Biên bản hợp tác làm ăn là gì? Mẫu biên bản hợp tác làm ăn?

What is a business partnership agreement template? Sample letter of business cooperation? Drafting guide? Sample business cooperation contract?

Cooperation in business is one of the current trends. In order to fully ensure the rights and interests of the parties when participating in business cooperation, the parties will make a business cooperation record. So what content does a business cooperation agreement template include?

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1. What is a business cooperation agreement template?

Sample business cooperation minutes is a form of minutes made when conducting business cooperation between parties. Sample business cooperation minutes specifying information about the parties (representatives of the parties to the cooperation, address, tax code, telephone, bank account, …) terms agreed by the parties, content content of the minutes..

The business cooperation minutes template is used to record the business cooperation process. The form of business cooperation minutes is the basis for the parties to record the agreement of the parties in the process of business cooperation, and at the same time, the form of business cooperation minutes is the basis for the parties to bind the responsibilities of the parties. parties when doing business, is also the basis for settlement when there are disputes.

2. Sample business cooperation minutes:


Independence – Freedom – Happiness


Hanoi Day Month Year…….


Number: …………./BBHTLA

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– Base Civil Code 2015 of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

– Base Commercial Law 2005 of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

– Based on the functions, capabilities and needs of the two parties.

Today, on……month…….……., at…………., we include:

A side: COMPANY …………(1)

Address 2)

Tax code: …………(3)

Phone: …………(4)

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Bank account: ……(5)

Representative: ………….Position: ……(6)

B side: COMPANY …………(7)

Address: …………(8)

Tax code: …………(9)

Phone: ……(10)

Bank account: ……(11)

Representative: ………….Position: …………(12)

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The two Parties mutually agree and agree to sign a Business Cooperation Memorandum with the following terms:

Article 1: General Terms

Article 2: How to perform

Article 3: Payment methods

Article 4: Rights and obligations of the two parties

Article 5: ………….

Article 6: …………………….


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This cooperation agreement will expire after ……. years from the date of signing. The two Parties may consider to conclude another agreement.

This cooperation agreement is made in 02 (two) copies, each party keeps one copy with the same legal validity.

Minutes ended at …………. hour …………. day month Year ……….


(Director’s signature and seal)


(Director’s signature and seal)

3. Guidelines for drafting business cooperation minutes:

(1): Enter company name

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(2): Enter company address

(3): Fill in the tax code

(4): Enter phone number

(5): Fill in the bank account

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(6): Fill in the name of the representative, position

(7): Enter company name

(8): Fill in the address name

(9): Fill in the tax code

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(10): Enter phone number

(11): Fill in your bank account

(12): Fill in the name of the representative

A business cooperation contract template includes the following contents:

– Information about the parties: Company (hereinafter referred to as Party A), Head office: Business registration certificate number… issued by Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment date: ……..;

Account number: …

Phone: ……

Representative: …

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Position: …………

– Company ………. (hereinafter referred to as Party B), head office, BRC No: .issued by Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment …….. issued date, Account number: Phone, representative, Position, Authorized according to Power of attorney number: …. Day month Year

Agree to sign this Business Cooperation Contract with the following terms and conditions:

– Objectives and scope of business cooperation

Party A and Party B agree to cooperate together …………

– Contract term.

The term of cooperation is …….(year) years starting from ……month …… ……to the end of……month …….year …………. The above period may be extended by agreement of the two parties.

– Contribute capital and distribute business results

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+ Capital contribution

Party A contributes capital equal to the entire value of scrap imported to Vietnam for recycling in accordance with the factory’s production capacity. The above value includes all costs for goods to be imported to the Factory.

Party B contributes capital with the entire right to use the factory, warehouse, machinery, lines and equipment of the Factory under its ownership to serve the production process.

+ Distribution of business results

+ Profit from operation ………….

Profit will be divided according to the ratio: Party A is entitled to …………%, Party B is entitled to …………% of the total profit after fulfilling its obligations to the State.

Time of profit sharing on the last day of the financial year. The fiscal year is calculated from the date: ….

Production costs include:

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– Money to buy scrap:

Employee salary:

– Utility costs:

– Depreciation:

– Expenses for maintenance of machinery, equipment and workshops:

– Other costs…

– Financial principles

The two parties must comply with the principles of finance and accounting in accordance with the law on accounting of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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All revenues and expenditures for business activities must be recorded clearly, completely and authentically.

