Cảm nhận vẻ đẹp sông Hương ở trong lòng thành phố Huế

Let’s find out the beauty of the Perfume River through the article analyzing the beauty of the Perfume River in the heart of Hue city through the article below.

1. Outline feeling the beauty of the Perfume River in the heart of Hue city:

Opening: Introducing the author and his work

Post body:

Natural river


Like the “epic of the jungle” “busy under the shade of trees”, “violently over the rapids”; sometimes tenderly intoxicated under miles of brilliant daffodils…”

“Giant girl”: liberal, wild, liberal, pure, brave, strong instincts

Gentle beauty and wisdom “alluvial mother of the country’s culture”.

Perfume River from upstream to Hue:

The Perfume River “like a beautiful girl sleeping in a dream…” was awakened by the call of love, opening the arduous journey of “searching for consciousness” of Hue, coming to a very unrequited love for the first time. recklessly taking action and actively “walking in the echoes of Truong Son”.

Perfume River has a slow flow, “soft as silk” (reminiscent of the image of the Da River as “lyrical hair”).

From Tuan’s junction to the foot of Thien Mu hill: it has a contemplative look when flowing through the mausoleums, changing direction continuously.

From the foot of Thien Mu mountain to Hue: “pick up the front”, “draw a straight line” to find the right way back.

Opposite Hue, the Perfume River does not immediately meet Hue, but “bows… in love” like a shy, shy girl.

In the heart of Hue

The author compares the Perfume River with famous rivers in the world, the Perfume River belongs to only one city, like a faithful daughter.

The Perfume River gives Hue an ancient and rustic beauty: “the light of an ancient fishing boat” drifts slowly like a lake.

The girl is passionate about love when she is with the person she loves, the girl has the talent of “playing the guitar in the dark”.

Farewell to Hue with the sea:

Like a nostalgic girl, faithfully said goodbye to her lover.

The author mainly feels the beauty of the Perfume River from the perspective of love, making the Perfume River appear as a faithful daughter wholeheartedly for love.

historic river

The Perfume River is a witness to the history of Hue and the country: “Brilliant, the heroic city of Phu Xuan of Nguyen Hue”, witnessing the painful losses of the uprisings of the 19th century,…

Huong River as a citizen has a deep sense of responsibility to the country: “knows how to sacrifice himself to make victory”.

Being a heroic daughter: sticking with Hue through many heroic battles in the Middle Ages, until the August Revolution,…

The River of Culture

The Perfume River is the “alluvial mother of the country’s culture”: all Hue music, the music that followed Kieu’s life, and the four great landmarks were born on the Perfume River.

Being a talented woman playing the lute in a quiet night: never repeating in poetic inspiration

End: re-evaluate content value and artistic value.

2. The best articles analyzing the Perfume River in the heart of the city:

2.1. Sample lesson 1 – The best analysis of the Perfume River in the heart of the city:

Finally, the Perfume River has reached its city, the river has a unique beauty. Perfume River is like a slow emotional dance of Hue. The flow of the river is different from other rivers. Perhaps because he loves his city so much, the Perfume River wants to see his city longer before leaving it. It is the love of the Perfume River with Hue or the special love that Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong has for the Perfume River and Hue. The Perfume River is like a talented woman playing the flute in the dead of night.

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Writing about the Perfume River in the heart of Hue city, the author does not forget the cultural beauty associated with the poetic river. From a musical perspective, the author calls Perfume River a talented woman playing the lute. Perfume River is likened to a gentle and loyal lover. The author’s pen has really sublimated when drawing impressive images, delicate feelings, surprisingly beautiful associations and comparisons, expressing passionate love for the river.

Those are the “gentle, affectionate, earnest” pen strokes: “the white bridge in the sky, as small as the new moon”, the Perfume River “bends a gentle bow to the sand dunes”, “yes”, that arc. make the river soft like the voiceless “yes” of love, “thousands of petals drift” make the river more splendid, the river slows down as if it has a “swinging” sound ready to leave the city…” True to Thu Bon’s verse: “The river is idle, the river does not flow The river flows into the heart, so Hue is very deep”.

2.2. Sample lesson 2 – The best analysis of the Perfume River in the heart of the city:

Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong is a successful author in many genres. Nguyen Tuan – a master of physical therapy said that Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong’s signature was very sparkly. The bright spot in his compositions lies in the skillful combination of intellectual and lyrical qualities, sharp arguments and multi-dimensional thinking synthesized from rich philosophical, cultural and historical knowledge. History, geography… All are expressed through the inner, concise writing style, enthusiastic and talented writing style. Signature Who named the river? The work composed in 1981 is one of the typical works showing both the amazing beauty of the Perfume River and the talent and erudition of Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong’s sensitive, delicate and steadfast ego. passionate about the beauty of the homeland, the country.

Who named the river? It is a very free and liberal style of writing. After all, the attraction of this work is the ego of Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong – a talented self, with extensive cultural capital, sensitive and delicate soul, he gave the reader a glimpse into the world. coverage of the world. About future. admire a wonderful aesthetic entity bestowed by nature – that is the Perfume River of Hue with its rich, shimmering, fanciful beauty, especially the part flowing to the plain to the edge of Hue city.

The passage describing the Perfume River flowing downhill from the plain to the edge of Hue Citadel has revealed the talent and elegance in the author’s writing style. Readers can hardly resist the attraction exuding from the method of personification, from the use of a series of verbs to describe the vivid flow through the scenic spots of Hue.

