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The lesson on regular training of GVPT 03 module in accordance with Circular 17/2019/TT-BGDDT is a regular training session on GVPT 03 module on personal development. Below is a sample content of the harvest post. Readers are welcome to follow.

1. The importance of personal development:

Education is not only a field but also a continuous and constant process. Don’t stop after a teacher has completed their degree and started a teaching career. With professional development, people with a high sense of professionalism can continuously improve their skills and even become more proficient in their work.

1.1. Professional development is imperative for teachers:

Professional development is the steps that teachers must take to learn and improve teaching. This often involves a constant effort to keep up with new areas of instruction. This is mandatory for all teachers. This means your job requires more than just being on time and teaching six to seven hours a day (even if you already know it).

1.3. Each teacher’s professional development needs are different:

How many hours for professional development are required depends on the requirements of the school or board of education. You may be required to complete a minimum number of hours in a year or several years. For example, it is quite typical that teachers use at least 20-25 hours a year for professional development.

1.3. There are many professional development opportunities for teachers:

Regularly participate in training programs and professional development activities in many forms, including:

– Professional development course, usually on a specific topic or teaching strategy

– Conferences

– Short-term training programs for certification

– Training activities, monitoring or observing the community Occupation

– Self-study

Different schools and communities accept different forms of professional development. For example, online teacher professional development courses are also becoming increasingly popular, although some schools and educational institutions may be hesitant to accept them. There are many other forms of informal professional development that you can participate in. These activities cannot be measured in hours, such as professional discussions with colleagues and reading career information, articles, magazines, and other publications.

1.4. Professional development can fail:

A teacher’s goal in professional development is not just to learn new things; it also improves the teaching. Sometimes professional development also puts pressure on teachers. In some cases, the courses, training of experts are not effective or are too far from the daily work. These are the main reasons professional development is threatened with failure.

According to the National Council’s Center for Community Education, “current professional development is ineffective because it does not change the way it is taught or improve student learning.” So watch out for unclear goals, unrealistic expectations or scope, or a lack of interest in actual implementation. It is important to be smart when choosing training professionals and courses. Schools and teachers should consider post-training implementation rather than focusing solely on training.

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1.5. Professional development that makes a difference:

Research shows that teachers who value professional development take up positions that have a big impact on learning. Being trained in the right direction will ensure a high quality of education. We recommend that teachers and yourself keep the following points in mind when choosing professional development programs:

– Try to focus on specific topics for certain years, don’t spread too much between different topics.

– Ask for support from the teacher for help when in difficulty or in need.

– Find information on the effectiveness of teacher training.

– Seek ongoing, ongoing support in the form of targeted training, not one-off outreach programs.

– Apply what you learn every day, keeping in mind the benefits and limitations of practical application.

1.6. Benefits of professional development for teachers:

Students with better academic results:

Teaching technology, departmental guidelines, and curriculum standards are ever-changing, making it difficult for educators to keep up with trends and good practices in the field. Professional development allows teachers to become more professional educators as they can create lessons that are meaningful and relevant to today’s students. A study by the Institute of Education under the U.S. Department of Education concluded that student achievement can improve by up to 21 percentage points when teachers participate in well-designed career development programs.

National Board certification is a way for teachers to continue their professional development and stay abreast of the latest educational standards to ensure optimal student learning.

A study by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School found that student achievement in Algebra II, biology, civics and economics, chemistry and geometry was significantly higher among students taught by teachers. certified by the state.

Teachers have a better way of teaching:

As teachers explore new teaching strategies through professional development, they can return to the classroom and modify the style and curriculum to better meet the needs of their students. However, these changes are difficult to assess because they are often gradual. Professional development programs for teachers make them more effective through course presentations and assessments, increasing exposure to new communication methods, assessments and strategies.

Teachers develop more professional planning and organizational skills:

Outside of classroom time, most of a teacher’s work time is spent on student assessment, curriculum development, and procedures. With the help of specialized training, the burden and overload of teachers can be reduced when planning the use of time and monitoring implementation according to the plan. This makes teachers more productive and gives them more time to focus on students instead of administrative tasks.

Teachers deepen their subject expertise and knowledge:

Students expect their teachers to be experts in the subjects they teach. This means that the teacher can answer the questions students are asking. Professional development programs can help teachers expand their knowledge in different subject areas. The further a teacher goes in his professional development, the deeper his knowledge and understanding of his subject.

