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Referring to the core force of the Party, it is impossible not to mention the Union members. Each staff member from grassroots level to local level is responsible for building and developing the Union organization. Below is the speech of the Party cell meeting on the work of the Youth Union. We invite you to join us!

1. What is the branch meeting?

The branch meeting is convened by the branch committee and convened once a year. Party cell congress to discuss issues raised by superiors and reports of branch committees, decide on plans and tasks of branch cells, and at the same time elect party committees and elect delegates to attend the branch general meetings. above.

The cell has less than nine official members and elects its secretary; elect deputy secretary (if necessary). The branch has more than nine official members, elects its executive committee (member branch); Among the members of the branch, it is necessary to elect a secretary and deputy secretary of the branch.

2. Tasks and functions of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union:

2.1. Mission:

– Supervising and giving social criticism to policies and laws on youth as prescribed by law; synthesize and reflect young people’s recommendations and opinions to competent agencies and organizations.

– Join and coordinate with relevant state agencies in propagating, formulating and organizing the implementation of policies and laws for young people.

2.2. Function:

– The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a reliable reserve team of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the shock army of the Vietnamese revolution.

– The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a school with a socialist nature for young people.

– The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is the representative, care and protection of the legitimate interests of the youth.

3. Essay promoting the role of the Youth Union in the Party collective:

The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union promotes the role of youth in the movement to build a clean and strong agency.

(Speech at the XXV Congress, Party Committee ….)

……, Secretary of Youth Union

Dear Presidium!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Today, I am very happy that along with many young members of the Party Committee, I have the honor to attend the XXV Congress, term …. Party Committee ….. province … First of all, I would like to represent all members of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the agency …. would like to send the most respectful greetings along with health wishes to all the distinguished guests and all party members attending the Congress today. Wishing the Conference great success!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Currently, the Youth Union ….. has ….. members, including ….. male members and …. female union members. During the operation of the Branch, the Party Committee and leaders of the agency always paid close attention to and directed very closely and created favorable conditions for the operation; help the activities have been deployed and carried out in accordance with the functions and tasks of the Union in accordance with the actual situation. The Youth Union has been proactive in developing annual work plans and Youth Month, therefore, it has well implemented activities at the Youth Union and Youth Union of provincial agencies; in addition, promptly reported to the Party Committee and leaders of agencies to direct and lead the implementation. The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union advised the leaders of the agency to disseminate and propagate to the Youth Union members the Youth Development Program phase ….. of the Provincial People’s Committee ……, and implement activities. practical in order to well implement the goals and tasks that the Program has set out to be suitable for agencies and units.

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Propaganda, disseminate and educate the law to cadres and young people about the Party’s guidelines and policies as well as the State’s legal policies through various forms such as: hanging posters, organizing meetings. memories, posters, visits to encourage policy families, …. The content of educational work focuses on fostering revolutionary ideals and ethics; the glorious tradition of the Party and Union; practice ethics as well as cultural lifestyle, sense of well-observance of the Party’s guidelines and policies, State laws, and operational regulations of agencies. Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the leaders of the agencies that the Branch conducted to promote the process of studying and working according to Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, style and morality in the activities and activities of the Youth Union. The branch is associated with the assessment of the quality of its members. All youth have actively participated in studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s example in association with specific activities suitable to the position they work. Implement effective propaganda on the historical significance of major national holidays and events: the founding date of the Communist Party, President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, National Day September 2, …

Being well aware of the responsibilities of the union members living as well as working in the general advisory agency on socio-economic development of the province, each member of the Youth Union has the spirit of cultivating the knowledge they have been trained in. create, delve into the process of learning practice to complete the assigned professional tasks in the best way. Actively study and improve professional skills as well as informatics and foreign languages. In recent years, the Youth Union has had many comrades participate in postgraduate training classes and dozens of times of agencies have sent youth union members to participate in other training courses of the sector. The youth union members all participated and the learning courses achieved good results, affirming the striving spirit of each youth union member and the learning movement of the Youth Union. In the Youth Union, youth union members are the core force, always taking the lead in performing the agency’s tasks. With the above results, in addition to the efforts of each youth union member, it is also a result of the concern of the Party Committee and the agency’s leaders when creating material and spiritual conditions as well as striving for the union. youth member.

The Youth Union has participated and actively responded to many other movements such as the “Voluntary Blood Donation” movement organized by the Youth Union of the Provincial Agencies…. ; movement “Green – clean – beautiful” in the agency; strengthening education and propaganda work, contributing to changing the basic awareness of union members in protecting borders and islands, and firmly grasping legal evidences to affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty over the two countries. Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes. Union members play a pivotal role in the militia and self-defense forces as well as the agency’s fire and explosion prevention and control. The Branch has successfully completed the programs set by the Provincial Military Command.…. organize militia and self-defense training.

