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When entering the high school program, students will be familiar with folk stories, folk songs and proverbs in the program of Literature 6. Here is an article retelling the story of Saint Giong – one of the fairy tale of our Vietnamese people.

1. Outline a sample essay that tells the story:

Opening: Introduce the story I will tell.

Post body: Here are some suggestions for retelling the story in the correct sequence and logic:

– Which character is the story about?

– What is the character’s situation?

– What events happen around that main character? Tell in the correct chronological order of events to ensure the coherence and logic of the story.

– How does that story end?

End: My thoughts on the character and that story.

2. The best sample essay retelling the story of Saint Giong:

The story of a big boy named Thanh Giong is probably no stranger to the generation of Vietnamese children.

Legend has it that: In the 6th Hung Vuong period, in a small village on the Red River, there lived a farmer and his wife who worked hard and had a good heart, but when they were old they still could not afford it. a baby pimple.

One day, the wife went to work normally in the mountains and saw a large footprint. She was curious and set foot in to try. A few days later, she found out she was pregnant and the couple were extremely happy about it. But strangely, unlike everyone who is nine months and ten days pregnant, the wife was twelve months pregnant to give birth to a handsome boy, named Giong.

What’s even more strange is that Giong, at the age of three, still can’t speak, smile, lay there, different from the normal growing up kid and the farmer couple who are both sad and worried.

In the same year, foreign invaders brought troops to occupy our country, causing many crimes, making the people extremely miserable. The sweeping power of the enemy was great, the king sent messengers throughout the country to find talented generals to save the country. The messenger passed through Giong’s small village, hearing the voice “Who has talent and strength, please help the king save the country”, the boy Giong, lying on the bed, suddenly said:

– Mommy! I have invited messengers here for you.

Although surprised, the mother was overjoyed and hurried out to invite the messenger into the house. Giong asked the messenger to return to tell the king to prepare enough iron horses, iron rods, iron armor for him to fight the enemy to everyone’s surprise.

There were still many doubts, but the messenger returned and spoke to the king. More strangely, after the messenger returned, Giong grew up as fast as the wind. The boy ate a lot of rice, the amount of rice provided to eat was not enough, the shirt just finished was chipped. His mother could not afford it, so she relied on the neighbors, calling everyone to help

Everyone knows the story so they are very excited, busy day and night cooking, sewing clothes for him very thoughtfully. Everyone hopes that Giong will soon go out to kill the enemy and help the country, eliminating disaster for the people.

A few days later, when the enemy had just arrived at the foot of Trau mountain, the messenger also brought all the requirements to Giong’s house. Giong stretched to his feet, instantly becoming a strong, handsome young man, wearing armor, wielding an iron whip, greeting his mother and the villagers, and hopping on his horse. Both the man and the horse rushed into battle.

Right on the battlefield, Giong heroically wiped out the enemy, the enemy died at his hands like straw. Suddenly the iron whip was broken, Giong was as quick as lightning and pulled the bamboo to the side of the road to make a new weapon.

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Fearful enemies run away, trample each other and die. Giong rode his horse and flew back to Soc Mountain, took off his iron armor, bowed before his mother and flew to the sky.

The king gave the heroic boy the title of Saint Giong. People then built temples to worship, to commemorate the merits of Saint Giong. Many generations later, people told each other when the iron horse emitted fire, the fire burned a village. Up to now, the village is called Giong village. The footsteps imprinted in the past became consecutive ponds and lakes, a testament to the glorious victory of Saint Giong.

Time has passed thousands of years of history, but there is still the heroic story of Saint Giong, passed on forever so that descendants will forever be grateful for the merits of Saint Giong. That is also the good tradition of “Drink water, remember the source” of our people.

3. Sample essay recounting the most meaningful story of Saint Giong:

In the sixth Hung Vuong dynasty, in a certain village, there was a farmer and his wife who worked hard and had a reputation for being blessed, but when they were old, they did not have a single child. They are very sad. One day, when the wife went to the field as usual, she suddenly noticed an unusually large foot print. Feeling strange and curious, the old woman put her foot in to estimate how much smaller her foot was. A few days later, the old woman suddenly became pregnant, and until twelve months later she gave birth to a handsome boy. The old farmer and his wife were very happy. But from the time of pregnancy to birth, strange things always happen, the baby is three years old but can’t talk, can’t smile, can’t walk, lay there. The couple is extremely worried because they do not know what disease their child has.

At that time, the An enemy, as strong as a bamboo split, invaded our country. The king was in dire straits, so he sent messengers to spread the word everywhere in search of talented people to save the country. The messenger passed through the village, the child heard the messenger’s loudspeaker, suddenly stirred and said: “Mom, invite the messenger in here”. The messenger came in, the child said: “You go back to the king and buy me an iron horse, an iron whip and an iron armor, I will destroy these enemies.” The messenger and everyone there were surprised and also expressed joy but extremely skeptical, hurried to report to the king. The king urgently accepted and sent people day and night to do all the things the boy asked for.

From the next day when he met the messenger, the boy suddenly grew up as fast as blowing. The food is not full, the amount of rice provided is not enough, the shirt has just been worn. The couple worked hard but could not afford to raise their children. Neighbors and neighbors saw that, so they huddled with the few to raise the boy in the hope that he would save the country.