It is easy to see that the Perfume River from the foot of Kim Phung Mountain continuously changes its flow: sometimes in the North-South direction, sometimes in the Northwest direction… the river has been presented by the author. Through a very strange feeling, through a lovely look when Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong thought it was the soft curves of a girl. In other words, Huong Giang’s route is not straight, not monotonous. We do not forget that the author always compares the Perfume River with the image of a young woman, a young woman coming to Hue, dating the future city. Thus, the twists and turns not only show us the soft curves of the girl, but also a little bit like cowardice, a little selfishness when arriving at the promised place with a faithful lover. That’s where the Perfume River will forever be associated with the citadel.

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This section of the Perfume River is neither whirling nor bustling, but it seems that the mountains and clouds have made it contemplative, meaning it evokes a feeling of deep thought. This contemplation is likened by the author to a philosophy, like an ancient poem – the author does not compare with what is concrete and recognizable, but with what is far, abstract, vague for people to see. . see. as more contemplating, thinking about the unique beauty of a section of the Perfume River.

Perfume River when flowing into the beloved city of Hue – perhaps this is the passage the author talks about the beauty of the most beautiful, graceful, lyrical river. From Thien Mu Pagoda onwards, the Perfume River takes on a different beauty. The author has seen the Perfume River happily stretching among the clear blue beaches. This detail reminds us of the verses In Hoang Cam’s poem Crossing the Duong River about the river floating between the green banks of sugarcane fields and strawberry banks. Perhaps that is also the common beauty in many other rivers. But if Hoang Cam only sends his secret feelings, Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong clearly says that the Perfume River is happier because it has found the right way back. The joy of the river reminds us of the joy of people, the peaceful life of people in a land with green and fertile beaches.

Who named the river by Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong is a unique and poetic prose written about the Perfume River. With passionate, passionate love and deep understanding of culture, history, geography…, the writer has left readers with deep impressions of the beauty of the dreamy Hue river, especially especially the section flowing in the delta to the periphery of Hue city. Huong Giang is inherently beautiful on the outside, but in her work, Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong has adorned the river as more beautiful as a picture, tender and timid like a slow love song, or tenderly attractive. like a lover in the world. All of these things have aroused in the hearts of readers the desire to come to the Perfume River in the poetic Hue city. The river is indeed a work of art that nature has bestowed on humans.

3. The analysis of the Perfume River in the heart of the city scored the highest:

Right from reading the title, readers have asked the question: “Who named the river” – a question with a very poetic appearance. From the moment of bewilderment, many impressions of the beauty of the Perfume River will flood into my mind, sparking an emotional circuit to write about the natural “beauty” of the calm water flowing through the ancient capital of Hue. Resounding at other times in the work, the question becomes a silent reflection, awakening the accumulated cultural capital in the writer and also demanding it to be present on the page. That’s it, we’re talking about the great inspirations that brought writer Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong to and from the Perfume River, and then journeyed into each reader’s heart, acting as an inspiration for them to express their love for the land. passionate water.

After making “Song of the green forest” and “busting under the great tree” in the upstream section, he became a “sleeping beauty in the wild flowers of Chau Hoa field” in the suburbs. city. In Hue, the Perfume River officially flows into Hue city.

Geographically, the Perfume River opens to Hue at Con Gia Vien, meanders and empties into Hue City. The velocity of the river is greatly reduced due to the presence of two small islands and tributaries that carry water throughout the city. So the river flows slowly like a still lake.

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Under the talented and enthusiastic perspective of Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong, the Perfume River appears with its own face. The river flows in the southwest – northeast direction “drawing a peace of mind” “like finding the right way back”, like a girl who has found a place of love, joy and peace in her soul. That girl’s figure “soft as silk” is both shy and fragile. That look of Hoang Phu is not simply an observation and discovery look, but it is the passionate look of a boy for a girl. The two sides of the river have enough beautiful scenes: far – near, traditional – idyllic, luxurious – rustic life of industrious workers.

Compared with the river in Leningrad, the river Neva, the author feels the river is nostalgic and gentler. Because the flow of the Perfume River is the rhythm of the soul, the slow rhythm of life, the moments of living, feeling, and listening together. Looking at the country’s river, I love the country river more. The author has really become the confidant of the Perfume River, understanding its aura. According to the author, the Perfume River was really “psychological” when it “slowly, very slowly” passed through the Hue citadel, as if to appease people’s hearts so that they would not be too sad about the impermanent changes of life, about the changes in life. dizzying change. time past. The river water is deliberately calm to want the lanterns on the full moon night of July from Hon Chen Palace to flow back to Hue “hesitantly as if wanting to stay”. With its very own drift, the Perfume River reminds people that this life has many things worth preserving. Then again, if it wasn’t for the author’s discovery of the complete symphony of the Perfume River, who would have known that the sudden transformation of the Perfume River right after parting with Hue was for a very emotional reason. “. After all, without the will of the author, the will of the Perfume River could not have become such an impressive “object of consciousness”!

If she could talk, the Perfume River could be said to have safely chosen Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong’s writing page to incarnate. Perhaps the writer himself realizes and understands that belief, so each of his sentences has a strange charm and magic. Sometimes the reader feels that the words in the text are not the author’s words to describe the Perfume River, but the words that the Perfume River is singing. Those lines of poetry flow very naturally, if there is “charming”, then “destiny” is also natural because of the emotional nature inherent in the personality of the writer. Thien pen sign gives a lot of information, but reading it still feels elegant thanks to that. Many experiences of a lifetime as a writer are always associated with people, ethnic groups, and countries have been included here. Love the Perfume River, but that love does not prevent us from loving other rivers on earth. And conversely, the pleasure of observing the strange shapes of rivers in different regions gives us a very special nostalgia for the hometown river that raised us up.

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