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The Youth Union has paid great attention to the work of “Gratitude” and taking care of Children and regularly maintaining it. The Youth Union has cooperated with the Trade Union of agencies, successfully organized a reward program for children who have achieved high achievements in study and the Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. The branch has cooperated with the Department’s trade union to maintain it. and develop and successfully organize the exchange activities of volleyball, football, badminton, .. with your units. In addition, the Branch strictly implemented the superior delegation sent youth union members to participate in programs such as: Visiting heroic Vietnamese mothers, incense offering ceremony on the occasion of July 27,…

The Youth Union implemented the campaign “Youth union members strive to become members of the Communist Party of Vietnam” and implemented the program to train union members in the new era. Regularly pay attention to Party building work as well as propaganda, education and fostering of the masses to learn about the Party through documents on the glorious tradition of the Party and its organs. In the Youth Union, Party members have always been exemplary in performing the duties of Party members, union members, and civil servants in the best way.

Dear Congress!

In order for the youth union’s movement to continue to develop, it is hoped that the Party Committees and leaders of the agency will pay more attention in the process of leading and directing the union’s work and creating conditions for funding as well. such as time for the union movement in the agency to become stronger and stronger, thereby contributing to the completion of political tasks, building the Party Committee and agencies …. clean, strong.

Finally, I would like to wish the delegates and the entire Congress good health and happiness. Good luck to the Conference!

Thank you very much!

4. Essay on improving the school’s union work:

Dear distinguished guests!

Ladies and gentlemen!

In the joyful atmosphere of the meeting to welcome the Congress of the Junior High School Branch…, first of all, I would like to send to all the delegates and guests my best wishes for health and most respectful greetings, wishing the Congress a success. brilliant.

Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Youth Union, I would like to present a presentation on: Improving the quality of activities of the Youth Union in the school.

Under the direction of the Party cell, the junior high school’s branch …………..has been gradually consolidated step by step. The Youth Union consists of 8 members, of which 01 member is a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Always promoting the advantages and always overcoming the difficulties, the Branch has well performed its tasks and functions.

– Regarding ideological work: Each member of the union regularly learns and cultivates ideological and political ethics and adheres to the Party’s policies and guidelines as well as the State’s laws. Each Youth Union member well performed campaigns on studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. The union members do not break the law 100%.

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– Regarding Team work: During the operation, the Youth Union always attaches importance to this task. The Youth Union regularly cooperates with the Union’s leadership to participate and perform well in the team’s and the school’s activities.

– Regarding professional work: Each member of the branch tries to complete the assigned tasks and perform in accordance with professional regulations, as well as participate in professional activities of the school and the industry in a good manner. full.

But the Junior High School Branch…. However, there are still some disadvantages in the process of operation, specifically as follows:

– There are still a few members who are still not active and enthusiastic when participating in the union’s activities and professional work.

– The content of the union’s activities is not rich, the practical requirements of the union have not been fully met.

– The pioneering impulsiveness of the branch has not been promoted to the best extent in school activities and in work, it is still passive and not active.

– Activities for the League have not been organized actively and flexibly.

Hello comrades!

In order to overcome the above disadvantages as well as improve the quality of Union activities in the school, I would like to offer specific solutions as follows:

1. Always educate union members for ideological and political work. Each Union member needs to register to perform specific and practical jobs on a voluntary basis, always studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

2. The plans of the Union’s activities must be built according to the principle of democratic centralism, with unifying discussion and assignment of tasks to each Union member in a clear and unambiguous manner. To summarize and re-evaluate the implementation results, and at the same time praise and reward the Union members for their good performance, while criticizing the Union members for not performing well.

3. The contents of activities in the Branch must be constantly renewed and adhere to the motto: practical, effective, attractive.

4. Regularly organize activities in the Youth Union in association with major anniversaries of the country, such as: the founding day of the Youth Union March 26, celebrating Women’s Day October 20, Vietnamese teachers’ day On November 20, by launching emulation contests, art contests, singing, dancing, and sports activities.

5. Union members constantly study and improve their professional qualifications so that the assigned tasks can be completed in the best way.

6. It is necessary to receive the direction and help of the Party cell and the Youth Union at higher levels.

The above is a discussion of the Youth Union for the purpose of improving the quality of the Union’s activities in the school. I ask for your comments so that the thesis can be improved in a better way. Once again, on behalf of the Youth Union, I wish the delegates good health and wish the Congress great success.

Thank you very much!

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