The Enemy had reached the foot of the Buffalo mountain, the situation of the country was like a thousand pounds of hair hanging. Everyone is worried and afraid. Just then, the messenger brought everything the boy had asked for. The boy stretched his shoulders, and in an instant he became a majestic and majestic hero. The hero clapped his hands on the butt of the iron horse, and the iron horse neighed loudly in a large area. The knight in armor jumped on the horse’s back with an iron whip. Horses galloped, spewing fire straight at the invaders, knocking the enemy apart, layer after layer. Suddenly the iron whip was broken, the hero immediately uprooted the bamboo bushes along the road to beat the enemy, the enemy’s formation was chaotic and broke quickly. The remnants of the army trampled each other and fled back to the country. The warrior chased the enemy to the foot of Soc mountain (Soc Son), then stopped, then alone, a horse went to the top of the mountain, took off his iron armor, leaving the iron horse and the hero flew to the sky.

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In memory of the soldier who had the merit of defeating the invading An invaders. The king ordained Phu Dong Thien Vuong and established a temple in his hometown.

Although thousands of years have passed, the traces of the past are still there, the footprints have become ponds and lakes. The people here hold an annual festival to commemorate the merits of Saint Giong.

4. Sample essay recounting the most impressive story of Saint Giong:

Among the folk tales learned in the 6th grade Literature program, I was most impressed with the story of Saint Giong. That story happened from the sixth Hung Vuong dynasty. In a certain village, later called Giong village, there lived two elderly farmers who were famous for living a good life, working hard all year round, but they did not have a single child. The couple is very much looking forward to having a child. Then one day, the wife went to the field, suddenly saw a big foot print, she was very surprised and curious, so she put her foot in to try it, unexpectedly coming home she was pregnant. The strange thing is that unlike normal pregnant women, it was not until twelve months later that she gave birth to a handsome and handsome son. The couple was overjoyed. But strangely, the child until the age of three still could not talk, laugh, or walk, lying there wherever he was.

At any time, the enemy was as strong as splitting bamboo to invade our country. Wherever they go, they burn down houses, rob people and kill people. Although our army tried to stop it, it was not able to win. Falling into an emergency situation, King Hung was extremely worried, and quickly sent messengers everywhere to find a talented general to help the king save the country. Wherever he went, the messenger cried out: “Speaker! Loudspeaker! Loudspeaker! Enemy to our country. Who is talented. Come out and help the country!” Hearing the cry, the boy suddenly stirred and said, “Mom, please invite the messenger to come here for me!” . The messenger entered, the child said: “You go back to the king, buy me an iron horse, an iron whip and an iron armor, I will destroy these enemies!” Everyone there was surprised and deeply skeptical. The messenger immediately rode his horse back to the palace to play with the king. Hung Vuong was overjoyed, immediately ordered the blacksmith to immediately forge iron armor, iron helmets, iron whips, and iron horses at the request of the boy.

From that day on, the boy suddenly grew up as fast as blowing. No matter how much I eat, I don’t know when I’m full, the clothes I’ve just sewn are tight. The couple worked hard, ran back and forth, but could not support the boy, had to rely on neighbors to join hands to help. All relatives wanted him to go kill the enemy to save the country, so it didn’t matter, they were all happy to collect rice to feed the boy.

A few days later, when the enemy had just approached the foot of Buffalo mountain, the messenger also promptly brought weapons to the boy’s house. The boy suddenly stretched his shoulders to become a handsome young man, strong, wearing iron armor with a majestic and majestic demeanor, galloping towards the invaders. Wherever he went, the enemy fell on both sides of the road. When the iron whip was broken, he uprooted bamboo bushes by the roadside determined to wipe out the invaders. After defeating the enemy, the hero left behind his horse and iron armor and flew into the sky.

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The enemies retreated in fear, The country had no enemies. The king, to commemorate the merits of the hero, built the temple of Saint Giong and named him Phu Dong Thien Vuong.

The story of Month Giong leaves many thrilling but equally fascinating details. The story recalls the nation’s fighting spirit against foreign invaders and at the same time reminds future descendants to forever remember the merits of previous generations who fought back against foreign invaders to bring peace. for the nation.

5. Sample essay retelling the story of Saint Giong briefly:

In the Grade 6 Literature program, you will surely learn the legendary story about a boy named Saint Giong.

During the sixth Hung King’s reign, in Giong village, there lived a poor old man and his wife, they worked very hard and lived a virtuous life. They always yearn to have a baby despite their advanced age. One day, the wife went to the field, saw a big footprint, she put her foot in to try. Unexpectedly, a few days later, she got pregnant at home. It wasn’t until the twelfth month, unlike normal women who were pregnant for nine months and ten days, she gave birth to a handsome and handsome son. The couple was overjoyed and named the baby Giong. But the joy of grandparents turned into worry when Giong was three years old and still could not speak, laugh, and lay there.

At that time, the An enemy came to invade our country’s borders, as strong as splitting bamboo, wherever he went, he won. The King was extremely worried, sending messengers everywhere to look for talented people to save the country. When the messenger passed through the village of Giong, after hearing the news, the boy suddenly spoke up and asked his mother to invite the author to come into the house. After the messenger entered, he asked the messenger to go back to the king to prepare for himself an iron armor, a horse and an iron rod. The messenger rejoiced and told the king, the king let workers work day and night.

From the day after meeting the messenger, strangely, little Giong grew up as fast as he could, eating without worry and the whole village helped to raise him. On that day, the enemy who came to sweep the village had just heard that the messenger brought the things that Giong needed. The boy stretched himself to become a hero and rode on his horse, sweeping the enemy. The enemies were beaten up in prison. After defeating the enemy, the boy left his horse and armor and flew into the sky. To commemorate the merits of that hero, the king appointed Giong as Phu Dong Thien Vuong and built a temple.

At the end of the story, although the reader deeply regrets the passing of Saint Giong, he is extremely grateful for the merits left by Phu Dong Thien Vuong. Maybe it’s like the arrangement of God’s grace to help our country escape from the war of aggression. Until later, descendants will forever remember the merits of the heroes and the previous generation in general.

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