a concentrated and profound way at the back of the comb.

Although he was really far away from his son, when he returned to the base, the feeling of nostalgia mixed with torment and regret haunted him for many days because he beat his son in anger. Mr. Sau did not think he would beat his son because he was a gentle, kind father who valued fatherhood, but perhaps because he loved his son and was helpless, he acted like that. Then his daughter’s advice: “Dad come back, buy me an ivory comb!”, prompted him to think of making an ivory comb for his daughter. It is the expression of pure, deep father-son love.

Having ivory, he was so happy, he was happy like a child receiving a gift, and then put all his mind into making combs, sawing teeth, polishing, carving… meticulously, diligently, meticulously. The child’s love turned the soldier into an artist – an artist who creates only one work in a lifetime. Thus, it is not only a beautiful and precious comb, but it is also a comb that unites all the rustic but dear, deep, simple and wonderful paternity!

But war was cruel, it was a cruel thing that made the deep father-son relationship pitiful, before giving the ivory comb to his daughter, the father died in a raid. Before saying goodbye to his son, he still did not forget to ask someone to bring his daughter to help, Mr. Sau still remembered the comb and handed it back to his friend as a gesture of giving his life, a trust, one last time.

Perhaps war is what separates us from each other, it causes physical and mental pain to fellow human beings. Mr. Sau is indeed a father who suffers many disadvantages but is extremely generous, wholeheartedly for his children. A father for Thu to love and be proud of for the rest of her life.

2.2. Sample lesson 2 – Sample feeling about Mr. Sau’s feelings for Thu:

Nguyen Quang Sang is from An Giang and mainly writes about life and people in the South. The work “Ivory comb” is his typical work. By creating unexpected situations that are natural and reasonable, the story has moved to express the deep and noble father-son relationship of Mr. Sau.

During the war, people have to suffer many losses, disadvantages, and sacrifices about family feelings. Sau left his hometown to fight when his first daughter was only one year old. After 8 years of separation, he only had the opportunity to return home to visit, but ironically, little Thu did not recognize him as her father. At the first minute of meeting, Thu was suspicious, evasive, even afraid to run away because: “the scar on the right cheek is red when touched, convulsing looks very scary”. After staying at home, Thu adamantly refused to recognize him as a father, despite his best efforts to approach and comfort him. There are times when it is too secretive, it just says: “Please come in for a meal”, “the rice is boiling, draw the water”, “The rice is boiling, it’s pasty”. . . During the meal, Mr. Sau picked up a large piece of caviar, unexpectedly his daughter reacted fiercely: “suddenly threw the piece of caviar into the bowl, the rice splashed all over the plate”. After being spanked, Thu went back to her grandmother’s house and “didn’t mess around”. Thu’s stubbornness and stubbornness are not entirely to blame because she is too young to understand the difficulties and hardships in the distant war situation and the adults in the family have not yet prepared her mentally. Thu did not recognize Sau as her father because he had a long scar on his cheek unlike the photo he took with his mother that she knew. This proves that Thu’s affection for her father is very deep – she only shows her deep affection for her father when she is sure that it is her father.

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The last morning before Mr. Sau left, Thu’s attitude suddenly changed. Right on the night of leaving home, Thu’s grandmother explained about the scar. The child understood, regretted and regretted very much: “listening to his grandmother, he lay still and rolled, sometimes sighing like an adult”. When Sau looked at his son to say goodbye, “Thu’s immense eyes suddenly fluttered” the pent-up father-son relationship suddenly flared up strongly and quickly. Thu shouted at her father: “Father’s voice tore the silence and tore everyone’s guts”. Thu’s actions also changed. “I jumped up, wrapping my arms around Dad’s neck. Thu kissed all over his father, kissed his hair, kissed down his neck, kissed his shoulder and even kissed the long scar on his cheek. All actions and attitudes of Thu are rooted in the love for the father that she always loves, admires and cannot be replaced. Thu’s feelings are strong, deep and also decisive and clear. In Thu, there is stubbornness to stubbornness, but there is still the innocence and innocence of a child. With a sensitive soul, a kind heart and a heart filled with childhood love, Nguyen Quang Sang seems to have felt to the end the emotional expressions of the character to portray vividly and subtly.

The theme of the story is not new, but the author succeeds because he has exploited the father-son relationship in touching and confusing situations. The way of choosing the narrator, creating unexpected situations that are natural and reasonable, along with the subtle and profound description of the character’s psychological developments, especially the child’s psychology, have helped the text gain its own place. .

The story of the ivory comb not only speaks of the deep and deep fatherly love, but also prompts the reader to reflect and appreciate the painful losses that war has caused to so many families. That is why we should cherish the peaceful life as it is today.

3. The comment about Mr. Sau’s love for his daughter got the highest score:

The story “Ivory comb” (Nguyen Quang Sang) was written during the resistance war against the US to save the country, but mainly aimed at humanity in the difficult situation of the war. The excerpt “Ivory comb” shows the deep and deep father-son relationship of Mr. Sau and baby Thu.

After many years in the war zone, Mr. Sau returned home with fatherly love and a burning desire to meet his son. But from the first moment, what he wanted most was to hear his daughter call “Daddy!” was not heard. The child was completely bewildered, cold, treating him as a stranger. With his daughter’s love, the more he waited for his daughter’s love, the more his daughter deliberately resisted. That, causing him pain “two hands like to cut off”. There were situations when it seemed impossible not to be more stubborn, Thu had to call “dad”. But it still refused to call out “Daddy” that Mr. Sau was waiting for.

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Thu’s childish and curt action for Mr. Sau made Mr. Sau, Mr. Sau’s friend and the reader both heartache and think. Was it that hard to long to hear a “dad” from his dear daughter.

Thu’s psychological reaction is completely natural. Thu was too young to understand the difficulties that occurred during the war. The adults themselves did not prepare Thu how to deal with the abnormal. Only in this way can readers feel Thu’s sincere, deep and intense feelings for her father – who Thu knows in the photo, the father that Thu has engraved in her heart from the photo, not the person that Thu knew. know.

When her grandmother removed the problem in her heart, about the background of the scar, Thu knew it was really her father. The pent-up grief, along with the nostalgia, the longing to see his father flared up violently, violently in the hour before his departure. The sound of “three!” burst from the depths of her heart. The cry that his father had waited for so many years. The cry pierced everyone’s heart. Mr. Sau was overjoyed, unable to hold back his tears. Swallowing, rushing, holding on to my father, holding on to the love that my father longed for. “He kisses all over his father. He kissed his hair, kissed his neck, kissed his shoulder, and kissed the long scar on his father’s cheek”, “Hands are so tight around my neck, I mustn’t think”. put his arms around his father, spread his legs to embrace the cross, and his small shoulders trembled.

For a Mr. Sau, it was the first “dad” and the last love he heard from his son! In the war zone, he tried his best, carefully, meticulously to make the ivory comb. He put all his father’s love into it. The comb became a sacred object, a consolation for him to “untangle” and nurture the father-son relationship. He often “takes out the comb to look at it and then combs it through the hair to make the comb more shiny”. The child’s love has turned the soldier into an artist – an artist who only composes one work in his life. Before closing his eyes, Mr. Sau still remembers vividly the comb that he asked his teammates to pass on to his son – the gesture of giving back is his wish to forever preserve the father-son relationship.

The story “Ivory comb” has touched to describe the deep father-son relationship between Mr. Sau and his son in the difficult and arduous situation of the war. The image of the comb attached makes so many flesh and blood hearts sob, affirming the deep human value and sacred beauty!

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