– Executive Board of Business Operations

The two parties will establish a business operation management board consisting of 03 people, of which Party A will appoint 01 (one), Party B will appoint 02 (two) representatives when it is necessary to make decisions related to the content of the business. cooperation is specified in this Agreement. All decisions of the Executive Board will be adopted when at least two members agree.

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The representative of Party A is: …… – Position: …….

The representative of Party B is: … – Position: …………

The headquarters of the Executive Board is located at: ………….

– Rights and obligations of Party A

+ Responsible for importing …….

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+ Search, negotiate, sign and pay for scrap purchase contracts with domestic and foreign scrap suppliers.

+ Provide all relevant invoices and documents to serve the financial accounting of the business process.

+ Enjoy ………….% of profit after tax.

– The rights and obligations of the AGREE

Responsible for the management and control of the entire production process. Putting factories, warehouses, machinery and equipment under their ownership into use. Ensure that the produced steel billet has quality that meets the standards of current legislation.

+ Thoroughly comply with the provisions of the law on environmental protection and other provisions of the law during the production process.

+ Responsible for selling products – billet in Vietnam market.

+ Accounting for all revenues and expenditures of the production and business process in accordance with the provisions of the law on finance and accounting of Vietnam.

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+ Be responsible for fully declaring and paying taxes and other obligations to the State. At the same time, the relationship with the state management agencies of the industry and locality, the tax authorities where the factory is located.

+ Enjoy …………% of profit after tax.

+ Directly responsible for recruiting, managing and dispatching officers and workers at the Factory. Plan Payroll and other benefits for workers and staff working at the Factory.

– . General Terms

+ . This contract is construed and governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

+ Both parties commit to implement all terms committed in the contract. Any party that breaches the contract causing damage to the other party (except in the case of force majeure), must compensate for all damage caused and be fined for breach of contract equal to 10% of the contract value.

In the course of contract performance, if either party has difficulties or obstacles, it must notify the other party within 1 (one) month from the date of difficulties and obstacles.

+ The parties are responsible for promptly informing each other the progress of work. Ensure the confidentiality of all information related to the production and business process.

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All amendments and supplements to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. The addendums are an integral part of the contract.

+ All disputes arising in the course of contract performance shall be resolved first through negotiation and conciliation, if conciliation fails, the dispute will be resolved at a competent court.

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– Validity of the contract

+ The contract terminates at the expiration of the contract term as prescribed in Article 2 of this Contract or in other cases as prescribed by law.

At the end of the Contract, the two parties will make a record of contract liquidation. Workshops, warehouses, machinery, equipment lines, etc. will be returned to Party B.

+ This contract consists of …………. pages that cannot be separated from each other, made into ………… copies in Vietnamese, each Party keeps …. copies have the same legal validity and take effect from the date of signing.

* Business cooperation contract (hereinafter referred to as BCC contract) is a contract signed between investors for business cooperation, profit sharing, product distribution according to the provisions of law, but failed to succeed. economic organization.

Contents of the BCC contract (Article 28 of the Investment Law 2020)

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– The BCC contract includes the following main contents:

+ Names, addresses and authorized representatives of the parties to the contract; transaction address or location of the investment project;

+ Objectives and scope of business investment activities;

+ Contributions of the parties to the contract and distribution of business investment results between the parties;

+ Progress and duration of contract performance;

+ Rights and obligations of the parties to the contract;

+ Amending, transferring, terminating the contract;

Liability for breach of contract, argument setllement.

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During the performance of the BCC contract, the parties to the contract may agree to use the assets formed from the business cooperation to establish an enterprise in accordance with the law on enterprises.

– The parties to the BCC contract have the right to agree on other contents that are not contrary to the provisions of law.

The role of the BCC . contract

The BCC contract plays an extremely important role, because it is not necessary to establish a new legal entity, the parties do not have to carry out the procedures for establishing a business, so they quickly conduct business activities especially with projects with high investment capital. foreign investment, helping investors overcome their weaknesses and use most of their advantages in business, when signing BCC contracts with independent parties and on their own behalf during operation.

Thus, it can be seen that business cooperation contracts or business cooperation minutes play an extremely important role in business cooperation. Because business cooperation is currently a trend and tends to develop, the parties when doing business cooperation to create conditions as well as opportunities to support each other in the business process. When doing business cooperation, the parties often form a business cooperation contract or a business cooperation record to serve as a basis for binding the responsibilities of the parties in the cooperation process.

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