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Teachers who want to continue their academic career:

It is easy to see that teachers get tired of teaching difficulties. Career growth allows them to break out of their old rut, becoming teachers, not instructors. This keeps teachers motivated because they feel they are receiving professional help to become better teachers. After all, professional development enhances the talents of teachers who aspire to leadership positions in the field of education, and teachers must learn from other experienced leaders to become leaders. future leaders.

2. Develop a training plan for personal development:

I see the importance of fostering and developing myself in my teaching position, role and responsibilities right from the beginning of the school year, I have developed a plan for self-study, self-forging, Science Education. as follows:

2.1. Contents of the training program:

Training program 01:

The program fosters resolutions and charters of the party and the state. Update professional knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of learning tasks. The duration is about 1 week/year (about 40 hours/school year). The contents of fostering the development of general education and promoting general education instruction, curricula, parts and activities of general education.

Application requirements: To comply well with the decisions and regulations of the Party and the State, guidelines and policies on general education and general education programs.

Training Program 02:

– Duration is about 1 week/year (about 40 hours/school year).

– The content of promoting the development of local general education, implementing the general education program, the local education program under the guidance of the Institute of Education and Training.

Implementation conditions: Having qualified qualifications as prescribed, improving qualifications to meet the requirements of basic education development and the requirements of the professional standards of primary school teachers with professional qualifications suitable to task request.

Training program 03:

Training program, professional skill development according to task requirements. The duration is about 1 week/year (about 40 hours/school year). Comply with Clause 3 (Point III: training program issued together with Circular No. 17/2019/TT-BGDDT dated November 1, 2019).

2.2. Execution time:

– Training program 1: Starting from August 2022 and ending at the end of August 2022 (1 week of self-study)

– Training program 2: starting September 2022 and ending December 2022 (1 week self-study)

– Training program phase 3: starting from January 2023 and ending in May 2023 (1 week of self-study)

2.3. Forms and measures of implementation:


– Focused training: Mainly self-study, self-study of documents, self-study of training programs of the Ministry of Education and Training, teachers have the opportunity to exchange, share and discuss expertise, professionalism and abilities. practical ability.

Distance learning: Strengthening IT application on the Ministry of Education and Training’s web portal at https://moet.gov.vn Education and Training Category – Teachers and Education Managers and other The required courses in terms of content, methods and duration of study are specified in the BDTX program.

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Implementation measures:

Develop and implement the approved personal BDTX plan; strictly implement regulations on BDTX according to Circular 17/BGDDT.

– Researching the content and results of completing the individual’s training plan and the application of educational knowledge and skills to the completion of tasks at the end of the school year.

Records of regular training:

  • Order of the Ministry of Education and Training on continuing training for preschool, general and regular teachers.

  • Educational innovation documents, assessment tests, educational materials at the beginning of the year.

  • Guidance documents of the Ministry of Education and Training, tasks of the school year.

  • Textbook of modules in the educational program of the Ministry of Education and Training.

  • Documents related to the College and University of Pedagogy.

In order to carry out the planned regular training plan, I have organized a time for self-study and self-development in accordance with the characteristics of my work such as: self-study through professional activities in groups, groups, through projects. hours, in class; visit, participate in seminars, trainings, seminars organized by the school, the Ministry of Education, socio-political organizations… during the summer or during the school year, study during the holidays through books and newspapers. , media, internet…

In addition to professional training, I also always uphold ethics, manners and pedagogical skills everywhere, at all times in life and work. Learning and promotion also through relationships with colleagues, parents, students, society. This is how the teacher’s personality is strengthened.

3. Contents of updating requirements for renewal of professional capacity improvement for teachers of general education institutions:

From the beginning of the school year until now, I have updated the contents that need to be renewed to improve the professional level in teaching and basic education activities, which are:

– Participating in the training of the Resolutions, the Charter of the Party and the State.

– Completing the basic education refresher course to achieve the professional title of primary school teacher II.

– Innovating professional activities of groups and schools

– Initiative, acquiring thematic experience: “Some measures to help grade 2 students learn geometric elements well.”

– Visiting class, attending class time.

– Building the quality and readiness of primary school students to implement the general education program in 2023 with the help of learning and educational methods.

– Participating in the workshop on selecting 2nd grade textbooks according to the new general education program.

– Complete the regular training program for high school teachers in 2023, including:

  • Module 1: Guidelines for the implementation of general education in 2023.

  • Module 2: Developing the quality and capacity of students through teaching and fostering methods in Primary/Middle School/High School.”

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